Thursday, June 21, at approximately 2:13 am, Vidor Police were on patrol in the intersection of Pine Shadows and Orange Streets. At this time,    officers observed a green Honda Accord traveling east on Orange St.

The vehicle abruptly applied its brakes causing the vehicle to “screech: for no apparent reason. Officers saw no other vehicles on the road, or any other reason for the vehicle to suddenly brake.

Officers conducted a traffic stop in the to check the welfare of the occupants of the vehicle. While speaking with the occupants, consent to search the vehicle was granted. During the search, officers found several clear plastic bags with a green leafy substance, a scale, cigarette roller, lighter and container of Visine.

The two men in the vehicle were identified as 22 year old Caleb Flanigan, and Joseph Shreck, 20. Both were arraigned by Orange County Justice of the Peace David Peck, and their bonds were set at $2,500 each.