Thursday morning, orange Police were dispatched to CVS in the 2400 block of 16th St. in reference to a shoplifter. Upon arrival at 7:55 am, Officer Michael Roush observed a suspect, who was identified as Marvin Jones, 56, of Vinton, La., walking out of the store.

As Jones was walking out of the store, the store manager was walking behind him pointing him out to police as they pulled into the parking lot of the store. Upon stopping Jones, he began to apologize for the items he had taken, and advised if the store didn’t press charges, he would leave and never return.

The store manager told police that he saw Jones enter the store around 7:45 am. Jones then went down an aisle and started stuffing items down his pants. The manager stated he called police as he was watching Jones. The manager then told police that Jones walked out of the store without paying for the items.

Police asked Jones to go back into the store and remove the items. Jones walked to the front counter and removed 14 small bottles of Ensure from his pants legs. The total of the items was less than $20.

Jones was taken into custody for failure to identify, intentionally giving false information and theft. He was transported to the Orange County Jail.

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