Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between June 29, 30, July 1, and the morning of July 2:

Public intoxication, 3200 41st St.

Theft, other, 817 Strickland/Laundromat

Theft, other, 2201 16th St.

Theft, other, 411 John

Burglary, forced entry, residence, 111 Pine

Theft, other, 516 Azalea

Assist other agency, 4305 Tejas Pkwy.

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 3200 block 16th St.

Public service, assist public, 805 Burr Oak

Public service, other, 1950 MLK

Traffic problem, other, 17th St. and Barkins

Warrant service, 205 Border

Assist public, 2900 IH-10/EconoLodge

Possession of drug paraphernalia, 3rd St. and Decatur

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 6988 N. Hwy. 87

Public service, 5700 Velma Jeter

Miscellaneous incidents, 6305 Rosewood

Warrant service, 16th St. and Sunset

Traffic accident, injury, 100 block Strickland

Damaged property, other, 801 W. Adams

Assist other agency, MLK and Strickland

Controlled substance, other, 5th St. and North

Warrant service, 10th St. and Link

Simple assault, 1555 16th St.

Public intoxication, 16th and Sunset

Evading detention, 1500 Simmons

Theft, other, 2001 Louisiana

Possession of cocaine, 3rd St. and S. Farragut

Public intoxication, 1005 4th St.

Miscellaneous incidents, 3701 16th St.

Miscellaneous incidents, 2300 block Riverside

Possession of marijuana, 9th St. and Sholars

Controlled substance, other, 4th St. and Park

Traffic problem/warrant service, 10th St. and Western

Assist other agency, 2825 11th St.

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 10th and Link

Assist other agency, T-Mobile

Traffic problem, other, Park and 7th St.

Public service, other, 111 Pine

Warrant service, 10th St. and Link

Miscellaneous incidents, 5611 Mickler

Assault, Class A, family violence, 707 Adams

Evading detention, 5th St. and Burton

Assist public, 1212 16th St./Don’s Alternator

Assault, Class A, family violence, 2832 11th St.

Miscellaneous disturbance, 1902 11th St.