Over the years our country has become more polarized. A few weeks ago, Gov. Jeb Bush said his Republican Party is not the same party as President Reagan’s and his dad Geo. H. Bush’s party. He said the party has become too radical and extreme. I agree, over my lifetime of political watching there never has been a more radical movement than the group identified as the Tea Party. It’s their way or no way, especially in congress. For the past two years they have sat on their hands and refused to lift one finger to help the economy. They have chosen to watch the country suffer rather than do anything that would put the Obama administration in a good light. In years passed, Democrats and Republicans always found a way to work their differences out. There is no compromise with this bunch who want it all. They are also mean with their rhetoric. Last week, they condemned Justice John Roberts, one of their own, and made him a villain because he didn’t’ rule the way they wanted him to on Affordable Health Care, even though he left them an out by calling the mandate a tax. God forbid that they would ever get control of the entire country. My guess is they will overplay their hand and get wiped out two years from now in the mid-term elections if they continue their radical ways*****This year Orange County celebrates their 160th anniversary, 1852-2012. Ten years ago Judge Thibodeaux had a big celebration. Maybe he’s waiting on the CHAMPS building to open to celebrate.*****Today I paid less than $3 for gas. Seven months ago the talking heads and experts said summer travel would be way off because of $5 gasoline.*****“Born on the Bayou” a big fireworks and family outing will be held on July 4, starting at 5 p.m. Free hot dogs for the kids will be served, entertainment and etc. Bring your lawn chairs for the fireworks display. This event will be held at Cow Bayou, on the Historical Swing Bridge property, formally Joe Bailey’s on the Bayou. Despite our politics this is the best country on earth and we should celebrate our freedom.*****Gotta move on and get to work. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Last Thursday’s Supreme Court decision to uphold the 2010 health reform law will benefit millions of every day Americans. The landmark ruling helps those with pre-existing medical conditions who are unable to get insurance or a family with a desperately sick child who has gone through their policy’s lifetime limit and now have enormous bills to pay. It will also help a person who has gotten seriously ill only to have their insurance company cancel their coverage on a technicality. We’ve all heard of that happening. Youngsters can now stay on their parents insurance until age 26, allowing millions of young Americans to have the coverage they wouldn‘t otherwise have due to high cost. Under the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, which is now the law of the land, those destructive practices will end and we will at last began to catch up to every other modern industrial nation. Millions of people who will be helped by the law just don’t yet realize it’s benefits, not yet anyway because of all the political spinning. The mandate was saved when four justices were joined by Chief Justice John Roberts, who upheld the mandate as constitutional only because it’s a tax on those who don’t buy insurance. That will apply to less than one percent of the people. It doesn’t matter if it’s called a tax or penalty, or whatever, it’s the same amount. If it was $100 before the ruling, it’s still a $100 fine. If you are caught not wearing your seat belt the judge will charge you a fine, penalty or tax. Call it what you want, the amount is the same. The spinners are trying to convince you that you should vote against your own interest. The congress again will vote it down on July 11. That doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. The last seven presidents have tried to reform the much needed health care system and it was a Republican idea before the Tea Party entered the picture. In fact, the model for the health law, now known as Obamacare, was born in Massachusetts as Romneycare. Mitt Romney was very proud of that legislation and claimed it was his greatest accomplishment. Ninety-eight percent of all adults and 100 percent of all children are covered today in Massachusetts. In Texas, 25 percent of adults and 23 percent of all children do not have health coverage. Mark’s daughter, Jenna, two children and husband Robbie, live in Massachusetts. Their total monthly insurance bill for full coverage, including dental cost, is around $200 a month. In Texas Perry says he won’t get in on the Federal Insurance Plan, that’s just a political year spin. Texas sends a lot of money to Washington, if he refuses insurance for our citizens, Texas money will go to California, New York and other states. Perry and the other governors will take the money but they won’t admit it until after the election. Billions will be saved in Texas alone on indigent care. Orange County will save millions over the years. Indigent Health Care in Orange County is a big budget item. The only losers are the insurance companies that the congress is working so hard to protect. Some citizens today pay as much as $1600 a month for health care. The program will not cost the states one penny the first three years and only 10 percent afterwards. I promise you, after the election the Republican governors will take the money. They can’t deny their citizens coverage. Justice Roberts, four or five years from now, will be hailed as the one who saved health care.


Last Thursday, the Obama administration finalized a five year plan for offshore drilling, allowing more development in already explored areas of the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic. The first sale under the Interior Department’s 2012-2017 plan will be this fall, with leases up for grabs. Eleven more Gulf sales are planned, plus three auctions of leases in the Cook Inlet near Anchorage and seas north of Alaska. Interior secretary KeY Salazar described the plan as “smart and aggressive,” and has big potential energy resources. Domestic oil production in the United States is at an all time high. Meanwhile, gas prices, at the pump, continue to drop.*****The Republican run congress, pushed by the Tea Party members, on Thursday held attorney general Eric Holder in contempt of congress in a misguided and partisan motivated political move. It was the first time in our history, going back to George Washington, that the Justice Department was held in contempt. It was the wrong thing to do. The radicals will stop at nothing. It was wrong. The Justice Department should not have been used as a political tool. Nothing will come of it and when the November elections end it will be forgotten by both sides. It would be a joke if it wasn’t so wrong.


10 Years Ago-2002

Longtime law enforcement officer Shirley Herbert Swift dead at age 74. Swift’s law enforcement career in Orange County law enforcement began in 1951 after serving in the U.S. Air Force. He began his career as a patrol officer with Orange Police Department under Chief Alvin Keown. After a short while with OPD he became a state trooper for DPS for the next 20 years. Swift then served another 13 years as an investigator with the Organized Crime Unit. In 1972, he also received a commission as a Texas Ranger. Swift’s wife Dorothy Jean died in Dec. 2001. After a year and a half, under Hospice care, Swift died of congestive heart failure. He is survived by one son, Toren Ben Swift, two daughters, Terri Hamilton and Tina Bernano, a teacher at Bridge City. Swift will long be remembered as outdrawing Matt Dillon and blowing up the TV set.*****The Orange community is stirred by missing 4-year-old Dannarriah Finley who has been missing since Thursday, July 4. Orange authorities await positive ID of a body found at Pleasure Island, in Port Arthur. Police Chief Sam Kittrell said the body of a small girl was discovered near the causeway. An autopsy was being conducted. (Editor’s note: The body did prove to be that of Dannarriah, who was kidnapped from her home. Ten years have now gone by since that July 4th day and no one has been arrested for the crime. Its one of Orange County’s unsolved major crimes.)*****Pam Sims, manager of Luv’s Lingerie and Lou Raburn’s pretty daughter, is recovering after being in a major accident while a passenger on the back seat of a motorcycle. The accident happened between Lumberton and Silsbee when a woman pulled out in front of the motorcycle. Pam was seriously injured. Her jawbone was broken on both sides, she had six fractures and numerous other injuries. She will require a lot of plastic surgery. Her full recovery will be a long haul. (Editor‘s note: It was a long haul but Pam won and today she gives thanks to the Lord for her recovery.)*****Lester Saucier Sr. had open heart surgery at St. Elizabeth hospital last week and is doing fine.*****President Geo. W. Bush and Sylvester “Rocky” Stallone both turn 55 on July 6. (Editor’s note: They both are now 65 and no longer dominate the news.)*****Bert Donahue, neighbor Cox’s brother-inlaw, dropped off a can of Uncle John’s pure cane syrup at the Creaux’s Nest. (Editor’s note: Bert was good at finding pure cane syrup and sharing it with us. Bert died a few years ago. No one has brought us pure cane syrup since.)*****The new Exxon Mobile Express Mart opens on Texas Ave. Many folks are glad to here that sweet Mary Stanton is the store manager.*****Two good men died last week. Windell Granger, 73, died June 25, after being involved in an auto accident Service was held June 28. He was the father of Al Granger of Auto-Mart.***Also, O.W. Burton, 90, who founded Burton Shipyard, died June 26.***Lisa Ann Johnson, 41, died June 30. Service was held July 2.

35 Years Ago-1977

The Golden Triangle Savings and Loan will hold its grand opening at 10 a.m. Thursday, July 7, at 150 E. round bunch in Bridge City. Sen. Carl Parker will cut the ribbon. Officers and directors are Douglas Ray Harrington, president; Chapman Bell, executive vice president and managing officer; Fletcher Garner, secretary treasurer; Officers, Clarence Buford, Dr. Jimmy Jones, Glenn Pearson and Dr. Douglas Thompson.*****Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Frank celebrate their 40th. They were married on the seventh day of the seventh month of 1937.*****Former BC Police Chief Wilson Roberts bought wife Beverly a new Thunderbird. (Editor’s note: That didn’t save the marriage.)*****John Roy Fredrick is a salesman for Gasow Motors, 807 Simmons Dr.*****Vickie Wallace and Sandi Mobley celebrate the Fourth of July by flying to Dallas to spend the weekend with Vickie’s mother, Bobbie, a former BC resident. It was Vickie’s first time to fly.*****Kim Bryant named to class 3-A all-star team selected by the Texas High School Coaches Association.*****Necey Gauthier will be 17 on the seventh day of 1977. She is one of seven children.*****John Lieby will be 11 years old July 5. Also celebrating on the same day is Dr. Rod Fisette and Robert Mann.*****Orangefield will host the first annual Mother’s Track Meet, July 8. LC-M, Orange and Bridge City will compete. Mothers must be over 25.*****The Strand Theater, on Front Ave., has been torn down to accommodate renovation of old downtown Orange. (Editor’s note: The area is now part of the Lutcher Theater parking lot.)*****The number one country song is “That Way Yesterday,“ by Donna Fargo. Top 10 album, “Rumors” by Fleetwood Mac. Number one single, “Gonna Fly Now,” the theme from Rocky, by Bill Conti.


Lillie Mae Henderson, Kathie Wilson, Katy Maloney, Kellie Derouen, Pat McCombs, Shane Hanks, Susie Bickham, Charlotte Pruter, Billy Boehme, Debbie Moreau, Donna Dohmann, L.J. Braus, Lori Winstead, Makayla Peveto, Tom Arnold, Aaron Myers, Alyson Smith, David May, Denise Mumbach, Edith Peet, Gage Birmingham, Brantson Broussard, Jennifer Martinez, Jerry Wilson, Levy Hartman, James Swan, Devon Caldwell, James Arnett, David Peck, Jason Barclay, Margie Bean, Amber Seiler, Anita Hennigan, Elizabeth Dupuis, Eryn Lucas, Janice Gresham, Jesse B. Gunstream, Linda Dews, Liz Barclay, Maude Ball, Patrick Halliburton, Steve Stanley, Charles Vidrine, Clark Eastman, Emily Blanchard, Glenda Whitley, Henry Woodard, Kathy Fraccastoro, Paula Auffurth, Bertie Seitz, Corrine Welker, Dawnie Wilkinson and Donna Riley.


Karen Jo Vance, the state‘s best county clerk, is sporting a new bumper sticker that was given to her last week at the county clerk‘s summer conference in Galveston by the association of counties president. The sticker reads “It‘s a shame that everyone who knows how to run this country is busy at the courthouse.”*****James O‘quinn turned 65 on Sunday, July 1 and on Friday he retired from Lanxess. It must be nice. Happy sailing.*****Last week, at the Lunch Bunch meeting, Judge Derry Dunn and Lynn Arceneaux were discussing the heat. They reminisced how in their youth they spent hot summer days baling, loading and lifting hay bales into the big barn loft. Lynn says his dad still has the old barn. He recently spent three days repairing it for his dad. For me, cotton picking was bad enough. I dodged hay baling.*****A few folks celebrating their special day. Pete Runnels, now mayor of Pinehurst, entered his last year in the 60’s on July 3.***Born on Independence Day, July 4th, are Lillie Mae Henderson, Kathie Wilson, Kelly DeRouen, Katy Maloney and Dwayne Marsh.***Billy Boehme celebrates July 5th as does Debbie Moreau.***Margie Bean will celebrate on July 6. Margie just had her second knee replacement. Best wishes.***Judge David Peck will leave the fifties behind on Saturday, July 7. Here’s wishing him a nine great years before he hits the 70’s. Happy 60th birthday buddy.***Judge Thibodeaux’s buddy, Jerry Wilson, also celebrates on July 7. Send him a card Judge.***One of my favorite people, over many years, Dayle Gunn Weatherford, celebrates July 7. She shares a birthday with David and Jerry. Just doesn’t seem right.***Judge Pat Clark‘s court coordinator, Sandy Kaufman, turns 60 on Sunday, July 8. Sandy is going to retire at the end of the year when Judge Pat hangs up his robe.***Kee-Kee and Nancy’s daughter, Elizabeth Dupuis, celebrates July 8.***Patrick Halliburton and Steve Stanley celebrates on July 9. A special lady, who has been a friend and of much help throughout the years, Donna Riley, with BCISD, will celebrate her birthday next Wednesday, July 11. Best wishes and happy birthday to all.*****I was just thinking July 11 would have been Sue and Grover Halliburton’s wedding anniversary. I’m not sure how many years it would be but just wanted Sue to know we were thinking about them.*****Neighbor Cox is a happy camper. His Ginny finally was brought home by daughter Karen after three weeks in Oklahoma.*****I don’t believe it was much of a surprise that Anderson Cooper admitted he has always been gay and will be gay the rest of his life. I guess he’s never had a woman and doesn’t plan to. His mate owns a gay bar. To each his own.*****Congratulations to the Orange County Historical Commission for being awarded the “Distinguished” award by the Texas historical board. Dr. Howard Williams, president and members Betty Harmon, Jerry Pennington, Mark Dunn, Karen Maddox and Nancy Peveto were recognized Monday by commissioner’s court.*****Jerry Priddy, who we go back to our young years with, back when we rolled the bones against the wall and hollored “Ada from Decatur” and often came up “snake eyes” stopped by for a visit Monday. Between he and Roy they have a truckload of stories from Orange’s past.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch won’t gather this week, however a big bunch is expected the week of July 11 at Robert’s, 12 noon. If you haven’t been in a while everyone looks forward to seeing you.*****We ran into Josette and Van Choate the other day. They have their Hush Puppy going strong in Vidor. She will be teaching in Vidor next school term. She’s still my favorite Italian.*****The Shrimp Boat, on Hwy. 62, will have a fireworks display July 4th around 8 p.m. Willie says he has plenty of fresh shrimp, jumbos to gumbos, just out of the Gulf. You‘ll enjoy the fireworks, they are going all out.*****Congrats to Judge Carl and Micaela Thibodaux, who welcomed a new grandson, Grayson Thad Thibodeaux, June 22. He weighed in at 9 pounds, 1 ounce and stands 20.5 inches high. He’s the son of Tyler and Casey.*****Inside you‘ll find a picture of A.J. Judice, V. He’s Al‘s grandson. The Cajun kid is pictured with his first fish.*****Peggy‘s on the Bayou will be open July 4. Plenty of boiled crawfish, gumbo and sea food. Come celebrate.*****We were sorry to hear about the death of Andy Griffith, who died Tuesday, July 3. He brought us many hours of enjoyment from Mayberry. He was a star in whatever role he appeared in.


Independence Day Birthdays are Neil Simon, 85; and Gina Lollobrigida, 85.*** Huey Lewis turns 62 July 5.*** Former First Lady Nancy Reagan will be 91 on July 6. Also sharing her birthday is Ned Beatty, 75; George W Bush, 66; Sylvester Stallone, 66; Geoffrey Rush, 61; William Lee Scott, 39; Tia Mowry, 34; Tamera Mowry, 34; and Gregory Smith, 29.*** One of the two remaining Beatles, Ringo Starr turns 72 July 7.*** July 8 is the birthday of Jeffrey Tambor, 68; Kevin Bacon, 54; Toby Keith, 51; and Sophia Bush 30.*** O.J. Simpson turns 65 on July 9. Also sharing that date is Brian Dennehy, 74; Chris Cooper, 61; Jimmy Smits, 57; Tom Hanks, 56; Kevin Nash, 53; Courtney Love, 48; Scott Grimes, 41; Jack White, 37; and Fred Savage, 36.*** July 10 birthday celebrities are: Fiona Shaw, 54; Jessica Simpson, 32; and Quddus, 32.


My cussin Sostan wrote me a note about his sister-inlaw Clotelia, wat is Sugar Bee’s sister.

Clotelia is a resident of Pineville Mental Hospital. Sostan say one day, while her and Claude Duhon, another of the patient, was walking past da hospital swimming pool, Claude him suddenly jump into da deep end. Boy, Claude him he sunk like a rock to da bottom and stayed dere. Clotelia her she jump in to save him. She swam to da bottom and pulled Claude out.

Da medical director him became aware of Clotelia’s heroic act so he immediately ordered her to be discharged from da mental hospital. He now considered her to be mentally stable. Wen he went to tell Clotelia da news, he said, “Clotelia, I have some good news and some bad news me. Da good news is dat you being discharged because since you were able to jump in and save da life of another patient, I tink me, you regained you senses. Da bad news is Claude him, da patient you saved, hung himself wit his bashrobe belt in da bashroom. I am so sorry to told you but he’s dead him.”

Clotelia her was shaking her head no, den she replied, “Claude didn’t hang himself no, I put him dere to dry me.”


Over the years I have seen many fundraisers and other events come and go. I have never seen any event that was as well organized as the Todd Edgerly benefit last Saturday. It was run like a well oiled machine, from publicity to money control. The Bridge City class of 1982 were like Army troops fresh out of basic training. They were disciplined and got the job done. The many volunteers hung right in there also. Everyone in attendance had a great time, and much money was raised for a good cause and a great guy. Todd was overwhelmed. Over 3,500, give or take, people attended, 99 percent of all the food was sold. The auctions did great and the entertainment was very good. On Monday, Bridge City Bank’s phones went wild with people calling for info on how to donate. Todd, Flo, Gene and the Edgerly clan thank everyone and are filled with gratitude. Our prayers go out to Todd. Hang in there Bubba, good things are coming.*****My time is up for another week. I thank you for your time. You have made The Record Newspapers, in our trade area, the best read, plus you are giving our web-site TheRecordLive.com, a lot of play. It is growing every day. Smart advertisers use The Record, where they get the coverage of two newspapers, plus the web for one low price. To get your message to more consumers than all the other publications combined call 735-7183 or 886-7183. We get results, try us.*****Be careful, also the law is out in force until July 8, buckle up, drive safely. Take care and God bless.