Officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls between June 27, and July 3:

June 27:

Assault/family violence, 360 Lost Lake Ln., Vidor

Welfare concern/death investigation, 2215 Honeysuckle Dr., Orange

Assault/family violence, 11895 E. Sandridge, Vidor

Burglary of a habitation, 585 Cornell Rd., Vidor

Delivery of controlled substance (synthetic marijuana), Claire, Vidor

Theft, stolen trailer, 1185 North St., Orange

Sexual assault of a child, 1041 Kade, Lake Charles

Sexual assault of a child, 1375 Alberta St., Vidor

June 28:

Missing person, 1375 Alberta St., Vidor

Death investigation, 4478 Old Hwy. 87, Orange

Burglary of habitation, 2969 Singletary St., Orange

Follow-up, cruelty to animals, 1360 FM 1131, Vidor

Credit card abuse, 685 Middleton, Bridge City

Recovery of stolen vehicle, 7048 Hwy. 12, Orange

June 29:

Assist, 3146 Timberlane Cr., Orange

Assist, 235 N. Main, Vidor

Overdose, 5639 Patillo Rd., Orange

June 30:

Sexual assault, 3121 Dogwood, Orange

Criminal mischief, 2911 FM 3247, Orange

Narcotics incident, 205 Border St., Orange

Found property, 8010 E. Ashford Park, Orange

Disturbance, 4105 Cambridge, Orange

July 1:

Disturbance, 4486 N. Easy St., Vidor

Theft, 12492 Sandridge Rd., Vidor

Unauthorized Use of a motor vehicle, 1549 Mandi Rd., Orange

Aggravated assault, 2290 Linda St., Orange

Found property, Four Oaks Ranch Rd., Vidor

Sexual assault of a child, Clair, Vidor

July 2:

Animal nuisance, 11916 N. Hwy. 62, Orange

Burglary of a building, 12273 IH-10 E./Lloyd‘s RV Center, Orange

Burglary of habitation, 740 Ricksha St., Vidor

Theft, 5645 Jefferson St., Vidor

Fraud, 18499 Hwy. 62, Orange

Sexual assault of a child, W. FM 1130, Orange

Burglary of a habitation, 3246 Woodcock St., Orange

Disturbance, 2265 FM 3247, Orange

July 3:

Suspicious vehicle (stolen), IH-10 W., Feeder at Rest Area, Orange

Burglary of motor vehicle, 5106 n. Magnolia, Orange

Suicide, IH-10 W. Feeder West of FM 1136), Orange

Delivery of controlled substance,/synthetic marijuana, 1300 N. Main St., Vidor

Criminal mischief, 4615 N. Main, Vidor

Disturbance, 4390 Buccaneer St., Vidor

Suspicious person, 11916 Hwy. 62 N./Market Basket, Orange