On Thursday at approximately 5 p.m., officers responded to a shots fired call in the area of Strickland Dr. near Chilis. Witnesses reported vehicles fleeing the scene. Orange Police located two of the vehicles on Western Ave. The vehicles and occupants were all from Lafayette, La.

The detained subjects, Keenan Jermain Wilridge and Cordoera Dean Felix claimed they were shot at by an unknown person. During the investigation,Wilridge was arrested for possession of a controlled substance (cocaine) and Felix was arrested for possession of marijuana. Approximately $15,000 in cash was also seized.

No firearms were located and no one was injured in the original shots fired call.

The investigation is on-going by the Orange Police Department Narcotics Division.

Originally reported:

Police officers responded about 5 p.m. to shots fired at Chilis restuarant in Pinehurst after being alerted by a 9-1-1 call.

According to Keith Reneau, of the Pinehurst Police Department, there were not any shell casings or places where the bullet may have hit at the scene. It is believed the incident started at Chilis and moved to the Orange Baptist Memorial Hospital parking lot. There was reportedly an argument over some money which was as a result scattered on the ground.

Police have detained two men they believe to have been involved in the incident. They were apprehended during a traffic stop by officers with the Orange Police Department and taken in for questioning.

However, witnesses at the scene reported there were as many as five people in three vehicles involved. After the brief argument, shots rang out and the vehicles quickly left the scene.

The incident is still under investigation and no arrests have been made. The other suspects remain at large.