Some tile floors aren’t meant to last. It’s been 15 years since the tiles were put in place as the surface of the playground at Claiborne West Park. “They’ve served their purpose. It was $22,000 for the whole structure and their surface back then, in ‘97,” said Donna Scales, parks administrator.

“We’re having some repairs made to the big playground, here at Claiborne,” she said. Some of the tiles are popping up around the edges and some of the equipment needs repairs including carpeting installed on some of the playground equipment as a safety feature. It was decided to use a replacement which would give a solid surface for better safety instead of the tiles. “I have a slab underneath there, so they are going to lay it on top of that slab.” It should be in good shape said Scales.

The price tag for the repairs and surfacing is $28,546 and is contracted through Miracle Recreation Equipment in Houston. Orange County Commissioners Court Monday said they would let Scales determine how much of the park is closed during the renovation and repair.

“They are pouring a ‘no fault pour in place unitary safety surfacing’ to replace the tiles we have there now,” said Scales. “It could take at least a week for all the repairs to be completed. I’ll have a better idea of how long the playground will be closed when the contractors get here and get started.”

“The playground will be closed off all week, all day, while the work is under progress,” said Scales, although she doesn’t know the exact dates the work will be performed. She plans to notify the public as soon as those dates are determined. “I have reservations that need to be informed the playground will be closed.” She expects it to be at least a week or two before the work starts.

“During the day, only the playground will be closed. After 7 p.m., we are going to close off the front entrance where no one can come in after hours,” said Scales.

The safety surfacing has a 48 hour cure time. “We are going to put an extra barricade at the park entrance during that time so everyone understands ‘stay out of there.’”

Scales said materials were supposed to have started shipping Monday. Once the materials arrive, the two contractors will coordinate dates they will perform the work. One is going to do the repairs to the structure and the other will do the resurfacing.

Scales said reservations at the park are currently a little low because of the heat.

Pavilions can be reserved for a deposit of $10. “That’s their tax dollars at work,” Scales said of the low deposit amount. If the pavilion is not damaged, the park can write a check to return the deposit or they would be happy to accept it as a donation to the park.

Currently the park is open 7:30 a.m.- 7 p.m. “We ask that you are on the other side of the gate at 7 p.m. because it is important that we close on time,” said Scales. “Seven o’clock, everybody is out.”

For any information on Claiborne West Park contact Scales at 409-745-2255.