We’ve come on another week and finally got some rain. King would have liked that. Appearing, starting in this week’s issue, is a column by the late King Dunn, who died recently at age 94. Before his death he recorded his life as a youngster and adult and the times. Mr. Dunn, a longtime post master at Mauriceville, spent his entire life in the country community where he and his late wife raised their family. They both contributed to making their community better. You will find King’s column, about the old times, interesting and informative. His writing will be bound into a book for future generations. Writing the happenings during our times is a good idea for all of us. We each have a perspective of the life we have led and the times we lived. King was a good man and a great friend. In the next few weeks we look forward to reading the history he left us.*****I’ve got to get to work. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Texas Gov. Rick Perry rejects Medicaid expansion at a time when Texas ranks dead last in health care for its citizens. If Perry’s decision holds, the state will forgo billions of federal dollars. The federal government would pay the full cost for the first three years, after that Texas’s share would be capped at 10 percent. The states cost would be $27 billion over 10 years but would bring in $164 billion and full coverage for 1.5 million low income adults, picking up the bill for counties now having to foot an expansive indigent care program. Some discussion has included allowing entities to negotiate directly with the federal government, even if the state doesn’t sign off on the expansion. With the states’ strained budget and 25 percent of adults and 23 percent of all children without health coverage, it’s hard to believe that Perry is passing up federal funds which will now go to other states. Several states with GOP governors are looking at opting out of the federal program. Many observers see it as a political stand and that after the presidential elections they will take the money and administer the health care program. Without it Texas, which ranks 50th in health care, would see many more join the indigent ranks. Texas, through Gov. Perry, is turning down billions of dollars coming to the state for the next three years at no cost, while health care for many of it’s citizens suffers and counties have to pick up the tab for indigent care.


Texas is defending the states’ new controversial voter photo ID law in a Washington federal court. The trial is expected to last through this week. Justice Department claims it would discriminate against minorities. Minority and Civil Rights groups have joined in opposition to the law, which could disenfranchise up to 1.4 million voters and points to the lack of prosecutions and voter fraud cases to underscore the states claims that the new law is not justified. Justice Department lawyers claim the new law passed by the Republican controlled legislature unfairly targets the elderly, students and minorities, who don’t have photo ID’s from the federal or state governments, including drivers license, passports or concealed weapons permits. Texas elective official Brian Ingram testified Monday that no fraud cases have been sent to the Texas Attorney General for investigation. Minority groups claim the law, made a priority by Gov. Rick Perry, in the 2011 legislative session, was meant to suppress and disenfranchise minorities who are more likely to vote Democratic. A three judge federal panel hearing the case is expected to rule within a month. Texas, a state with a history of radical discrimination is required to get federal pre-clearance for changes to voting laws and procedures.


We were sorry to hear about the passing of Margaret Catherine Richter, 81, who died July 5. Funeral services were held July 8 at St. Paul united Methodist Church, in Bridge City. Margaret and her late husband W.A. started the Richter Food Program in the Bridge City and Orangefield area. Over the years, Ms. Richter and her husband dedicated much of their time to helping others. (please see obituary.)*****Audrey Marie Meeks, 83, passed away Saturday, July 7. Service was held Monday, July 9. We had known Audrey for over 55 years. She was a good person and loved by her family and friends. Born in Port Arthur, where her mother Marie Hebert, drove the St. James school bus for many years. Audrey and her family moved to Bridge City in the mid-1950’s. We extend our sympathies to her family. May she rest in peace. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2002

Members of the oldest Baptist church in West Orange cut the ribbon Sunday to open it’s new parsonage. A three bedroom, two bath home that will serve as the new pastors residence. Tony Houseman, who was the builder of the new home, said it had all the bells and whistles. The anonymous donor really wanted it to be a great parsonage. Claude Webb, chairman of the deacons, said the donor is a woman.*****C. Delle Bates hosted the first downtown Orange party on July 4th at his home on Front street on the Sabine River. A few of the people spotted were Charlie Wickersham, Tony DalSasso, Gisela Houseman, Jefferson County Sheriff Mitch Wood, Donna Peterson, Judge Buddie Hahn, Brenda Campbell, Mickey, Moe and Helena Litton, Johnny Montagne and his tribe, Paul Cormier, “Buckshot” Winfree, Cal Broussard, Phyllis and Roy Dunn, with Mark and Sharon, Judge Pete Runnels, Michelle Judice with Big Al, Judge Claude and Pauline, Judge Grover and Sue, Marci Messer, Mary Alice Hartsfield and Alice Williams, Larry Webb, Mayor Brown Claybar, Stump Weatherford and six hundred other natives. The fireworks display turned into an all night party. (Editor’s note: If Bates doesn’t throw another party soon we will grow too old to attend. Several of those friends mentioned above have left us but are remembered.)*****The B-1 bomber which flew over the crowd gathered for the fireworks display was occupied by Maj. Allen Wilson, an Orange native, LC-M grad and 12 year Air Force veteran. Even though the bomber weighs 447,000 pounds it can fly 900 miles per hour.*****It was like old home week for The Record when former newspaper staffers Pattie Hanks and Chris Farkas visited. Pattie was in from Vegas and Chris in from Florida. They took in C. Delle’s party and also Van Choates’ great Cajun food, something they both missed.*****Connie Chung had a special on CNN featuring the National Women’s Football League. One of the players featured was a former Bridge City High tennis star, Pam “Peacock” Ener.*****The body of 4-year-old Dannarriah Finley was discovered on Pleasure Island in Port Arthur. OPD Detective Sgt. Chris Arnold and Police Chief Sam Kittrell ask anyone with any information to please come forward. (Editor‘s note: It‘s been ten years and still no arrest have been made.)*****Services were held for J.C. Morgan, 74, who died July 3.*****Wanda J. Reed, of Bridge City, passed away July 7.****Delores “Dee’ Leleux Bergeron, 61, died July 3. Dee was a longtime employee of Dupuis Gulf and Tire Center.*****John E. Payne, 84, of West Orange died July 6.*****Paul Pelaez, 76, of Bridge City, died July 3.*****Happy 18th birthday to Hope Brown.***** Amy Oubre celebrated July 9. (Editor’s note: She was Ms. Phyl’s mom who passed away seven years ago. Roy’s mom Marie celebrated on July 12. She has also passed away since then.)

35 Years Ago

With the help of Sen. Carl Parker, State Rep. Wayne Peveto and the Orange County Bar Association, a Third District Court will go into effect January, 1978. The Legislators created the court; Gov. Dolph Briscoe signed it into law. Speculation is that the governor will appoint County Court-at-Law Judge Grover Halliburton to the new post. (Editor‘s note: It didn‘t happen.)*****B&B Auction house celebrates its sixth anniversary this month. We congratulate Col. Bert.*****Lowell Scribner is being held hostage at Orange Memorial Hospital. The Show Biz columnist is also the manager of Palais Royale.*****Pretty little Stacy Savoy will be 9 years old next week. She is the daughter of Gary and Judy Savoy.***Tim Lieby drives to Freeport for a deep sea fishing trip on David Olson’s boat. Dr. Olson had already left the dock when Tim arrived. Lieby came home empty handed. Doc got a mess of fish. Maybe Tim made too many stops between BC and Freeport, and that’s why he missed the boat.*****Harold and Dr. Rod Fisette, C.T. Kelly and Lester Saucier went out on Calvin Stakes’ boat to Cameron on the 4th of July. They caught a lot of fish, Spanish and king mackerel. This time Calvin missed his own boat. They were gone when he arrived. He must have also made too many stops.*****Pretty Allyson Nickum is 7 years old on the seventh day of the seventh month of 1977.*****Harold and Patsy Fisette and Pat Bearden will celebrate a 20th class reunion next Saturday. They all graduated from Stark High.***Congrats to seven BC mothers who made a good showing in every event of the first annual Mother’s Track Meet at Orangefield. Moms are June Gregory, Cindy Van, Charlotte Fitts, Ginger Prince, Dot Guillas, Denise Guyote and team leader Charoline Mires.


Superstar Ernest Borgnine, 95, died Sunday, July 8. His famous gap-toothed smile, hearty laugh and down to earth grace was welcomed by generations into their living rooms as the Skipper of TV’s McHales Navy. His acting career spanned more than 60 years on the big screen, stage and television. Personally, some of my favorite Borgnine roles were “Bad Day at Black Rock,” “The Dirty Dozen,” “The Wild Bunch” and the “Poseidon Adventure.” We lost another of our great stars that had been in most of our lives for as long as we recall.*****Katie Holmes got out of Dodge, leaving actor Tom Cruies and Scientology behind. What is Scientology? It parallels many other major western religions in making a claim that it is the single way to find truth. Its more like Buddhism or Hinduism in that it does not rely on the Bible. The religion, founded by the late author L. Ron Hubbard, in 1954, now has 10,000 churches, missions and groups in 167 countries. Church headquarters is in St. Petersburg, Florida. Nicole Kidman, after leaving Cruise and the church had the marriage annulled by the Catholic church as spiritually invalid. Katie Holmes, also a Catholic, has filed for divorce in New York. On Monday they reached a settlement agreement.***Meanwhile, Congressman Barney Frank has wed his longtime partner, Jim Ready, 42, last Saturday evening at the Marriott in Newton MA. Gov. Deval Patrick officiated. Barney, 72, is 30 years Jim’s senior. Barney is retiring from the congress after three decades in office.


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Laura Childress, Brennan Magee, Michael Brinson, Miranda Welker, Peggy Hebert, Sarah Cornwell, Shelby Welker, Arta Miller, Charlotte Stout, Cleon Hogan, Lana Griffith, Larissa Barclay, Joette Webb, Wickie Carter, Nancy Byers, Terry Meyer, ,Craig Simmons, Danna Fournet, Dawanna Landry, Dera Breaux, Virginia Cox, Earline Garrison, Kristen McCurry, Marsha McCullough, Mary Morton, Rodney Barrett, Steve Sarver, Susan Everett, Angela Zenos, Billy Bryant, Donna Peterson, George Millsap, Jared Ganze, Margaret Richey, Joe Rion, Melani Woodruff, Calvin Rutledge, Ella Stuebing, Lance George, Ledia Miller, Mark Grizzaffi, Melissa Darbonne, Melissa Eshbach, Mitchell Heil, Peggy Claybar, Tommy Harmon, BJ Graham, Cassey Polk, JB Jones, Marlin McKinney, Rhys Outlaw, Jean Long, Gail Eads, Phil Dickman, Clarence Dale Newton, Lorie Dubose, Mary Dorsey, Carlis Roy, Edee Pratt, Theresa Krout, Deborah Ashcraft, Don Hightower, Harold Lonadier, Cheryl Richard, Cynthia Chataignier, Don Fields and Harry Barclay.


While at the doctor‘s office in Beaumont, Sue Halliburton fell and damaged both knees. She‘s out of the hospital and staying at son Cleve‘s home until she recovers. We wish this nice lady the best.*****We understand, however hard to believe, that Judge Pat paid real American money to rent a cabin at Crystal Beach. What made him spend money and why he did it is the big question. He hates the beach.*****The nearest I‘m going to be around water is Peggy‘s on the Bayou. She started serving Richard‘s famous bar-b-que crabs this week. Their fresh crabs come right off the boats at their own dock. They also still serve boiled crawfish but crawfish season is coming to an end soon.*****The Sheriff‘s Posse Rodeo will be held July 20 and 21 at the Rodeo Arena on FM 105, between Hwy. 87 and Hwy. 62. It‘s always a lot of fun for the whole family. The rodeo starts at 8 p.m.******The “Born on the Bayou“ fireworks and outing on Cow Bayou, July 4th, was a big success for only the first event on that Bayou frontage. When complete the Heritage and Nature Center and beautiful grounds will be a big asset for the citizens of Bridge City and this area.*****A few good folks we know celebrating their special day. On July 11, our longtime friend Donna Riely marks another year as does Cleon Hogan and nurse practitioner Lana Griffith.***Pretty Joette Webb celebrates on July 12. She’s Charlie’s other half.***Our buddy Christy Koury is also a July 12 baby.***A special lady, who has put up with Millard for 64 years, Virginia (Ms. Ginny) Cox marks her special day.***I stay confused on when this beautiful lady marks her birthday. I have Donna Peterson celebrating on both July 7 and July 13. Could there be two Donnas?***A good guy who has hung out with “Dee” for many years, Calvin Rutledge, celebrates July 14, as does retired Bridge City school principle Ella Stuebing.***Melissa Eshbach celebrates July 15, also another real sweetheart Peggy Stringer Claybar, David’s longtime better half.***Tommy Harmon, Corky and Don’s kid brother, marks another birthday July 15.***Clarence Dale Newton, the kid from West Texas, who never believed he’d get this old but thanks to “Granny” looking out for him, celebrates another July 16.***The pretty Cajun lady, former school teacher, married to Brad, Carlis Reed Roy, celebrates July 16. Oops, I forgot to mention she’s also Tyler Bearden’s mother-in-law.***One of the toughest gals we know, everyone should have that much get up and go, Edith “Edee” Pratt, a real jewel celebrates on July 17. We extend her a very happy birthday wish.***Former Bridge City City Manager, Don Fields, married to Ms. Lucy, is a year older on July 18.***We extend best wishes and a happy birthday to everyone celebrating this week. Please see complete birthday list.*****The Harmon boys, at Harmon Pre-owned Cars, are wheeling and dealing. They just got in some nice vehicles and are ready to offer you a great deal. Their low overhead allows them to pass on the savings to their customers, plus they will finance. Stop by and get them to give you a quote on a good used car, van or truck. You’ll enjoy the visit and doing business with them.*****Our friend Sue Simar is selling some beautiful figs. Nice figs are hard to find. She also has fresh tomatoes, ripe on the vine and shelled pecans. Give her a call at 883-3619 and tell her Creaux told you to call. She’ll treat you right.


July 11, Giorgio Armani will be 78; Suzanne Vega, 53; Lisa Rinna, 49 and Lil Kim, 37.***July 12, Bill Cosby, 75; Richard Simmons, 64; Kristi Yamaguchi, 41.***July 13, Harrison Ford, 70; Cheech Marin, 66; Fatboy Slim, 49.***July 14, Matthew Fox, 46.***July 15, Linda Ronstadt, 66; Jesse Ventura, 61; Terry O’Quinn, 60; Forest Whitaker, 51; Brian Austin Green, 39.***July 16, Jimmy Johnson, 69; Will Ferrell, 16.***July 17, Donald Sutherland, 78; Camilla Parker-Bowles, 65, David Hasselhoff, 60.


Joe Primeaux and Alcid Comeaux were having some coffee at da McDonald’s las Friday wen Comeaux say, “A couple of womens moved in da house across da street from me and Agnes. One is a middle aged gym teacher her and da utta one is a social worker, maybe around 25. Dese two womens go everywhere together dem and me and Agnes never see any mens go in or leave dere house. Primeaux, you tink maybe dey could be Lebanese dem?”


Congratulations to our Girl Friday, Nicole Gibbs, who was named employee of the month by the Bridge City Chamber. She was honored Tuesday morning at the Chamber’s monthly gathering at Mid-County Teachers Credit Union. There is no one more deserving, plus she’s a sweetheart, loyal and dedicated. I don’t know what Creaux and I would do if we didn’t have her around to bail us out of deep do-do almost daily. She’s married to Dusty, a nice guy, who doesn’t complain when she works overtime. He and all of us will miss her this week while she takes a well deserved vacation in Oklahoma with her sisters.*****Meanwhile, the Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and will be back at Novrozsky’s next week. Everyone is always welcome to attend.*****My time is up, thank you for yours. Please shop our family of advertisers, they make it possible to bring you this paper free each week. Check us out on our website, for daily area happenings. See you next week. Stay safe, take care and God bless.