A 28 year old Orange man was arrested Wednesday after patrol officers observed two men standing in the area of Burton and 3rd St. The man, Demetrious Harris, who police recognized on site, was observed to be standing in the roadway with another man.

When Officer Busby exited his car to make contact with the men, he observed Harris to have glass, bloodshot eyes, and to be unsteady on his feet. There was also a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his person.

As officers conducted a pat down on Harris, he attempted to physically pull away from police, which made officer suspicious. Harris was asked to open his mouth, and officers observed a plastic baggy under his tongue. It is believed the baggy contained marijuana.

Harris was told to spit the baggy out of his mouth, and he refused. Harris closed his mouth and continued to chew on the substance, as if to hide or destroy the substance. Officer Busby then placed his hands on Harris’ face and under his jaw to prevent him from swallowing the substance. Harris continued to chew the baggy, but eventually spit it out after several commands to do so.

Harris was placed into custody for resisting arrest, tampering with physical evidence and possession of marijuana. He was transported to the Orange County Jail and released to jail staff.