I can recall, going back many years, when the Orange County Rodeo was a big deal, when big country and movie stars performed. It was always an overflow crowd and for a couple of days everyone in town was a cowboy or cowgirl. Everyone went western, even the youngsters. Taking a child or grandchild to the rodeo is something they will never forget, it becomes part of their Texas heritage. I’m told this year the producer will bring plenty of good stock and professional cowboys will participate. The bull riding event is expected to be one of the best. The kids will love the clowns. Because of so much rain the grounds are too wet and the rodeo is being rescheduled for August.*****I have a long way to go. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Mitt Romney might as well come clean or the noose will get tighter and tighter. Bain Capital, controlled businesses that outsourced thousands of jobs to Australia, Asia and Europe. Romney claims he left Bain in Feb. 1999 before the outsourcing. However, the Boston Globe has uncovered securities and exchange documents that show Romney as sole stockholder, chairman, CEO and president until 2002. Romney signed 146 documents as owner in 2000 through 2002. On that issue he should cut and run, leave it behind. Now the matter of his tax returns is another matter. He furnished presidential candidate John McCain, 23 years of tax returns when he was being vetted as a potential VP candidate. After seeing the returns, McCain turned him down as someone who could replace him as president and named Sarah Palin as his running mate. McCain is one of the few conservatives who hasn’t called for Romney to release his taxes, he knows what‘s in them. If it was good enough for VP, it should be ok for president. I suspect it’s nothing illegal, just a few years where he outsourced his money to foreign banks and paid no taxes. He played the system, many do, but it will be a hard sell that millionaires and billionaires should get a trillion dollars more in tax breaks, when many pay very little now, playing the loopholes. Example Warren Buffett who says he pays less taxes than his secretary. The more Romney tries to answer, the more damage he’s doing to his hopes of ever getting into the oval office. He bought his nomination and the billionaires will try to buy him the White House but all the money in the country won’t get him there if he doesn’t release what he’s hiding. It can’t be good to keep spinning just digs the hole deeper. He’s got to come clean now and hope to outrun it or he‘s done.



Kitty Wells, 92, the first female country star dies. I recall in 1952, when she was the first female to have a number one country hit. Hank Thompson and the Brazos Valley boys, from Waco, had a song out titled “The Wild Side of Life.” As a resort to the women slamming song, J.O. Miller wrote, and Kitty recorded, “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels.” That song gave the woman’s view about the wild side of life. It became Kitty’s first number one hit. The Grand Ole’ Opry asked Wells not to perform it on stage, some radio stations also found it too controversial. What a joke in today’s world. Kitty recorded 50 albums and twenty-five top 10 hits. From 1953 to the late 1960’s, she was known as the “Queen of Country Music.” She blazed the trail for singers such as Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette and others. Among Kitty’s other hits were “Making Believe,” in 1955, that was the sound track for the movie “Mississippi’s Burning” in 1988. She recorded “Release Me,” “Heartbreak U.S. A.”  “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” “Searching for Someone Like You,” etc. In 1989 Kitty, Brenda Lee, Loretta Lynn and K.D. Lang teamed up on the “The Honky Tonk Angels Medley.”


We were sorry to learn of the death of Robert “Pop” Boudreaux, age 72, who died July 14. Services will be Wednesday, July 18, 11 a.m. at Claybar Funeral Home, in Orange. “Pop” was one of those great guys who was always helping people. He could do a little bit of everything. He was a great handy man and carpenter. Everyone who knew this good man loved him. He’ll be missed. Our condolences to his family and many friends. May he rest in peace. Please see obit.*****Our sympathy also goes our to our buddy, “Dutch” on the death of his wife Verna, 70, who died on July 4. Services were held Sunday, July 15. Our prayers go out to Dutch and his family.


10 Years Ago-2002

Patrick Beebe, director of county mosquito Control, confirmed that West Nile Virus has been identified in Orange County. One horse and an elderly person have been identified.*****Relatives plan the funeral of 4-year-old Dannariah Finley, which will be held Friday, July 19.A reward has jumper to $50,000 for information regarding her death. (Editor’s note: In news reports over the last few years I don’t recall the reward being mentioned. Fifty thousand dollars is a lot of money. I wonder if the reward is still in effect.)*****County Commissioner John Dubose just returned from Austin where he’s working hard to obtain a veterans home in Orange County. The site would be on FM-442 atIH-10. The decision will be up to the Texas Land commissioner David Dewhurst. (Editor’s note: After several months of work and a good proposal, Orange County wasn’t rewarded the Vet’s home.)*****Bridge City Bank names two new VP’s, Barry Murchison and Keith Fontenot. (Editor’s note: They are now long gone.)*****Moe Litton and Ms. Helena drove to North Carolina for a reunion with Moe’s shipmates. Moe says he wanted to mop the deck one more time.*****Judge Carl Thibodeaux and the Mrs. Are new grandparents. Mclaen Joseph Molley arrived Thursday, July 11, one month early. He weighed in at 5 pounds, 10 ounces. He is the son of Tanya and Robin Molley. Other grandparents are James and Gloria Moley. (Editor’s note: The Thibodaux’s had another grandson a couple of weeks ago. The cousins are almost exactly ten years apart.)*****Coach Josh Smalley has left Little Cypress-Mauriceville. He will join his buddies, Dwayne “Beaver” Dubose, Jeff Mathews, Eddie Hatch, Toby Forman and others at Vidor. Meanwhile, Coach Troy Bolton has left Orangefield to join the LC-M staff.*****Orangeite Susan Halliburton, an LC-M and Texas U. grad, is now a sports reporter for the Austin American Statesman. She is currently in France covering Lance Armstrong, in the tour-de-France. She is the daughter of Sue and Grover Halliburton. She started her sports writing career with the Dunn owned Opportunity Valley News, where she covered Little Cypress Mauriceville sports.)*****The Wednesday Lunch bunch dined at Delta Downs this week and will return to Heath’s Golden Corral next week.*****A report says President Geo. W. Bush hasn’t uttered the words “Osama bin Laden” in 144 days. That’s the guy he said in his “Axis of Evil” speech was our top priority, “Dead or Alive.” Now they are spinning that he’s not that important. (Editor’s note: It took another nine-plus years before President Obama located him and ordered his killing.)*****Ron Sigler’s Firehouse Package store will hold a grand opening on July 25.*****Buddy Rasberry is in the hospital on life support. We wish him the best. His wife passed away a couple of years ago.*****New car prices at Harmon Chevrolet are, 2002 Chevy Silverado,$14,539; 2002 Monte Carlo, $18,295; New Malibu, 4 dr., $13,995.*****Good folks celebrating birthdays are Jessie Brown and Rusty Nicks. (Editor’s note: Both of these great women have now left us.)

35 Years Ago-1977

The Fisherman’s Reef opens on I-10. It is located at the former Horm’s Restaurant site. Wayne Jones is the owner. This is the second Fisherman’s Reef Restaurant. The other is in Houston. Jones, of Vidor, also operates 14 other steak house and seafood places, including Catfish Kitchens, Inc.*****Public school stadium of Port Arthur draws 6,000 people for the Bob Hope/Doug Kershaw Benefit show for the Hughen School. The school will be built to aid the education of handicapped children. The school will be called the Bob Hope High School for the Handicapped. Forty thousand dollars was raised at the weekend event. Doug and Pam Kershaw were escorted over the weekend by Roy and Phyllis Dunn. Doug can be seen on ABC’s special July 25, the Dinah Shore special Aug. 1 and also 10 other shows before the year ends.*****A baby shower attended by both sexes was held for 53-year-old Gordon Baxter and wife Diane. Hosts were Bernard and Betty Em Giarratano, Jerry and Marla Sheffild and the Frank Garrets. By the way, Bax was fired again this week,  just before celebrating his 32nd year in radio.*****Marie’s Pizza is now open in Bridge City.*****Jimmy LaComb, of Bridge City, is now working for the new Consumer Beacon, a Dunn family owned weekly newspaper in Beaumont.*****Scott’s Planter, owned by Scott Hasty, is now open at 1922 Strickland.*****Mike Alexander and Larry Lee floated down the Sabine River from Toledo Bend to the Blue Bird Fish Camp in Orange. It was a dream come true for both of them. They left on Friday and arrived the following Thursday.*****Eddy Demler and Ken Hughes caught 24 bass, weighing two to three pounds. Eddy caught a six-pounder. They used frog colored Nip-I-Did-EE lures.

40 Years Ago-1972

Liz Wickersham, Miss Orange County 1972-73, makes an appearance at the fireworks display at MacArthur Shopping Center on July 4. In just 17 days, Liz will compete in the Miss Texas World Pageant at Bush Gardens in Houston. Liz won a scholarship at the D’Lynn School of Modeling in Houston. She starts next week.*****Orange County Democratic Chairman Pete Runnels and Liz and David Heard will be leaving this week for the Democratic convention. If Sen. George McGovern doesn’t get the nomination on the first ballot, bitter fighting is expected. Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder says it’s 10 to 1 McGovern will get the nomination and 3 to 1 that President Nixon will win in November.*****A new Impala, 4 dr. loaded at Harmon Chevrolet, Third and Green, will set you back $3,762. A Chevelle Sport Coupe sells for $2,697.*****Top country songs are “Happiest Girl in the U.S. A.” by Donna Fargo; “Eleven Roses” by Hank Williams Jr.; “That’s Why I Love You Like I do” by Sonny James; “I’ve Found Someone of My Own” by Cal Smith; “Sweet Dream Woman” by Waylon Jennings; Everyone is singing Neil Diamond’s “Song Sung Blue.”****Sharon Bearden was the guest speaker at the Twin City Little League crowning ceremony. Bearden also crowned the queens. The All Stars were recognized. Don Skidmore was carnation chairman, Mrs. Walter Guice and Mrs. Orey Viator were committee chairmen. The new name of the field will be Willey-Bingham, named in Leon Bingham’s honor. Queens are Melanie Plunkett, Cindy Hughes, Donna Prouse and Rene Williamson.*****West Orange-Cove lame duck Athletic Director Adolph Hryhorchuk is faced with an almost impossible task of finding a qualified football coach to replace Ted Gray with just four weeks left before two-a-day practice. Ted Gray was fired by the school board without even coaching a game. Gray was going to replace some assistant coaches and the school board fired him instead.


Cheryl Richard, Cynthia Chataignier, Don Fields, Harry Barclay, Kurt Moerbe, Marion Whittle, Matthew McKinney, Michael Hoke, Robin Thibodeaux, Dorothy Hagy, Melissa Martin, Paige Williams, Preston Wayne Sullivan, Amanda Stephson, Linda Fulton, Lee Cooper, Kenyettia Foster, Megan Stephson, Rebecca Toal, Summer Stephson, J.D. McReynolds, Zadie Chesson, Tina Lawrence, Amiel Leleux, Danika Dubose, Joel Bourdier, Von Broussard, Patricia Tamplim, Rocky DeCuir, Jeff Anderson, Keazie Cappel, Lois Dickey, Charlie Caples, Jeff Longlois, Paige Dohmann, Travis Estes, Albert Bates, Daniel Peet, Jim Reves, Linda Brinson, Ralph Rucker, Renee Newson, James Rucker, Judy Batchelor, Lee Harris and Madge Fontenot.


City councilperson, longtime educator Marcel’s little girl, Frank’s pretty wife and our friend, Theresa Beauchamp, had gall bladder surgery last week. She is home and doing well. She’s a go-getter, she won’t stay down long. Also, Sue Halliburton, who fell while at the doctors office and messed up her a knee, underwent surgery last week. She’s out of the hospital and doing as good as expected. She’s recovering at son Cleve’s home. Best wishes to these two nice ladies.****I understand Tony Fuselier had eye surgery on his good eye last week. Everything is better than he and Karen expected. They thought it might be cancer but thankfully it wasn’t. Now he can go back to counting money.*****On July 21, Second Baptist Church of Bridge City, will mark its 55th anniversary. I’m not aware if they have anything planned. Great folks belong to that congregation.*****Our friends, Mayor T.W. Permenter and his lovely wife Lyndia will celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary on Monday, July 23. Good health, happiness and many more.*****On July 21, 2009, our longtime friend Cal Broussard died. Cal would be 74 now. Time just moves on.*****If my memory serves me right, I’ve been blessed with a good one but lately I sometimes have doubts, anyway, I believe the Cormier twins Carlene and Darlene celebrate their birthdays this week.*****Other folks we know celebrating in the next few days. Butch Herman turns 86 on July 18. Hang in there Butch.***Don Fields also celebrates July 18.***Mike Hoke moves a year closer to retirement when he marks another birthday July 19.***Rebecca Toal celebrates July 20.***Von Broussard, our longtime recipe writer, celebrates her special day July 21.***Our buddy the Rev. Jeff Anderson is catching up to all of his old buddies. He’s a year older on july 22.***Please see birthday list.*****Judge Buddie Hahn reported for duty Monday, not in his court, he was answering the call to serve on a jury panel in Judge Courtney Akeen’s court. He shut his courtroom down and went to serve his duty. Well, he got scratched. Someone didn’t want him on the jury. I’d take him in a New York minute if I was innocent. He’s been at this game long enough that he knows when you’re thinking about telling a lie.*****We had a nice visit with Elaine Meyers, from the Horseman store. Always enjoy the visit when we have time to do so. I know of no one more on the go than Elaine. She’s scattered from Gonzales, LA. to Houston. We are indeed fortunate to have a large western store right here in Orange like the Horseman. They are loaded with the best in western wear. Go check them out.*****We also heard from our friend Terry Harvey, at Paw Paw’s, on 1442. He’s got a real special on Cajun boudain this week. Two pounds for $5. That will fill at least three Cajuns. While there, check out his great snow-cones. Always plenty syrup and lots of flavor.*****Ray Cotton, rancher and owner of the Longhorn club, was in town last week having lunch at Robert’s. He was greeted by a lot of friends. Ray’s got a special permit to cross the Sabine River. Ray is one of the few true characters left. It’s always a pleasure to visit with him.


On July 18, Nelson Mandela will be 94; Vin Diesel,45 James Brolin, 72 and Ryan Cabrera, 30.***Bodhi Elfman will be 43 on July 19 and Jared Padalecki, 30.***Carlos Santana will be 65 on July 20; Elliot Yamin, 34; and Judy Greer, 37.***Janet Reno will be 74 on July 21; Robin Williams, 60 and Josh Hartnett, 34.***Oscar De La Renta will be 80 on July 22; Danny Glover, 66; Don Henley, 65; David Spade, 48 and Selena Gomez, 20.***Woody Harrelson will be 51 on July 23; Monica Lewinsky, 39; Daniel Radcliffe, 23 and Slash, 47.***Lynda Carter will be 61 on July 24; Jennifer Lopez, 43; Barry Bonds, 48 and Anna Paquin, 30.



Dear Simple,

Just a word to let you know dat our cussin, Tee-Man Breaux, him, is in bad shape in da hospital. I went to see him and he’s a mess, him. Wat happened was dat Velma Trahan, da old maid, you know, wat live nex to cussin Ned. Anyway, her dishwasher it quit working, so she called cussin Tee-Man da repairman. Da only time he could go fix her dishwasher was in da morning. Velma said, “Dats okay, but I’ll be at work me. I’ll leave da key under da mat. Fix da washer, leave da bill, and I’ll mail da check me. By da way Tee-Man, don’t worry about my Doberman, he won’t bother you, but whatever ya da, do NOT under no circumstances, talk to my parrot.”

Wen Tee-Man arrive him, he discover da biggest, damm meanest looking Doberman he ever saw him, but like Vema said, dat big dog him, he jus lay dere. But da whole time Tee-Man was dere doing his work him, dat parrot drove him nuts wit his constant yelling, cussing and calling Tee-Man ugly names. Finally Tee-Man jus couldn’t contain himself no longer, and before he knowed it he done yelled, “Shut up, you stupid, ugly bird.”

Dat Parrot him, he turn his head to da right and den to da left and he say, “Get him spike?” Poo Tee-Man.

Me and Sugar-Bee took us a trip to Nashville wen we stop at one of dem rest stops. I went into da bashroom me. Da first stall it was taken so I go in da second stall me. I had jus sit down wen I hear a voice from da utta stall, “Hi dere, how is it going?”

Me, I’m not da type to strike up a conservation wit strangers in no restroom so I don’t know wat to say, finally I say, “Not bad.”

Den da voice say, “So wat you doing?”

I find dis weird me, but I say, “Well, I’m going back to Opelousas me.”

Den I hear da person, all teed off, say, “Look, I’ll call you back later me. Everytime I ax you a question, dis idiot in da nex stall he keeps answering me.”

Cuss, I’ll tell you, you meet every kind on da road. I’m glad to be home me.”

Well, I gotta go, tell Cox hello and Ms. Ginny happy birthday, and come see me, you.

Your cuss, Sostan



The Orange County Historical Commission will unveil a marker honoring Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown this coming Saturday, July 21, at 9 a.m. the ceremony will take place at Hollywood Community cemetery on Turret Rd. at Simmons Dr. The Orange native was a recording artist and Grammy award winner. The Beaumont Enterprise reported Monday that the unveiling was last Saturday. They were wrong, it’s this coming Saturday. Your attendance will be appreciated.*****Congrats to the Bridge City Little League 10-year-old All Stars who beat all comers to advance to the state tournament in Tyler July 21. Game a 6 p.m. *****Also our caps off to the OYBS Bronco All Stars who for the first time in 30 years head to Tampa, Florida to play in the Zone championship. That game will be played July 19-22. Bring back the bacon, make Orange County proud.*****Ms. Pearl has written a poem this week. I haven’t read it yet but I look forward to reading it.*****Please read us cover to cover, shop our family of advertisers and keep up to the minute on our web,*****Take care and God bless.