The Orange County Chapter for the American Red Cross recently held their annual banquet and saluted their volunteers.

An Honoree Award was given to Drake Blanchard by Berti Lokin. In addition, other awards were given to exceptional volunteers in other categories such as Health and Safety Volunteer to Kathy Crawley, Disaster Services Volunteer to Tina Wise, the New Volunteer of the Year goes to Brenda Wilson, the J.R. Aaron Award was given to Rocky Wilson, Board Volunteer of the Year was Sabrina Gray and Lynn Smith was named as the Volunteer of the Year.

Total was recognized for the Caring Award for Humanitarian Service for their generous support and humanitarian leadership to the ARC which makes it possible for the chapter continue to provide services and assistance when emergencies or disasters occur. Much gratitude is given to Total as ARC works to salute them for their

The Honoree Award was given to Drake Blanchard by Berti Lokin.

generosity in helping the ARC fulfill their mission.

During the event, new members or current members up for renewal such as Tommy Gunn, Kim Granger, Tim Schossow, Mike Powell, Larry David, Mike Snyder, Jim Larkin and Bruce Smith were all voted in.

Photo: New and renewed members voted in are: Tommy Gunn, Kim Granger, Tim Schossow and Mike Powell. Not pictured: Larry David, Mike Snyder, Jim Larkin and Bruce Smith.