Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between July 20, 21, 22 and the morning of July 23:

Miscellaneous incidents, 2202 Pacific

Ambulance Assist, 111 Pine/8th St.

Larceny from vehicle, 612 Morrell

Theft, other, 412 Morrell

Class A assault, 14th St./Walgreens

Warrant service, 3500 Edgar Brown Dr.

Miscellaneous incidents, 910 Cooper

Larceny from yard/land, 5616 Meeks

Damaged property, private, 3668 Hemlock

Warrant service, Strickland and Martin

Disorderly conduct, 811 Strickland

Burglary, forced entry, residence, 111 Pine

Found property, 1704 Main

Public service, other, 3300 19th St.

Public service, other, 1200 block Main

Warrant service, 3800 block 16th St.

Miscellaneous incidents, 1400 block Huntsman

Public service, other, 1297 Huntsman

Public service, other, 1040 S. Hwy. 87

Warrant service, MLK and Sikes

Warrant service, 1409 Sholars

Burglary, forced entry, non-residence, 2100 Dupont

Miscellaneous incidents, 1010 S. Hwy. 87

Public intoxication, IH-10 W.

Department activity, 4115 Meeks

Aggravated assault, non-family, weapon, 608 Strickland

Miscellaneous incidents, 1101 Green

Department activity, other, 4750 Meeks

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 7112 IH-10

Miscellaneous incidents, 1500 block Link

Warrant service, 1600 16th St.

Ambulance assist, 1703 16th St.

Warrant service, Link and Park

Damaged property, private, 1521 37th St.

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, 37th and Masonic

Warrant service, 1312 5th St.

Traffic accident, hit/run, vehicle damage, 16th and IH-10

Warrant service, 205 Border

Traffic accident, vehicle damage, Strickland and Camellia

Warrant service, FM 105, east of FM 408

Public intoxication, Simmons and Cypress

Public intoxication, 505 W. Park