I lived to see man land on the moon, now I have a shot to see man walk on Mars. They say it could happen before Obama leaves office in four years. Monday the Curiosity Rover successfully landed on Mars. The Rover carries laser cameras, a chemistry lab and more. NASA again has shown the world their capacity to be great. Scientist will unravel secrets of the red planet.*****Bad news greeted us on Sunday. Another Neo-Nazi domestic terrorist killed Sikh worshipers in an Oak Creek, Wisconsin temple. The shooter, Wade Michael Page, age 40, was shot and killed in an exchange with police. The FBI described  him as consumed with hate. Reports say there is an entire underworld of white supremacist music that the public has no idea of. The lyrics could not be printed in any newspaper. They are vile and call for the murder of Jews, all black people or anyone not white. Page was a guitarist, lyricist and singer for a series of bands. The Southern Poverty Law Center list 1,018 active hate groups in the U.S., 45 are in Texas and 27 in Louisiana. These are the people that shouldn’t be able to have assault weapons.*****Since I was a little guy, August has never been one of my favorite months. Dragging that big sack in those cotton fields back home in the heat of August was pure misery. Then in my teenage years came football two-a-days in August. I always looked forward to them until a week after they got started, then football season and school starting couldn’t come quick enough. Back then you weren’t allowed to drink water at practice, it would cause cramps they said. We were fed handfuls of salt tablets that really made us thirsty. The times have changed. Trainers see that regular water breaks are held and trainers are a lot more heat conscience, with regular breaks. I still feel for the youngsters out there today, doing two-a-days. I congratulate them. Hang in there football season is right around the corner and August will be history.*****I’d best get to work in this air conditioned office. Did you know air conditioning came to Orange exactly 100 years ago this August. Read all about how Carrier brought cool air to an Orange church, the first in the nation, in this issue.****Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


The best part of August every four years is the summer Olympics. If I was retired, I’d pack a lunch and spend all my time in front of the TV watching the games. Swimmer Michael Phelps set a record that will never be broken in my lifetime. He now has 22 medals, 18 gold. He has made his final splash. “I’m definitely done,” he said. The 27 year old gave us many thrills and plenty to be proud of. I won’t soon forget the name Usain Bolt, from Jamaica, who ran the 100-meter dash in 9.63 seconds. I’ll always remember the blade runner, double amputee, quarter-miler, Oscar Pistorius, who made history by competing in the Olympics. Also Kirani James, from Grenada, who won the 400-meter, the first ever for his country. How can anyone forget 17 your old swimmer Missy Franklin, or Sanya Richard Ross, who won the 400-meter. What about gymnast, little Gabby Douglas, who won the individual All-Around and is already on a Kellogg’s corn flakes box. Of course, Kobe Bryant, James, and our sure to win gold basketball team. There are way too many athletes to mention. I even like the uniforms on the lady beach volleyball players. The Olympics are a bright spot in August.


It’s a sad week as we say goodbye to some friends who left us. Todd Edgerly, 48, fought the good fight. What a great guy he was. Todd passed away Aug. 5. Services will be held Friday, Aug. 10, at 3 p.m. visitation will be Thursday evening from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. All services will be at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Bridge City. Our deepest sympathies to Gene and Judge Flo and their family. Flo, who was a justice of the peace held many inquest where she consoled family members but losing a child is the ultimate hurt. A lot of people loved Todd. His pain is now wiped away. He’s in comfort with his Lord. May he rest in peace.

Our sadness is also felt for the family of Kurt Rodrigue, 50, who died suddenly Saturday, Aug. 4. He was making plans to fish the OCARC Tournament when he was felled by a deadly heart attack. Services will be held Wednesday, Aug. 8, at St. Henry Catholic Church in Bridge City at 10 a.m. Our condolences go out to wife Andi, mother Annette, daughter Maci and the entire family. This is a double blow for the family, a few weeks ago Andi’s dad, J.R. Peveto died. May God be with you.

Frank Hryhorchuk, 80, was a man this writer had known over 50 years and also knew his siblings from Deweyville for many years. “Butch” died Aug. 1, at his home. Service was held Saturday, Aug. 4. at St. Henry Catholic Church. He and his wife of 56 years, Eva, had felt the hurt of losing three children, son Bryan, and daughters Mary Jane and Rose Marie. Our heartfelt sorrow goes out to Eva and her family. (Please see obituaries for all deaths.)


10 Years Ago-2002

Services were held Monday, Aug. 5, for Pete Ragusa, age 60, who died Aug. 2 at the V.A. Hospital in Houston. His wife Carolyn, family and friends will miss him.*****Service was held for Jim Bolding, 76, who died Sat. Aug. 3.*****If kicker Matt Bryant makes the New York Giant roster he will be the third player from a Bridge City football team drawing NFL money. Three pro players from one small school district, Shane Dronett, Jason Mathews and soon maybe Matt Bryant.*****Besides the FBI, CIA, IRS, INS, DEA and ATF, there is now FATASS, “Federal Air Transportation Airport Security Service.”*****New Bridge City High School athletic director and football coach, Claude Tarver, gathers his troops for two-a-days football practice which begins for all county schools except WO-S, who will start next week. School begins Sept. 3 for Bridge City students.*****The New York Giants defeated the Houston Texans 34-17 in “Hall of Fame” game. Bridge City’s Matt Bryant kicked for the Giants.*****OCARC annual fishing tournament draws 255 entries. The winning trout weighed near 7 pounds. The winning red, over 8 pounds, the top flounder 2.31 pounds, winning croaker, 2.19 pounds.*****David Myers of Bridge City graduates from U.T. Medical Center, in Dallas. Besides a medical degree he also earned his Ph.D. with cum laude. He is now taking his residency in internal medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He is the son of Larry and Lily Myers, of Bridge City. David and his wife Heather have a 7 month old son and live in Carrollton, near Dallas. Heather is now finishing her doctorate in Molecular Biology. (Editor’s note: That was 10 years ago. I wonder about their lives since. It would be interesting to know how many Bridge City grads went on to be doctors. I bet it’s more than normal for a small 3-A school.)

40 Years Ago-1972

Louvenia Hryhorchuk , after being appointed to fill the term of Ida Faye Arnold, who resigned as tax collector, appointed her staff. Lucy Sciarillo was named chief deputy; Rosemary Slaton was advanced to first deputy. Sciarillo is an eight-year employee. She and husband, James, reside at 408 campus with their two children. Slaton is also an eight year employee of the tax office. She and husband, B.D. Slaton, Jr., live at 2270 Granger Dr., in Bridge City. A majority of the office personnel had supported her and will remain. Only Jane Carmack submitted her resignation earlier. Hryhorchuk, a 21-year employee was elected over four other candidates in the Democratic primary and had no Republican challenger. Commissioners Court then appointed her to fill the term..*****Liz Wickersham comes in second in the Miss Texas World title in San Antonio. She was also named Miss Photogenic. (Editor’s note: Liz later won the Miss Georgia in the Miss America pageant and competed in the Miss USA pageant, placing third and was named Miss Photogenic in that pageant also.)******Judge Grover Halliburton is in Hawaii touring the beautiful Pacific island.*****According to Roy Wingate, his brother Cecil volunteered to be county campaign manager for presidential hopeful George McGovern after he learned McGovern would give $1,000 for each child when he becomes president. Cecil said “$17,000 ain’t hay; it’s good pay.”****Dexter Bassenger, head football coach at Stark high, announced coaching assignments for the years 1972-1973. Varsity assignments went to Bill Real, Cliff Larson and Wade Phillips. (Editor’s note: Today Wade is the highest paid defensive coordinator in the NFL). Other assistants were Curly Hallman, Norman Miksch and Billy Brown. Named ninth grade head coach was J.B. Bearden, assisted by Mike Rhodriquez and Art Pettit. LeRoy Breedlove was named head coach of eighth grade, assisted by Tom Havens; Hattie Mae Wood named coach of girls varsity volleyball team. Pittit named coach of the baseball team; Larson, track team; Phillips golf team; Mikch tennis team; and athletic trainer is Larry Didliker.


O.C. Gunstream, Nathan Parish, Darlene Dearing, Dwight Thacker, Katie Allen, Fred Brent, Jim Finklea, Billie Carter, Clarice Miller, Dennis Powell, Cody LaRose, Doug Richey, Paige White, Jada Montagne, Edie Anthony, Ken Hartley, Joe Allen, Joe Parkhurst, Leslie Smith, Max Powell, Timmy Bryd, Bill Loyd, Bill Smith, Bree Anne Collins, Louise Kent, Susan Eby, Olivia Satir, Morgan Taylor, Rene Danna, Deborah Bayliss, Jared Sleeman, Jennifer Babin, Chris Bailey, Hal Brown, Ricky Manuel, Melissa Cox, Ken Phelps, Lyn Goodwin, Monty Eshbach, Wade Estes, Terry Walles, Aaron MacCammond, Ada Bridges, Andrew Glover, Diane Justice, Jerry Windham, Kevin Berry, Lindsey Schaffer, Myrtle Singletary, Bill Triggs, Britanie Long, Charlotte Conn and Christina Myers.


Our friend Corey’s mother, county treasurer Christy Khoury, has the job of figuring the longevity of the county employees each year. In her latest report, Judge Pat Clark is still the king, with Karl Stanbrough, road and bridge foreman, just a step behind Clark. Coming in a close third is our county clerk, Karen Jo Vance. Come January, with the retirement of Judge Pat, Karl will take over number one slot. He hired in April 21, 1975. Now there’s a great group of folks.*****Brandy Robertson, county clerk deputy, was thrilled when she returned from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Her husband, coach Roderick Robertson’s baseball team, the GT Demolition 13 U Major League team, captured the Triple Crown Division I Championship.

*****A few special folks we know who are celebrating their special day. I’ll start off with right-hander coach Dwight Thacker, who always has a bag full of stories to tell. There is no doubt he’s the greatest one-armed athletic to ever come out of these parts. Happy birthday to everybody’s friend on Aug. 8.***Another great guy, good Christian and excellent Judge Dennis Powell puts another notch on the old tree of life Aug. 9.***Next Judge Joe Parkhurst, our buddy and just a good fellow, the once skinny baseball player from the Cove, who played at Bridge City and Sam Houston, turned educator, then justice of the peace and now city administrator in Pinehurst. Believe it or not Joe turns 70 on Aug. 10. We extend our best wishes for a long, healthy and happy life.***Also celebrating on Aug. 10, is our friend Bill Smith.*****Longtime friend, a true baseball guy, who has deep connections with many sports, uncle of four great athletes and his pride and joy, son Chad, is B.C. high baseball coach. Happy birthday to Clint Landry, who just happens to be coach Sam Moore’s cousin. They frequently debate who has the greatest baseball knowledge. Clint celebrates Aug. 13.***celebrating on Aug. 14 is Jerry Windham, Lindsey Schaffer, Bill Triggs and Charlotte Conn.***I’m not sure of the date but other friends celebrating this week is Mary Bryant, Cupal Morgan, Doug Ballard and Jami Jackson. Happy birthday to all.*****Now then, friends James Fontenot, from Washington, La.,  and the cutest gal I knew in Orange during our youth, Janet, are celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary Aug. 13. The former DuPonter and his bride, the former Shoe Castle owner, now live near Austin at Georgetown.*****Also this week the First Baptist Church of Orangefield turns 90 years old. Many a good folk has gone through that church over the years and many are still there.*****Who stole the microwave from Judge Pat’s office? Just as Sheriff Keith Merritt started his investigation, Judge Pat fessed up that his microwave at home had broken and not wanting to be without one over the weekend, took the office “Micro” home. From what I hear from workers at the court house it will take an act of congress before Ms. Rosalie can get a new one from the old tight wad.*****Here’s something that puzzles me. After Sen. John McCain passed on Mitt Romney after seeing 23 years of Mitt’s tax returns, he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate figuring she would be a better president if something happened to him. Why doesn’t McCain now say, “I saw Romney’s tax returns and there is nothing unusual about them. All anyone can guess is for Mitt to take all this heat there must be something awfully devastating in his returns. Usually, where there is smoke, there’s fire. The American people will never hire Romney as Commander-In-Chief unless he releases those returns and proves Harry Reid wrong. We already know Mitt has a $100 million IRA. Now there’s a good trick.*****Now here’s a good deal. Bruce Self and the gang at Burgertown, on Hwy. 1442 at Hwy. 105, has their great Pizza Burgers on sale this week for only $1.99. Save $2. Feed the office staff for only $10. While in the area drop in next door at Paw-Paw’s and get one of those delicious snow cones.*****Ed Schultz, 58, host of “The Ed Show” on MSNBC, is back on his show as of Monday evening. He had been off caring for his wife who has ovarian cancer. Ed, a native of Virginia, was an All American quarterback at Minnesota State U. Moorehead and a sports writer for over 20 years.*****Judge Joe Parkhurst, Pinehurst administrator, recommended that I try the new “Fuzzys Taco Shop” in his city. It’s Baja style Mexican food. The new establishment is owned by Greg and Gaylene Lee and their partners. Greg, for many years, has operated Sonic Restaurant. Parkhurst said the food was different and I’d love it, so this week, I’ll give them a try. Why don’t you join me.*****So far in the presidential race over $350 million has been spent. Forty-seven people contributed over 40 percent of all money collected by super paces. People who live in Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida, the swing states, will get the bulk of advertising. Texas won’t be in the mix. It won’t matter how we vote, those states control the election.



Drew Lachey will be 36 on Aug. 8; Dustin Hoffman, 75; Roger Federer, 31 and JC Chasez, 36.***Melanie Griffith will be 55 on Aug. 9 Sam Elliott, 68 and Eric Bana, 44.***Hulk Hogan will be 59 on Aug. 11; Will Friedle, 36 and Justin Theroux, 41.***Pete Sampras will be 41 on Aug. 12; Casey Affleck, 37 and Bruce Greenwood, 56.***Danny Bonaduce will be 53 on Aug. 13.***Steve Martin will be 67 on Aug. 14; Halle Berry 46; Mila Kunis, 29; Magic Johnson, 53 and Danielle Steel, 65.



A Letter From Sostan

Dear Simple,

Just a few words to let you know wats going on in Sout’ Lousana. Tee-Boy, him, is now wearing an earring. Jim Comeaux, who know Tee-Boy is normally a conservative fellow, ax him why his sudden change in fashion him? “Don’t make such a big deal out of it Joe, it’s only an earring,” Tee-Boy say. Joe insist, “No really Tee-Boy, how long you been wearing dat in you ear?” Tee-Boy say, “If you got to know Joe, since my wife Clotele found it in our bed.”

We got a letter from our daughter, da teacher. She said she got a note from a parent wat said, “Please excuse Calvin from Spanish class. His troat is so sore he can hardly speak English him.”

You remember Coo-Coo Doucet? Well, when he showed up at da bar he had been on a drunk and bot his ears had blisters on dem. I ax, “Wat happen to you ears Coo-Coo?” He say he was busy ironing him a shirt to go to da dance wen da phone rang and he mistakenly put da iron to his ear instead of da receiver.” Wat bout you utta ear,?” I axe. Coo-Coo say, “You know dat fool called me again.”

Sugar Bee is still active in da church her. She came home upset da utter day. Da finance committee refused to provide funds for a chandelier. “Why,” I ax her. “Because dey say non of our members know how to play one.” At sugar Bee’s church wen da preacher say, “I’d like to ax Thibodeaux to take up da offering,” five mens and two womens stand up. In da congregation of 150 members, dere are only eight last names in da church directory, Thibodeaux, Fontonot, Comeaux, Premeaux, Arseneaux and Breaux. Da choir robes were donated by Tee Man and embroidered it da logo. “Tee-Man’s Gumbo House.” Da collection plates are really hubcaps from a ‘56 Chevy. Wen Agnes plays da high notes on da organ, all da dogs on da floor go to howling dem. Sugar Bee wants me to help wit a special fundraiser for a new church septic tank. 

Come see me you,

Your cuzz,



Congratulations to First Presbyterian Church on their 100th anniversary. The country’s first air conditioned public building right here in downtown Orange.*****Our friend, Jesse Domingue stopped by for a short visit. It’s always good to see him. I’ve always enjoyed Jesse’s music. The native of Scott, La., still plays for special occasions and private parties. Give him a call, he lives in Bridge City.*****We learned last week how many of you really enjoy our newspapers. The press broke down and we were 12 hours late. Our phones rang off the wall and many people came by. Stores and drop stops called and said their customers were upset because there were no Records on the rack. Hopefully we will be on time this week. Thanks for your time. I’m getting too old for all of this. Take care and God bless.