An Orange man was the victim of an attempted robbery Monday evening when he stopped at the Pilot Truck Stop in the 2200 block of Hwy. 62 in Orange. The man told Officer Corey Foreman that he stopped at the truck stop at about 11:00 pm to get fuel in his Freightliner truck. When the victim went inside to get his fuel receipt, he thought both doors were locked on his truck. He said that apparently the passenger door on the truck was left unlocked and when he returned to the truck, a man was sitting in the passenger seat.

The man was wearing a brown mask and a long sleeved shirt, so the victim could not identify anything about him. The man was holding a gun, and pointed it at the victim. The suspect told the victim to stay in the vehicle and drive.

The victim stated that he drove his truck Southbound on Hwy. 62. While he was driving, the suspect asked him if he had any money. The victim told the man he didn’t have any.

As the victim approached the area of Hoo Hoo Rd., he began to slow his truck and move toward the shoulder of the road. When he reached a slow enough speed, he applied the emergency brake and exited the truck.

The victim said he began to run North on Hwy. 62 and did not look back. He then called 911 to report the incident to police. He stated he didn’t see which way the suspect went with his truck, and he was not injured in the attempted robbery.

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