Tuesday morning at approximately 2:33 am. Officer Eric Ellison with the Orange Police Dept., heard the Orange Fire Department being dispatched to the 600 block of Decatur Ave., to the Kingston Apartments. Upon arrival to the complex, Officer Ellison observed the visible strobes and an audible fire alarm to be activated. The address, which is a two-story apartment complex, is occupied by several tenants and is owned by ITEX Properties.

Several subjects were observed to be standing in their doorways on the bottom and upper floors of the complex. Upon inspection of the building, Officer Ellison could see and hear water pouring rushing from a downstairs apartment. OFD was advised that the sprinkler system in the apartment has been activated, and smoke was visible inside the apartment.

Officer Ellison made contact with a black man at the front door of the apartment, who he knew on sight as 23 year old Clyde Maiden. Maiden was wearing only shorts and was soaked in water. Maiden voluntarily stated that he had intentionally set the apartment on fire.

Maiden further indicated that he set his bed mattress n fire in an attempt to burn down his house. By Maiden’s own admission, he was reckless in starting a fire that endangered the lives of several other tenants in the complex. Maiden did not know why he tried to burn down the apartment.

Maiden was taken into custody for the offense of arson and was transported to the Orange County Jail.

Nobody was injured in the fire.