An Orange man was arrested Tuesday, Aug. 14, after police responded to a call about a possible burglary in the 2200 block of Pacific. Officer Michael Roush was the first officer on the scene, and stopped a black male carrying property from 2206 Pacific.

The suspect was identified as 23 year old Michael Dwayne Jordan. Jordan was seen by officers holding clothing and other items in his arms while talking with police. Jordan was asked if he had any weapons on his person, to which he advised he did not.

When Officer Logan began the pat down, which Jordan consented to, there was the sound piplls rattling in Jordan’s pocket. Jordan advised that he had medication on his person. The label on the pill bottle Jordan was carrying had another person’s name on it.

Jordan told police he did not know who the medication bottle belonged to. At this time, Jordan was placed into custody for possession of a dangerous drug. Upon speaking with Jordan, he told police that he had entered the residence without consent and removed property, including the pills. Jordan further stated that he did not know who lived at the residence.

Police contacted the owner of the property, which is a rental house. The property owner stated that the pills Jordan had on his person belonged to one of the tenants at this address.

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