The re-scheduled Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo is set for Friday and Saturday at the arena on Hwy. 105. If the weather cooperates many cowboys are set to perform. We’re told you can expect some great rodeo stock with some mean bulls. Several champion cowboys are coming to Orange to show their skills. The rodeo is fun for the whole family. It’s a Texas tradition and a yearly event right here in Orange County, where the west begins. A lot of events and many spills can be expected.*****It’s that time again. Every four years the national political parties hold their conventions. The first this year is the Republican party, starting Monday, Aug. 27 through Aug. 30. The event will be held at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. The RNC has announced many speakers. Some are surprising, others are expected. Surprising to some is that Gov. Jeb Bush, the most popular Republican in Florida was not invited to speak. Neither was his brother, President George W. Bush, who said he would not attend. After their conventions, political parties usually get a four to six percentage boost in their ratings. I don’t look for that big a boost from the GOP convention. Polls show only six percent in swing states are undecided. Texas is not in play so we won’t be in on the massive advertising campaigns. In fact, we will barely know that a presidential election is in progress. It’s like sitting in the nose bleed section of the stadium, we are so far away from the game that they can’t hear us cheer are boo. Our vote won’t make or break either candidate, but over the next 75 days, there will be one heck of a war going on elsewhere*****I’ve gotta get to work. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


Federal health officials said last week that all baby boomers born between 1945 and 1965 should be screened for Hepatitis C. a potentially deadly virus that can lead to liver failure. About 75 percent of the 3.2 million Americans infected belong to that generation. Hepatitis C can remain undetected for decades, silently damaging a patients liver. Alcohol and certain medications can hasten the damage. It’s critical for patients to know if they carry the virus. The sooner they know, the sooner they can protect their life and liver. Deaths increased 50 percent from 7,948 to 15,768 in eight years. The Center for Disease Control predicts that new testing recommendations will identify 800,000 new cases and prevent more than 100,000 deaths. The latest therapies include oral medications and weekly shots, with an 80 percent success rate. Screening and test for antibodies is relatively cheap and covered by most insurance plans. Baby Boomers were not aware of the danger of sharing needles, blood transfusions, at home tattoos and lifestyle dangers leading to Hepatitis C later in life. Everyone is urged to get tested.


Some things you may not know about Con. Paul Ryan. Ryan led the effort in congress to invade Iraq. Then in 2005-06, he led George Bush’s failed effort in the congress to privatize Social Security. Very important to women, Ryan voted against the Lilly Ledbetter “Fair Play” bill,  Equal Pay for Equal Work. He voted against repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Ryan voted against planned parenthood funding that has traditionally enjoyed broad, bipartisan support. He voted against marriage equality. He condemned the Obama policy expanding access to contraception. Ryan is a longtime supporter of Ayn Rand, who died in 1982, and is a follower of her writings and insisted staff workers read her writings. She was a Russian atheist who promoted a philosophy of “rational self interest.” Ryan and Eric Canter, darlings of the Tea Party, have held speaker John Boehner hostage, failing to move any bills forward, voting against the “Jobs” bill and offered no alternative. Saturday’s Gallup Poll released a poll showing approval of congress is just 10 percent, 90 percent of Americans disapprove. Ryan is a leader in that congress. He is the author of the controversial Ryan Budget that puts Medicare on vouchers and privatizes it. He was chosen as Mitt Romney’s running mate. He’s from a small Wisconsin district and had considered running for United States Senate but polls showed he couldn’t win. He has no foreign policy experience. He was a Hail Mary pick from a group of more experienced, middle of the road candidate. Mitt threw the ball to the “Extreme Right.


We were sorry to learn of the sudden death of Mark Guidry, 44, who died in his sleep of cardiac arrest  on Aug. 16, 2012. A Bridge City native, Mark was living in Vidor at the time of his death. He was a very accommodating young man who was always ready to help a friend or anyone in need. He loved the sea and shrimping was his life. He was a likable little Cajun who left us way too young. Our deepest sympathies to his daughter Stephanie, mother Mary Lou Guidry, brother Ronnie, sisters Darlene and Jennifer and their families. May he rest in peace. Please see obit.*****We were also saddened to learn of the unexpected death of Richard Estes, 55, who died Aug. 15. Services were held Aug. 19. Our condolences to wife Terri, children Travis, Kristen, Todd and Wade and to the entire family. Please see obit.


10 Years Ago-2012

State representative candidates, Mike Hamilton and Paul Clayton, say they would support a second County Court-at-Law if elected. Hamilton said he would do so only if Commissioners Court asked him to. (Editor’s note: Hamilton was elected and did introduce the bill and the Court was created. The backlog is diminished. Now there are questions if the Court is still needed.)*****Local unemployment rises to third lowest in state. The Rio Grande Valley, was first and second in unemployment and the Golden Triangle third with unemployment at 8.9 percent. The Bryan-College Station area had the lowest with 2.2 percent. Nationwide, unemployment is 4.7 percent. (Editor’s note: I don’t ever recall unemployment in Orange County being under 7.5 percent since World War II.)*****Pat Marshall, who lives in Pinehurst with wife Wanda,  has been the Bridge City Roundbunch/Cow Bayou bridge keeper for four years. A plaque was placed there when it was bought from Ohio in 1960. Before the present bridge, a turnable bridge served the crossing.*****The Mid-County 16 year olds, coached by former West Orange Chief Clint Landry, will play in the Babe Ruth World Series championship. That says a lot about our little part of Texas and also a lot about Clint’s coaching. He is a cousin of Bridge City Coach Sam Moore. Also his son Chad is an all state baseball player from Nederland. (Editor’s note: Clint’s son is now head coach at Bridge City and Clint is still with Met-Life.)*****H.D. Pate served as a pallbearer for his old college football Coach “Chena” Gilstrap.*****Corbin Deon Burnet would have been 11 years old on Aug. 22 but God called him home on Aug. 13, 2002. A week before his passing away he was visited and pictured with Astro’s Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio. (Editor’s note; It’s hard for me to believe that was 10 years ago. Today, on Aug. 22, Corbin would be 21 years old. He was a brave little guy who fought to the last breath.*****The Bridge City Cards football team has names like Jamey Knight, Matt Peebles, Michael Gauthier and Lance Fitts, just to mention a few for now.

35 Years Ago-1977

Louis and Beth Dugas host monthly dinner club group. A special Italian concoction was served. The group then took in authentic Mexican food in Port Arthur, including Mexican beer with lime.  They then dropped in to visit Debbie Harmon at her Port Arthur doll house.*****Bill and Martha Hughes have just returned from a two week vacation in Kentucky Lake, Tenn. They met up with the Lee Nelsons and Walter Cobbs, who came down from Yankee country.***** D.J.’s Auto Sales, owned by Don Jones, at 1002 Simmons, is open for business..*****Janet Fontenot appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission.*****Bill Fort, manager of KOGT, moves family, his wife and three boys, 15 year-old twins and a 16-year-old, from Oklahoma.  According to the boys it’s like arriving in Paradise with all the water skiing, boating, fishing and crabbing.*****State Rep. Wayne Peveto listed as one of the 10 most effective legislators by the Standard Times. He previously was named Best by Texas Monthly.*****Don and Bobbie Burgess celebrated their wedding anniversary. They have one child, another on the way.*****The dedication of three parks takes place Aug. 23 and 24. Lake Livingston State Recreation, Martin Dies State Park and Sea Rim State Park.*****Craig Corder, 7-year-old fisherman, catches first bass, a 2-pounder. He caught it at breakfast time on Rebel Poppers with Bucktail. He and dad, Richard, caught six more bass after they discovered what bass like for breakfast.*****Charlie’s Furniture Warehouse, at 811 DuPont Dr., is having a big sale.*****Mrs. J.W. ‘Shorty” Taylor has put the Bottle House Liquor Store, 1409 Second St., up for sale. The business was established by Clay Dunn 25 years ago and has been in continuous operation at the same location as Orange’s leading neighborhood package store.*****The mouth of KLVI, writer, teller of tales and admirer of beautiful women, Bill Clark, adds another notch on his birthday stick on Aug. 22.*****Lillian and Butch Ibach are in Dunn, N.C., on vacation.*****On Aug. 19, Mr. and Mrs. Scriv Simmons celebrated 52 wedded years. They married in a house on the corner of Ninth and Sholars in 1925. They are the parents of the Rev. Bob Simmons, Melba Crew and Donnell Simmons.


Bill Clark, Meri Ellen Jacobs, Mike Johnson, Evelyn Hughes, Brian Sheppard, Connie Forse, Jason Delano, Corey May, Mae Rollins, Michele George, Pat Gunter, Ron Hopperton, John-David Walles, Ryan Moreau, Zach Jeter, Ben Ezell, Angie Caples, Lynda Rector, Carol Cupe, Debbie Adaway, Amber Juneau, Donnie Couthran, Ricky Sheppard, Dot Hudson, Glynis Gothia, Ken Kreger, Milton Briggs Jr., Ron Cowling, Scott Deppe, Shanley Hubbard, Trevor Schaffer, Johnathan Aldridge, Michael Philen, Phelecia Rucker, Bree Fontenot, Jerry Mercer, Molly Abshire, Sheryl Guillory, Sydney Eby, David Green, Frank Beauchamp, Jaycie Dardeau, Nina Birdwell, Charlie Broussard, Blayne Richey, Blayke Richey, Randy Elkins, Sierra Hutchison, Debbie Stark, Theresa Wilson, Angie Jones, Barbi Childress, Bobbie Brown and Dempsey Deason.


The City of Pinehurst is again sponsoring the Senior Citizens Labor Day Picnic. The elderly enjoy and look forward to this event each year. Mayor Pete Runnels says they are running short of donations and need about $2,000. Any donation for this worthy event would be appreciated. Contact administrator Joe Parkhurst or Debbie Cormier at 886-3873. Whatever amount you can give will be appreciated.*****Judge Keith Giblin, a federal magistrate judge for the Eastern District of Texas in Beaumont, will become the new bi-vocational priest at St. Paul‘s Episcopal Church. His wife Joyce is also active in the church.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day. Our friend and Record supporter, Meri Ellen Jacobs, marks another milestone Aug. 22.***Also having a birthday on Aug. 22 is our longtime friend Evelyn Hughes and Mike Johnson.***Aug. 22, 1950, was a special day for the world. That‘s when the baby Johnny Montagne arrived. Over those 62 years, Johnny left a trail of stories repeated somewhere almost every day. Most of all I know he has a big heart. He’s just been short of fish lately, that‘s the only reason we haven‘t received any. Happy birthday buddy, may your hook always have a fish.****Keble Free, Skipper’s oldest, celebrates on Aug. 23.***Our buddy Marlene Merritt marks her birthday Aug. 24.***A real sweetheart, Dot Hudson, who we think about often, celebrates on Aug. 25.***Also celebrating on Aug. 25, the old Coach Dan Ray Hooks, David Montange, Milton Briggs, Jr., and Ron Cowling.***A special young lady, former Bridge City track star, Bree Fontenot, who is on scholarship at the University of Louisianan Lafayette, celebrates on Aug. 25.***Come Aug. 26, it will be a special day for a special lady and friend. Happy birthday to Donna Scales.***Frank Beauchamp marks another birthday Aug. 27. A great gift would be for wife, councilperson Tressa, to have continued health improvement.***Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Brenda Blohm, will celebrate her birthday Aug. 27. She has just been given the promotion of “Chief“ in that department. Congrats for both.***Barbara “Barbi” Childress celebrates Aug. 28. We miss her and would like to hear from her.*****Tuesday, Aug. 21, Judge Carl and Michaela celebrate 47 years of wedded bliss. What a saint “Mike” is.*****This week, Jerry and Loretta Hughes celebrate 35 years in business and also their 55th wedding anniversary. We congratulate them on both. We wish them continued business success, good health and a long happy life.*****Kathy and Jim Edgerton welcomed their grandson, Fisher Seago, on Aug. 8. The proud parents are Ashley and Jerrod Seago. Kathy and Jerrod are both employed by the Orange County Sheriff’s office.*****Best wishes to Marguerite Force, who is having tests run in Houston. The latest we hear, the results aren’t good. Our prayers are with her.*****Dorothy Harmon was admitted to the hospital over the weekend. Our prayers are with her also.*****Katherine Frey had knee surgery last week. We understand she is doing quite well.*****The Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and Navrozsky’s next week. All are welcome.*****Texas Republican Congressman, Francisco “Quico” Canseco, while on five weeks vacation, was involved in two security line scrimmages at the San Antonio Airport. The police labeled the congressman an “unruly passenger.”*****Old Ironsides sails again. On Sunday in Boston Harbor, the USS Constitution, the Navy’s oldest commissioned warship, held a commemorate of its victory over a British warship during the War of 1812. The old ship once came to Orange and many area citizens boarded her. One student who visited throughout the ship was grade school student Pearl Myers Burgess, who turns 92 in October. My guess is that must have been around 1930.*****Missouri congressman Todd Akin, Tea Party candidate for U.S. Senator against Claire McCaskill, told an interviewer “A woman’s body has ways to prevent pregnancy during rape and that such pregnancies are really rare.” “If it’s a legitimate rape the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down,” Akin said. He went on to say, “Punishment for rape should be focused on the rapist and not attacking the child.” He doesn’t support abortion for women who have been raped. It seems to me he doesn’t have much respect for women either. Republican leaders have tried to force him out of the race but he claims he‘s in line with the GOP platform. He and Paul Ryan cosponsored an abortion bill which includes the words “forceable rape.”*****Comedian Phyllis Diller dies at age 95. For 50 years she spread her brand of comedy, mostly making fun of herself. “I don’t like to cook, I can make a TV dinner taste like radio,” she said. “I put on a peek-a-boo blouse, and Fang (her husband) took a peek and booed.” She died in her sleep at home on Monday, Aug. 20.*****It’s the congress stupid. Have you heard about the 20 congressmen visiting Israel along with their leader, Eric Canter. Well, after getting plum drunk, they jumped in the holy site for Christians, the Sea of Galilee. Most had their clothes on but Tea Party freshman, congressman Kevin Yoder, 36, went swimming naked. Cantor did not go for the swim but watched his troops do so.

Celebrity Birthdays 

Tori Amos turns 49 on Aug. 22. Also sharing that day is Howie D, 39. *** Sharing an Aug. 23 birthday is Rick Springfield, 63; Shelley Long, 63; Scott Caan, 36; and Kobe Bryant, 34.*** Cal Ripken Jr. turns 52 Friday, Aug. 24; Craig Kilborn turns 50; Reggie Miller, 47; Dave Chappelle, 39; and Rupert Grint, 24.*** Sean Connery turns 82, Aug.25; Regis Philbin, 79; Gene Simmons, 63; Elvis Costello, 58; Tim Burton 54; Billy Ray Cyrus, 51; Rachael Ray, 44; Claudia Schiffer, 42; and  Jo Dee Messina, 40. *** Chris Pine, 32 and Macaulay Culkin, 32 share their birthday on Aug. 26. *** Chandra Wilson turns 43 on Aug. 27. *** Olympic skater Scott Hamilton turns 54 Aug. 28. Also sharing that birthday are Shania Twain, 47; Billy Boyd, 44; Jack Black, 43; Jason Priestley, 43; and LeAnn Rimes, 30.


Clovis Fontenot woke up one morning last week after he crashed a party not feeling so good, him. Clovis somehow managed to get up and get himself dressed. Dats wen he discovered his wallet, with all his pay check money in it was missing. Boy, he was worry him, so he had to tell his wife, Agnes, dat he tinks he left his wallet behind at da party. One ting though, he can’t remember where da party was held. He didn’t know da people, and he was too drunk. All Clovis remember is dat da house must have been one of dem rich people houses because dey had a gold plated toilet.

Agnes offers to drive him around in hopes he might recognize da house. Agnes drove up and down all over. Finally Clovis points to a very grand house wat is owned by Lester Winford, da rich trucking company owner.

Clovis and his wife, Agnes, ring da door bell. A well-to-do lady answers da door. Clovis ax if a party was held at dat house last night. His wife, Agnes, explain da lost wallet situation and says the only ting her husband can remember is dat da house had a gold plated toilet.

Wen da lady of da house hear dat, she turns around and shouts up da marble staircase, “Hey Lester, I tink I found da guy wat crapped in your trombone.


Judge Don and Bobbie Burgess were packing the boxes and loading the moving trucks Tuesday. They are moving southwest of Austin, towards Dripping Springs, where they bought a home. Bobbie, a Dean at Lamar Orange, is retiring. A going away party is planned at Lamar next week. Bobbie is a native of Orange, Don came to Orange as a young attorney in the mid-1960’s. He worked in the DA’s office, was in private practice with H.D. Pate, served as District Judge and as a member of the Applet Court. We first met Don many years ago, it seems like only yesterday. We’ve known Bobbie since she was a puppy and were friends of her late parents, the Joe Grossmans. I’ll never forget the sight of Don with a big, red beard and with a bigger, much bigger cowboy hat. His story is a true success story. We wish he and Bobbie happiness, good health, a successful retirement and also a happy anniversary. It’s been great to have crossed paths. Hopefully they will cross again.*****Well, my time is up. Thanks for yours and your loyalty. We’ve been together many years. The GOP convention will be about done when we get together again next week. It will be a Republican love fest and how sorry Obama is and how great Mitt and his boy is. The question they should ask is if the country is better off today than it was four years ago? Jobs were being lost at the rate of 750,000 a month, the country was in a great recession, facing a depression if the auto industry went bankrupt. The U.S. was fighting two wars and Bin Laden was planning more U.S. attacks and eight million jobs had been lost. Over half have been recovered despite a do nothing congress. Meanwhile the GOP watches the sky to see if Hurricane Isaac is coming to Tampa. Well, I’ve got to go but I’ll watch some of that one-sided show. Take care and God bless.