Officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls between Aug. 15, and Aug. 21:

Aug. 15:

Pursuit/arrest, possession marijuana, 170 Walden Rd., Vidor

Death investigation, 2705 Marion St., Vidor

Disturbance/Family violence, 4988 Caribou Dr., Orange

Aug. 16:

Disturbance, warrant arrest, 9813 FM 105, Orange

Weapons violation, brass knuckles, 527 S. Hwy. 87 Orange

Found property, 205 Border St., Orange

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, motorcycle, 180 Hwy. 1131, Vidor

Aug. 17:

Assault, 4486 N. Easy St., Vidor

Criminal mischief, 655 Cherry Rd., Vidor

Theft, McNealy St., Vidor

Theft, 635 texla Rd., Vidor

Burglary of habitation, 1065 Terry Rd., Vidor

Runaway, 9250 West Bend, Orange

Assault, 1330 Rickey St., Vidor

Narcotics incident, Neches River Bridge, Rose City

Aug. 18:

Traffic, FM 1132/Hwy. 12

Burglary of habitation, 7590 N. Hwy. 87/Bear Car Wash, Orange

Theft, 6159 FM 1136, Orange

Assault, 1490 Deer Park Dr., Vidor

Death investigation, 110

Claire Rd., Vidor

Aug. 19:

Burglary of motor vehicle, 4520 Meadowbrook St., Vidor

Assault, 9788 FM 105/Orangefield Baptist Church, Orange

Vehicle registration request/expired registration, Old Hwy. 90 near FM 1132

Death investigation, 1480 Nassau Dr., Vidor

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, Motor Vehicle office, Mauriceville

Aug. 20:

Cruelty to animal, 2515 Joe Ln., Orange

Missing person, 205 Border St., Orange

Burglary of building, 3560 Hwy. 1131, Vidor

Assault, 5882 Hidden Meadows Dr., Orange

Theft, 3875 E. Railroad St., Vidor

Civil case, 5285 Caribou Dr., Orange

Death investigation, 860 West Circle, Vidor

Assault, 6230 Rebel, Vidor

Theft, 7705 Hwy. 12, Vidor

Information, Monroe St., Vidor

Aug. 21:

Burglary of habitation, 2290 Linda St., Orange

Death investigation, 3045 Myrtle St., Vidor

Assault, 5795 Ashland Dr., Orange

Traffic, Hwy. 62 at Caribou, Orange