People searching for the opportunity to make their mark on history while having a marvelous time, now have the chance to set a Guinness World Record.

Mike Langley, owner of Jenesis Events, is planning an epic event for February 23, 2013 and it will be right here in Orange.  In April 2011, Jenesis Events held the WWIII.5 Adventure Mud Race with numerous fun and challenging obstacles in Orange. They have since held two more mud races in Winnie.

It was their last such event which had participants bouncing on Space Hoppers for a short distance at the beginning of the race and inspired the world record attempt.

“We knew it was a novel idea, but we were unprepared for the amazing response,” said Jenny Langley, Jenesis co-owner and wife of Mike Langley. “Participants loved the bouncing balls!”

As a result, an idea was born and a chance for other people to take part in not only one world record-breaking attempt, but two.

“We strive to bring original, extraordinary events to the area,” Mike Langley said. “We wanted to do something unique, and give the community an event they could take pride in.”

According to Mike Langley, one of the records they will attempt to break is for the most people simultaneously bouncing on Space Hoppers for 60 seconds. This record was initially set in Dublin, Ireland in 2010. The Irish record had 1,505 participants. However, Jenesis Events wants to have more than 2,000 people.

“Why just break it?” he asked.” Let’s obliterate it!”

The average participation for Jenesis’ past events is 1,500 and the goal is easily attainable, he added.

The second record to be broken will be for the most people participating in a Space Hopper race. The distance is for 200 meters and must have more than 771 participants. There is no speed requirement for the race. The current record was set in Sheffield, England in 2010.

“Since there will be more than enough people with Space Hoppers at the event, why not break the race record as well?” he asked. “ Neither record has ever been attempted in the U.S.”

A representative from Guinness will be in attendance to make sure the stringent requirements are met and the results will be declared immediately. Following the race, each participant will receive a code which will enable them to receive a certificate from Guinness stating they were part of setting a world record. They will also be able to keep their Space Hopper as a memento of the occasion.

To date, about 123 people have registered for the event. Jenesis Events encourages everyone ages 10 years and older to participate and have a boundless, bouncing ball of a time. They also ask participants wear glow sticks, glow paint and neon colors during the 7 p.m. event as they will be creating a very memorable video of the record attempts.

To sign up for the Sundown Bounce, go to Through October 1, the fee is $35, but it will increase to $50 after then.

Although still in the early planning stages, Mike Langley is working on a festival type atmosphere for this history making event.

“So register today to be part of it,” Mike Langley said.

Photo: Participants of the WWIII.5 Adventure Mud Race ride Space Hoppers a short distance as part of an obstacle.