On the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Isaac followed the same path with New Orleans in it’s sights. In 2005, Katrina killed 1,800 and drowned 80 percent of New Orleans, which hasn’t fully recovered. Hurricane Isaac comes to New Orleans much milder and the city was much better prepared. Southern Mississippi is the place that doesn’t have seawalls and will see damage. I visited Bay Saint Louis, Diamond Head, etc. a week after Katrina. I will never forget the devastation , even after living through Ike right here at home. New Orleans and Mississippi got lucky. A category one storm is no picnic but it’s not a Katrina, the costliest disaster in U.S. history with $135 billion in destruction. We also got lucky with a high pressure in our backyard. There wasn’t much chance that the storm would come our way unless the high moved  at the last minute like it did for Ike. Tuesday evening, every hotel in Orange was full with Louisiana and Mississippi folks escaping Isaac and workers on the way to the hurricane areas.***** The Republican convention, in Tampa, Florida, was delayed by one day. On Tuesday they nominated Mitt Romney, his wife Ann delivered an address and Gov. Joe Christi gave the keynote speech. In a surprise move, the Romney forces invited former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to speak in an obscure spot on Monday. After that day was canceled and Bush appeared on Meet the Press, they gave him a better spot on Thursday.  He can’t speak on policy however, he’ll speak on education. Bush said on Sunday the Republican Party had moved too far to the right and had shrunk the Party and should be expanded to include more factions. Ron Paul’s delegates were shunned at roll call. The Democratic convention will convene next Tuesday in North Carolina. Meanwhile, both parties are urging voters to exercise their right to vote by going to the polls. However, political goals of Republicans in states with new ID laws and changes in early voting laws are obvious because these laws took effect immediately despite few fraud charges being found They are clearly making it harder for some people, mostly democrats, minorities and the elderly to vote, disenfranchising thousands. if  not millions of voters.  Locally, we have felt the blow of gerrymandering districts. The unfair results is that we don’t have a choice to elect local or area state candidates. Example: Can you believe we’re going to end up with a U.S. congressman who doesn’t live in our district. He once lived under a bridge, no telling where he lives now. It’s  just like what is being done with the ID laws, it‘s not fair.*****Gotta go, come along, it won’t do you no harm.


Our dear friend Dorothy Eshbach, 90, died Thursday, Aug. 23. On Aug. 12, Dot came down with a virus, until then she was as fit as always. She apparently was dehydrated and was admitted to the hospital. She passed away while being hooked up to an I.V. To know Dot was to love her. In the 40 some years I had known her, I never heard an unkind word about anyone. She loved people and was extremely proud of her family. When Christmas rolls around this year many people will think of Dot. Fudge making, plenty of it, was a Christmas tradition for Dot. She would package it in a beautiful basket and hand delivered the goodies to many friends around the community. Last Christmas she drove to our new office in Orange to drop off her Christmas goodies. Over many years Dot and her friend Margaret Saint traveled extensively in their motor coach throughout the country, just two fun loving widows discovering America. That wasn’t enough, they then set out to see the world, traveling throughout Europe and visiting Russia. They always came home with a bag full of tales. We published probably a dozen stories about their exploits. They loved playing tricks and telling off on each other. Margaret died just a few years ago, Dot sold the big bus and got off the road but she never quit relating with people. In her earlier years she had been a successful business woman. Her late husband, Jay Eshbach, ran for the first mayoral position of Bridge City. He lost by one vote to P.M. “Red” Wood. I believe a recount showed three votes. Dot enjoyed watching her grandchildren develop. She was extremely proud of grandson Eric, who excelled in high school and college poll vaulting, setting new records and becoming an All American. She made sure we were kept up to the minute on Eric’s accomplishments. All of us who knew and loved her will miss her. The entire community was her family. She was Bridge City’s mother and grandmother. Our sincere condolences. Please see obit.



Most of us, who were around then, will always remember where we were when we heard the above words. I was watching a small, black and white television, showing the Apollo II command center. I remember feeling a rush when I heard the words, “Houston, the Eagle has landed.” Neil Armstrong, commander and his co-pilot, Col. Buzz Aldrin, steered their lunar landing craft Eagle near the Sea of Tranquility. Computer alarms went up and fuel was running low, a long pause and Neil Armstrong said, “Houston, Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed.” The United States had beaten Russia to the moon. A few hours later, Armstrong came down the ladder of the landing craft. Planting his feet on the moon’s surface he said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Soon Aldrin joined him and on our black and white TV we watched the two astronauts in their white space suits bouncing around on the moon. We wondered out loud about if they could successfully leave the moon and return to earth or not. Meanwhile the command ship pilot Michael Collins remained in orbit overhead, waiting to return them back to earth. The moon walk lasted two hours and 19 minutes. They left their footprints on the moon and brought back rock samples. Armstrong, the first man on the moon, became a national hero. He had a great name to capitalize financially on because of that mission. Unlike today’s opportunists, he never benefited himself. He had that something special, giving credit to the other thousands of people who had worked on the Apollo Mission. Forty-four years after that walk on the moon, at age 82, our national hero Neil Armstrong, died on Aug. 22, 2012, from complications after heart surgery. In all, 12 American astronauts have walked on the moon but there is only one first.


A few weeks ago, I told you that something really big would be coming to Orange County next spring. We were privileged to the information but would risk losing the big event if word got out before the contracts were signed. Capt. Dickie Colburn was the first to mention the Sabine River fishing in the area in last week’s column. By now, you’re aware the Bassmaster broke the news that their first post-classic fishing tournament will be held in Orange, Texas on their website. The Sabine River and area waterways will host championship fishermen from across the country. I can’t express enough how big a deal this is for our little part of Texas. We will be featured big time on the national level. The event will be a big boost also for our local economy. Already the booking of rooms is occurring for the advance people that will plan for the March 14-17 elite series. Rooms will sell out from Beaumont to Lake Charles, many bucks will be brought to our county. It will be a big boost financially but it will be a bonanza to the recognition of what we have to offer the sportsman. Much will be published between now and then. Dickie and Capt. Uzzle will write many features in the months to come. It’s exciting.


10 Years Ago, 2002

Pinehurst city officials are preparing for the city’s fourth annual Labor Day Picnic. Mayor Ricky Trevino said, “We’re all set to go.” The Labor Day Picnic for Senior Citizens was the brain child of Trevino’s predecessor, mayor Pete Runnels. The event will be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 2. (Editor’s note: Pete started this event when he was mayor 14-years ago and it has been held each year since. Another big Labor Day event is coming up and he’s mayor again. Everyone is welcome to come out.)*****Investigators questioned a man in the Finley case. Michael Brown, 26, voluntarily went to the police station for questioning. Police would not say if he is a suspect in the death of Dannarriah Finley. A $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to a conviction. (Editor’s note: She disappeared from her home July 4, 10 years ago and the case has still not been solved.)*****E.J. “Buddy” Rasberry is out of the hospital after beating West Nile, St. Louis, Echo and Coxsackle virus. Buddy is a tough guy. He says one day in the hospital his brain just woke up and he knew he was going to get better. (Editor’s note;  Today Buddy is a resident at the Meadows.)*****David McKay, a 1999 Bridge City grad, has been modeling abroad and will be part of the largest fashion show ever in this area at the grand opening of Foley’s in Parkdale Mall. Since high school David has been acting in a television soap opera, “The Guiding Light” but a screen actor’s guild strike caused his character, Brandon, to be written out of the script. Now he’s home in Bridge City. It gives him a chance to visit friends Raum Bryant, Bryan Wiggins, Guy Whithead, Jeremy Duckley and Jared Williams. He is also spending some time with girlfriend Shellie Smith before heading to Europe. (Editor’s note: That was 10 years ago. I’d like to know what became of David and where his life took him. Does anyone know? Email me if you do at, attention Breaux.*****Pretty Janice Overman, the gal that tries to keep Lyle straight and Inez Hearne’s baby girl, celebrates her birthday this week. Also celebrating are Charles “Butch” Thurman, attorney Jay Tanzen, Mike Cedars, Danny Cole, and the lovely Mary Sneed.*****On Aug. 22, Orman F. Hogg, age 73 died. His children are Carl, Donald, Larry, Brenda and Rhonda.*****In January, Ted Turner’s AOL stock was worth $7.2 billion, today it’s worth only $1.76 billion. (Editor’s note: Ted, founder of CNN, never did recoup the loses. The same may happen to Facebook founder.)*****Danny Brack is back at his original location on Western Ave.*****Mark Dunn has moved daughter Amber back to Austin where she will be a senior at U.T. (Editor’s note: After graduating from U.T. she attended Texas Tech Medical School. She is now a resident at University Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio where she is an anesthesiologist.)

35 Years Ago-1977

After 24 years as judge, Homer Stephenson prepares to leave the bench as Associate Justice of the 9th Court of Civil Appeals on Sept. 1. The 61-year-old has served on the appeals court since July 1, 1961. Before the justice post, he served as district judge of the 128th court. He received his law degree in 1937 at the University of Texas. He will associate council with Marlin Thompson and Martin W. Dies law firm. Judge Stephenson has several business ventures, including Bancroft Paper co., Northway shopping Center and First Savings and Loan.*****Janice Malagarie celebrates a birthday Aug. 29. She is a cosmetology teacher and also owns a beauty shop. She has two sons, Kevin and Scott and thank God, only one mother, Inez Hearn.*****The Baxter baby has arrived, a red-headed girl born Aug. 26, weighing 7 pounds, 5 ounces. Jenny’s parents are Diane and Gordon Baxter. At age 53, she is Baxter’s eighth child with two wives.*****Delores Cantu, West Orange Graduate, is now making national commercials. She is the daughter of Mrs. Edward Perez. The vivacious, dark-haired beauty can be seen in McDonald’s, Timex, Calgon, Palmolive and other commercials. She also has a part in a Woody Allen movie. She was selected as Miss Hospitality in the Miss Universe Pageant in Puerto Rico. She has lots of other things going.


Gary Bonneaux, Patrick Richey, Gary Turbeville, Rick Beaulieu, Wanda Sanders, Wendy Fontenot, Blake Tally, Buddy Hancken, Glenda Dyer, Ileta Primrose, Judy Marsolan, Brittany Warren, Bro. Joel Warren, Dotsie Robbins, Jon Weidner, Mike Cedars, Patty Allred, Brooke Snowden, Cristi Harper, Crytal Killman, Dal Moreau, Dominic Nguyen, Sheena Freeman, Christopher Coleman, Dorene Scott, Elise Domas, Erin Weidner, Mary Behnke, Paul Vandervoort, Ron Kincade, Alex Murphy, Buddy Cox, Jesse Grooms, Jay Odom, Lauren Robertson, Paul Fournier, McKinlee Smith, Virginia White, Billl McCorkle, Haley Aldridge, Pamela Layman, Vernon Dixon, Cody Knight, Ernest Procella, Hannah Hall, Judy Hollis, Shannah Heard, Kamri Swarers, Ian Higgs, Peyton Choate, T.W. Permenter, Rusty Dubose, Tammy Stevens, Tracy Hollingsworth, Barbara Daigle, Kacey Harrell, Rachel Briggs, Robert Boehme, Ryan Fisette, Debby Schamber, Thomas Tisdale, Shirley Wright, Cynthia Wedekind, Ginger Williams, Jamie Forse, Shirley Choate and Beverly Hanes.


Nancy Hawoth, Chief Adult Probation officer is retiring Friday, Aug. 31. A retirement party in the new Adult probation Building will be held from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. She‘s been with the County for 32 years. Eddie Mendoza will take over the reigns for that department on Monday.*****Friday will be Robin Roberts last day to co-anchor “Good Morning America,” the number one morning show. She will be on medical leave. She has MDS, a blood and bone marrow disease (preleukemia). She will be hospitalized next week to start preparing for a bone marrow transplant a few days later. Roberts is on leave from ABC and has been assured her job will be waiting for her on her return.*****A few people we know celebrating their special day. Carly Thibodeaux, of Mauriceville, celebrated, Aug. 27***Matt Bryant, a Sgt. in Patrol at the Orange County sheriff‘s office celebrated a birthday Aug. 28..***Our longtime friend, a lady who was in sight of graduating from Medical school and gave it up for the love of writing. Over the years, Glenda Dyer, has written some great articles for several newspapers where she also served as editor.  On Aug. 29, Glenda, now a Tennessee resident will celebrate another birthday. We wish her the best.***Our fiend, Mike Cedars, head of the Appraisal district, marks another year on Aug. 30.***Capt. Mike Langley Sr., in Patrol at Orange County sheriff‘s office marks his big day Aug. 31.***A great guy Dan Barker, turns 80 on Aug. 31.***Bill McCorkle celebrates on Sept. 1.***Coach Cody Knight is a year older Sept. 2.***Mayor T.W. Permenter celebrates on Sept. 3. Ms. Lyndia surely has something special planned.***Also celebrating Sept. 3, is our own Debby Schamber. Have a good one.****Some special couples celebrating wedding anniversaries. On Aug. 3, Judge Pat and Rosalie Clark celebrate their 43rd. Joining them are twin sister Mary and John Scofield, who were wed in a double ceremony.***Also married on this day was Judy and Barry Hunt.***Sept. 1, is a big day for Karen and Tony Fuslier.***On Sept. 2, 62 years ago, Margaret and Sprad Spradlin were wed. That gal has earned her ticket to Heaven. Great friends and an outstanding couple.***On Sept. 4, judge Claude and Pauline Wimberly will celebrate 58 years together.***The years have just flown by. Happy anniversary to all.*****On Sept. 2, 2004, Roy’s mom Marie died and also Constable Parker P.T. Thompson passed away Sept. 2, 2007.*****The question I would like someone to ask is why John McCain passed on Mitt Romney as his VP candidate and found Sarah Palin a better choice. There’s something McCain knows that he’s not telling.*****Lance Armstrong gave up a ten-year fight that had cost him millions. He just said, “Enough is enough.” He was stripped of all seven Tour de France titles. Lance had been tested nearly 200 times and never was found positive for drugs. The United States anti-doping Agency said all the cyclist coming in second were also found to be guilty. If everyone was juicing, it looks to me like it was a level playing field. My first thought when I heard Lance had quit the fight was of Susan Halliburton, Orange native, who covered all seven Armstrong races for the Austin Statesman.*****What in the world has happened to Randy Travis? He has gone bananas since Liz ran him off. A talent wasted.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s this week and back at Robert’s next. Everyone is always welcome.*****For the first time in U.S. history a major political party will not have a protestant on the ticket for president or vice-president. Mitt Romney is a Morman, Paul Ryan is a Catholic. I wonder if that’s why Tony Perkins and his evangelical bunch are not being vocal this year.


On Aug. 29, John McCain will be 76 and Elliott Gould, 74.***Cameron Diaz will be 40 on Aug. 30; Warren Buffett, 82 and Andy Roddick, 30.***Richard Gere will be 63 on Aug.31; Chris Tucker will be 40 and Van Morrison, 67.***Gloria Estefan will be 55 on Sept.. 1 and Lily Tomlin, 73.***Terry Bradshaw will be 64 on Aug. 2; Mark Harmon, 61; Salma Hayek, 46 and Keanu Reeves, 48.***Charlie Sheen will be 47 on Sept. 3 and Shaun White, 26.***Beyonce Knowles will be 31 on Sept. 4 and Damon Wayans, 52.



Dear Simple, 

I know I rote you de utta day bout Tee-Boy but I rite again because me and Sugar Bee will be gone for three or two weeks. I wanted you to know in case you plan to stop and see us wen you go to da LS&U game, plus I got some news me.

Our aunt, Lucille, da old maid, died las week in Crowley. She was my papa and you papa’s youngest sister. She was 72 wen she die. She never have a man her. She requested in her will dat she have no mens for pallbearers. She wrote in her long-hand, “Dey wouldn’t take me out while I was live, I don’t want dem to take me out wen I’m dead me.”

Me and Sugar Bee have to return our granddaughter Anie, wats been spending da summer wit us. She goes to da furst grade in Kaplan nex week. Sugar Bee took her to church dis summer. She didn’t know nutten bout church, her. Yesterday Sugar Bee gave her a test on church. “Why do it be necessary to be quite in church? Annie answer, “MeMaw, it’s because grown ups are sleeping.” Sugar Bee try again, “Why Joseph and Mary took Jesus wit dem to Jerusalem?”  “I guess cause dey couldn’t get a baby sitter, “ answer Annie.

Las Sunday Sugar Bee took her to church for da las time. Annie became restless her as da preacher’s sermon it drag on and on. Finally Annie lean over and whisper, “MeMaw, if we give him da money now will he let us go?”

Dats all for now. I believe Millard Cox has a birthdaay coming up soon. Tell him happy birthday for me.

You Cuz



Don’t forget the Pinehurst Labor Day picnic next Monday, we hope to see you there. I haven’t gotten out much over the week so I was short on happenings. Thanks again to our great family of advertisers. Please patronize them when you can. This week, I plan to dine with Cathy and her crew at Sure Catch Seafood Restaurant in Bridge City. You can get a seafood lunch for only $5.99 and it’s always good and fresh. Look us over cover to cover. Have a safe, happy Labor Day weekend. Thanks for your time, mine is up. Till next time, take care and God bless.