A man causing a disturbance in the emergency room at Baptist Hospital in Orange was arrested for public intoxication after police had to be called. At approximately 12:35 am Friday, Officer Marcus Bernard arrived on the scene and made contact with hospital staff. An employee at the hospital advised Officer Bernard that a man, who was identified as Dylan Shomo, 19, of Orange, was causing problems. Shomo had been dropped off and left at the hospital.

When police made contact with Shomo, officers noticed the strong smell of alcohol on his person. He was very uncooperative, and wouldn’t stop using vulgarity towards hospital staff and would not answer any questions.

Shomo was unable to speak clearly and seemed to have a hard time understanding simple questions from hospital staff, and was unable to stand on his own power without having to hold onto something.

After receiving medical clearance from the doctor on duty, Shomo was taken into custody and transported to the Orange County Jail.