All that is left of Isaac in Louisiana and Mississippi is some weary residents trying to put their lives back together. For some it will be a long haul. Isaac left its muddy mess behind. The water swallowed up cars, houses and roads. In some areas flood waters rose shockingly fast. Roy’s sister, Shirley, was caught in the fast rise. With no power, she had no notice that the dam had broken. Her house sits on 2.5 foot piers. The water was on her porch before she realized she was in danger. In waist high water she made her way to a two story, beach-type cabin where she was later rescued by boat and moved to a Red Cross shelter. It was an anxious 24 hours for Roy and his family not knowing her whereabouts and concerned about her failing health. Thankfully she’s fine. Just one of thousands of stories. Unless someone has gone through what we went though with Ike, it’s hard for others to comprehend. Many around the country pay little attention to other disaster areas, fires, floods, etc. In a way, Isaac was far worse than Katrina was outside of New Orleans because of the water breaching levies and breaking dams. Thanks to our federal government, people will have a chance to rebuild their lives and communities. The President declared both states disaster areas. A sidebar: Mitt Romney flew into Louisiana for a quick photo-op and flew out 45 minutes later. People will see his landing for what it was. The point I want to make is that at the same time Louisianan newspapers were carrying Sen. Mary Landrieu’s outrage over Paul Ryan’s budget, calling for cutting disaster funds by $10 billion a year. His plans call for rebuilding the infrastructure, roads, public buildings, etc., but citizens would be on their own to rebuild their lives without the government  safety net. He called it  deficit reduction. When the disaster funds ran dry, Ryan and his fellow congressmen did not want it replenished. Sen. Landrieu was able to apply enough pressure to build up the fund. It’s a good thing and Louisianan people are praising her efforts. All’s well that ends well and thanks to a government that looks after their misfortunate.*****I’ve gotta move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Marguerite Force, age 84, passed away this past Friday, Aug. 31, at home. Recent test in Houston showed she had advanced cancer. She was sent home and was surrounded by the family that loved her. Marguerite and Harold Force were married 64 years and were the parents of a large family of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She and Harold treasured their life together. Marguerite was a kind, compassionate person who devoted much of her life doing for others through her civic and church work. She will truly be missed, not only by family but also by the longtime friends or anyone who was privileged to know her. (Please see obituary.)*****We were also sorry to learn of the unexpected death of Dale Thompson, 84, who died on Aug. 31. We had known Dale for many years. If you ever met Dale, you would never forget him. He was just a friendly guy who never met a stranger and before long you would feel like you had known this guy forever. He truly enjoyed life. Our condolences go out to Dale, Steve, Cyndi and their families. May he rest in peace. (See obituary.)


Fact Check has found Paul Ryan was less than straight in his comments in his convention presentation.  Ryan actually told four outright untruths  He also was sited for making not quite complete statements. He lied about the G.M. plant in his home town being closed under Obama. Not true; Fact Check found it was closed in Dec. 2008, while Bush was still president. Ryan said Obama’s removal of $700 billion from Medicare would destroy the program. Fact Check found switching the $700 billion to the Affordable Health Care program would extend the life of Medicare and afford more programs to the elderly. Fact Check found that Ryan’s budget also removes $700 billion, but that money would be to reduce taxes and Medicare would be switched to a voucher system. Ryan criticized Obama for ignoring the recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles commission, when the truth is, Ryan, who was on that commission, encouraged the Republican House members to vote against it, killing it and blaming Obama. He blamed Obama for our credit rating. Not true, Congress caused it. Ryan doesn’t seem to let the truth get in the way. Listen  to this, it’s a brand new deal about Ryan’s lying. A month ago, acting macho, Ryan told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt that he had run a “Two hour and fifty something, 26-mile marathon.” He supposedly told that story other places. That’s a pace of seven minutes per mile. Runners World Magazine said can’t be. They found that Ryan had completed one marathon in 1990, and finished over four hours. Ryan admitted, when confronted, that he had exaggerated in marathon claims on the national broadcast. He released a statement apologizing. The guy appears to have a problem with the truth, plus he and Eric Canter have held speaker John Boehner and the country hostage. They have made his life miserable and embarrassed him by making him publicly back down on a jobs bill that he had made a deal on. I’m told the twins are cold blooded and they make Karl Rove and Tom DeLay look like choir boys. Canter supposedly has the blackest heart but Ryan has problems with the truth.


10 Years Ago-2002

Tuesday, Sept. 3, County Judge Carl Thibodaux undergoes arterial surgery for several blockages. Thibodeaux said his medical problems have come at a crucial time when the county is faced with a tight budget process. He plans on returning to the court house even if someone has to drive him. Last Thursday, dye test found a 90 percent blockage in the main artery of his right leg. Other arteries of his heart were 70 percent blocked and 30 percent blocked. Thibodeaux said, “The budget, I have to complete the budget by Friday.” He was driven to the court house to work on the budget. (Editor’s note; over the years, the Judge has had stints and other procedures but has always managed to get out a good budget. Budgets are not the best therapy for a heart patient.)*****Tyler Townes, a Bridge City High School student, has completed regular Army boot camp. PFC Townes is in the Texas National Guard. He had to wait until he was 17 to sign up.*****God solves murder. Ronnie Herman’s killer, Thomas Teal, 46, confesses to 25 years old murder. Teal said he confessed because he doesn’t want to burn in hell after he finishes his time on earth. Thomas and his brother Donald Teal, 44, were arrested in the shotgun death. Herman’s body was found floating in a slough off Ratcliff Road, in the Hartsburg area Sept. 10, 1977. “God told me to clean the slate and I had to do what I’m told,” Thomas said. Both brothers said they were involved in the illegal drug business with Herman. The shooting was related to the business. Ronnie was 29 years old. His father, Ray Herman, 79, said he does not believe his son was involved with the Teal bothers.”*****Coach Sam Moore underwent gall bladder surgery at Herman Hospital, in Houston.*****Coach Dan Ray Hooks wins 200th football game.*****Twenty-five gallons of gumbo, 900 links, 200 cut up chicken and four tubs of potato salad, prepared by Robert’s Restaurant, was eaten by 824 folks at the Pinehurst Labor Day picnic.*****John and Joyce Guidry celebrates their 50th anniversary on Aug. 30.*****Orangefield Bobcat Coach Kevin Flannigan says his team could go to playoffs this year.*****Claude Tarver is the new head coach of the Bridge City Cardinals. Defensive coordinator is newcomer Sam Pratt. A couple other coaches are Rick Deutsch and William Dotson. Bridge City beat LCM 27-7 in first game. Matt Peebles scored three touchdowns and had 225 yards rushing. Linebackers Robert Melich and Charlie Verrett led the defense. Cornerback Trey Rhodes also had a good night. *****Matt Bryant, of Bridge City, gets the chance he’s been waiting for. The New York Giants named him as their starting kicker. There are now three former B.C. Cards in the NFL. Shane Dronett and Jason Mathews are the others.*****

40 YEARS AGO-1972

Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Fain Holbook.*****Happy birthday to Judy Savoy and Tonka Bill (Rastel Lois) Hoosier, Judy is 23, Tonka 30 plus.*****Wyatt Paul Phillips, former LC-M Bear, was granted a football scholarship to McNeese and is working out with the Cowboys.*****According to Sharon Bearden, he’s been on a strict died and lost 15 pounds. Friends are worrying that he might get too thin.*****Tucker Clayton, former deputy sheriff, is again toting a pistol. He is security officer for Nelda Stark.*****Moe Litton, trainer at Bridge City and Oral Roberts have something in common; they are both healers.*****Irving Street Appliance has a grand opening Saturday, Sept. 2.*****The University of Texas, with Steve Worster, made the Wishbone famous. Steve made Bridge City famous and BC coach Chief Wilson will use the Wishbone offense (a variation of the Houston veer). Roger Easterling is quarterback; Langston Fall tailback.*****Jim Crossland is head coach at LC-M.*****Mike Trevathan is the young head coach at Orangefield.*****Dexter Bassinger is coach at Stark High.*****Glen Green is the head coach at West Orange.*****Leslie Jones is Orange police chief.*****Clarice Sheffield, a beautiful blond, is the Jack Tar Restaurant manager.*****Joe Murray is the legendary shoeshine guy at the Jack Tar Barber Shop. Joe started his shoe polishing career at the Holland Hotel.*****Joe Dupuy runs the Jack Tar Travel Agency.*****Louis J. Fox is hired as Orange city manager.


Bennie Brookshire, Branden Bailey, Carolyn Ann Henry, Cindy Myers, Jason Toal, Norma Harper, Marilyn Bennett, Susan Cooper, Brenda Lawson, Corrin Gonzales, Jessica Mobbs, Keith Buker, Ouida Simonton, Paul Rhodes, Randy Godsy, Ron Sherman, Rick Brownlie, Gerald LeLeux, Dottie Couser, Robert Vidrine, Eric Cox, Karen Morse, Laina Sparks, Laura McCombs, Terri Childs, Ted Miller, Joyce Higgs, John Phillips, Charlie Bollich, Darla Cricchio, Howard Williams, Janice James, Ronnie Bullion, Janet LeLeux, Mary Tyler, “Millard “”Bill”” Cox”, Pamela Smith, Thelma Powledge, Brent Sherrill, Durwyn Simon, Jesse Thurman, Joel Jeffcote, Joy Vickery, Lisa Wilson, Mason Pruett, Ester Jeans, Beth Ann Windham, Dena Bates, Doug Rogers, Elwood Hood, Jamie Oliphint, Andrea Peoples, Bob Aven, Beh Arnold, Miek Abbott, Billy Fontenot, Casey Stephenson, Chris Kovatch, Donna Lanthier and Shannon Sparks.


Sunday, Sept. 9, is National Grandparents Day. Today, many grandparents play a different role than they did before the 1970’s. Many grandparents are raising their grandchildren or some of their children have come back home as single parents. Even though there is a day for recognizing grandparents, they are often forgotten in the grand scheme of things. I enjoy being a grandparent, maybe more so than being a parent. Up until they reached their late teens, they brought joy and many fun days.  Like most grandparents, I hope I gave them something they will carry with them throughout life. If you are fortunate enough to have one or more grandparents think back to earlier days at grandma and pa‘s place. Recall the great days, the fun with cousins and the food, oh, yes, grandma‘s cooking. Take time this Sunday to remember grandparents, even if they’re not with you. *****Speaking of grandparents, a census report on aging finds more people are reaching age 90. Among the 90-plus, women outnumber men 3 to 1. People who are 90 or older have nearly tripled since 1980. Analysts attribute better nutrition, advances in medical care, reducing heart disease and stroke. Living older states are North Dakota, #1; followed by Connecticut, Iowa and South Dakota. All cold states. I don‘t know if I would want to live 90 years there.*****Speaking of old folks, George “Possum“ Jones, a Southeast Texas native and country music legend, has announced his last concert tour will be in 2013. Jones, 81, has begun work on a new album with Dolly Parton. Many country stars consider Jones the greatest country singer. Jones dropped out of school in the seventh grade and started picking and singing in local venues around Beaumont. This writer recalls when he would help out at his brother‘s service station and ran with J.P. Richardson, Slim Watts and the guys from KFDM radio. His greatest hit “He Stopped Loving Her Today,”  is considered one of the best country music songs ever. Also a standard is “White lighting.” The “Possum“ never recorded a bad song.*****Other old people we know, Judge Pat was complaining about Judge Buddie Hahn getting a front page story for jury duty. When Judge Pat served, he was made fun of for taking the $6 jury pay. We ran Judge Pat and Rosalie’s 43nrd anniversary announcement which was Aug. 31. It came out in this column as Aug. 3. We‘re sorry, but now Pat wants his money back and we didn‘t even charge him *****Attorney Joe Alford, a West Orange boy, who has been practicing law since 1974,  from time to time visits Judge Pat, trying to improve his image. .*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day. Our friend Judge Mike Abbott marks his special day Wed. Sept. 5. Best wishes.***Sheriff Keith Merritt turns 62 on Sept. 6.***Kendrick Harris will become a teenager on Sept. 7. Happy 13th Kendrick.***Gerald Leleux, Penny’s other half, celebrates Sept. 7.***Dr. Howard Williams puts another notch in the tree of life on Sept. 8.***Janet Leleux, Penny and Gerald’s daughter, makes them feel a little older on Sept. 9.***One of my sweethearts, Sharon Gearheart, turns 59 on Sept. 9. We haven’t seen her in a long time but I don’t want to go to Merritt’s jail to see her, where she’s a jailer.***Our dear friend, Millard “Billy” “Neighbor” Cox turns 88 on Sept. 9. He doesn’t step near as high as he used to. He hears better on the phone by taking his hearing aid out. He still tries to farm and sometimes he gets lucky. His main goal always is caring for Ms. Jenny. A great couple I’m proud to call friends. Have a happy birthday.***Darlene Fair will celebrate her big 60 on Sept. 10.***Come Sept. 10, Tonya Barnwell will be older. What a nice lady she is. Tonya comes from good stock. Her grandparents were Sheriff Chester and Iva Holt, her parents, Nova and Jerry Strickland. Happy birthday to all. Please see complete birthday list.*****Happy belated birthday to a nice lady, Linda Steward, who turned 61 on Sept. 1.***Ann Oliver Hall celebrated her birthday Sept. 3. Happy belated to Ann.*****Congrats to Pinehurst for another successful Labor Day picnic. Fourteen years ago, it was the brainchild of then Mayor Pete Runnels. This year, Pete is again mayor. He walked around and greeted the natives. Meanwhile, Pinehurst City Administrator Joe Parkhurst worked his butt off. Sidenotes: Longest married couple at the picnic were Lorene and Ray Camp, married 66 years. The lucky winners of two rocking chairs, given by Welch Furniture, were Marie Browning and a guy who will soon need it, Stump Weatherford. A big screen TV, donated by Orange Savings Bank, was won by Juanita Schlicher. Doug Childress and his group entertained and the Orange Blossom Dancers performed. Everyone had a great time. Around 700 attended.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week. Last week, Phillip Welch attended as the guest of Don Shockley. Phillip has since visited us here at the office. He will be our new neighbor, doing PR work for Al and Dean Granger at Granger Chevrolet. Everyone is always welcome. Y’all come.*****A nice guy, who visited us Tuesday, is Mike King, new superintendent at BCISD. The board at Bridge City always seems to come up with a great choice to run their schools. Mike really cares and is dedicated but boy, he’s a tall drink of water.


Raquel Welch will be 72 on Sept. 5 and Bob Newhart, 83.***David Allen Coe will be 73 on Sept. 6;and Jeff Foxworthy will be 54.***Evan Rachel Wood will be 25 on Sept. 7; Shannon Elizabeth, 39.***Pink will be 33 on Sep. 8; David Arquette, 41 and Brooke Burke, 41.***Adam Sandler will be 46 on Sept. 9; Michael Buble, 37; Hugh Grant, 52 and Michelle Williams, 32.***Colin Firth will be 52 on Sept. 10; Guy Ritchie, 44 and Ryan Phillippe, 38.***Harry Connick, Jr. will be 45 on Sept. 11; Ludacris, 35 and Moby, 47.


Otis “Fats” Comeaux took his wife, Alice, to da big dance at da Dairy Festival. “Tee-Bruce” and da Cajun Ramblers was playing da music. Slim Thibodeaux, him, was on da dance floor dancing like a pro him. Slim was break dancing, moon walking, doing the back flip and da split. “Fats” him, he was jus sitting dere tapin his finger to da music and not dancing. 

His wife look at him and say, “Otis, you see dat man wat is dancing him?” “Yea, I see him me,” “Fats” answered.

“Well, Otis,” said Alice, ”Twenty five years ago he propose to me him, and I turned him down.”

“Fats” answer, “It looks like to me dat he’s still celebrating him.”


Before I close out here I’m sure you’ll want to get my take on the RNC’s political convention. Well, I’m a political junkie. I watched it but what surprised me is how few local people did. I asked many people if they had seen Clint Eastwood’s imitation of Foster Brooks? Most had not. The most important issues to me, foreign policy, national security and education didn’t get any mention. None, except for Gov. Romney saying Russia is our number one enemy.  He went back to the Cold War. The truth is he and Ryan have no idea about our security. On the other hand, we now have one of the best foreign policy teams in my memory, Vice-president Biden, who is an expert, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Sec. Leon Panetta. Education is our greatest future weapon and yet state after state is robbing the money from schools to balance their budgets. Cheating our young students, teachers and school administrations. The RNC didn’t mention education except to belittle teacher unions. Most of the speakers seemed to be playing their own gigs and shooting for 2016. Honestly, I watched it with an open mind and wasn’t very impressed. I was disappointed that our young dying in Afghanistan didn’t even deserve a mention. Everyone stroked themselves but no mention of our troops. Gov. Rick Perry was working the floor for 2016. You think they know something?*****The Democratic convention opened Tuesday with a knockout speech by First Lady Michelle Obama and a keynote address by San Antonio mayor Julian Castro, who was introduced by his twin brother, who is running for congress. Wednesday will be a big day. President Bill Clinton will speak but his speech will be right in the middle of the Cowboy/Giant game. Bad planning maybe but they will get a lot of play because Bill is that good. A lot of good speakers on Thursday, including President Obama. It will be a fun convention, much different than the straight lace party in Tampa. I wouldn’t miss it. You shouldn’t either. It will be great entertainment but mostly it will give you a clear choice.*****I’ve gotta go. Don’t miss reading the story about the Teal brothers who killed Ronnie Herman. An exclusive interview and story by Debby Shamber. Read us cover to cover, check us out on the web at TheRecordLive.com and please shop our family of advertisers. Thanks for your time, and Happy Grandparents Day. Take care and God bless.