West Orange police officers are still searching for a man who robbed the Firestone Credit Union on MacArthur Drive about 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

According to Jessie Romero, WOPD assistant police chief, the suspect entered the building through the west entrance wearing dark coveralls and a ski mask covering his face while carrying a pistol grip shotgun and a camouflage duffle bag.  He was also wearing sunglasses and gloves. He is believed to be a white man. Other details are not known at this time.

A customer who was standing at the teller window conducting a transaction, stepped aside when she saw the robber approaching. She later suffered from a panic attack and was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. There were three tellers also inside the credit union at the time of the robbery. No other injuries were reported.

The suspect, in a calm demeanor, demanded money and the teller complied as she was trained to do. He exited the building and left the area on foot with an undetermined amount of money. He continued in a southwesterly direction through an adjacent parking lot. Witnesses on a nearby street reported seeing the suspect running down the street.

“We have reason to believe he knew the workings of the business,” Romero said.

Romero added, entry was from a discreet location.

Investigators will pull the video recordings from local businesses to aid in their investigation.

When asked if he wanted to send a message to the suspect, he replied, “I want him to think about how many people’s lives he has affected.”

He also wants the suspect to come by his office at WOPD for a “talk.”

Anyone with any information can call WOPD at 409-883-7574.