The seventh grade science class at St. Mary Catholic School in Orange built a model of a microscope to magnify objects. Using a drop of water, the students made one similar to Anton von Leeuwenhoek’s, a pioneer of microscopy. Based on their investigation, students noticed that the image was larger and blurred with the microscope.

Some of the students observed that the image was upside down. The class had several suggestions to improve their microscope model such as a plastic board for the base, instead of paper and a glass for the lenses as a substitute of plastic wrap.

Pictured are left (bottom to top) Sarah Gonzalez, Dherin Wright, Dalton Wimberley, McCartney Miller, Rae Guidry and Spencer Johns. Right (bottom to top) Victoria Doan, Timothy Tran, Olivia Fuselier, Corey Simpson, Lydia Covington, Eli Vigil, Hannah Mayfield and Nathan Hughes.