Local attorney, Clay Dugas, gifted $10,000 to Family Services Women and Children’s Shelter on Thursday.  The donation, which was made in honor of Sgt. Bill Davis, will provide food, clothing and shelter, as well as counseling, legal advocacy, transportation assistance and transitional housing opportunities, to victims of domestic violence in Southeast Texas.

Dugas allowed the employees at his firm to decide which local organization would receive his charitable donation, and Family Services Women and Children’s Shelter was the overwhelming choice.  Dugas made his donation in honor of long-time friend Sgt. Bill Davis because both Davis and Family Services are working diligently to end the cycle of domestic violence.

As a 36-year veteran of the Beaumont Police Department, Sgt. Davis has investigated over 7,000 child abuse cases.  Although he is retired, he continues to travel around the country providing workshops and seminars on safety and child abuse.

The donation came at a good time for Family Services.  Over the last two years demand for services at Family Services Women and Children’s Shelter has increased by 18%, while funding has been on the decline.

“This donation is greatly needed and greatly appreciated,” explained Family Services Executive Director, Janet Walker.

Walker reported that it costs about $830 to serve one victim of domestic violence at the shelter.  She credits caring and concerned citizens, like Clay Dugas, for ensuring Family Services Women and Children’s Shelter can continue to offer hope and healing to every victim who comes to them for help.

For more information about Family Services, visit  www.WeStrengthenFamilies.org