Two men were arrested Monday, Sept. 24, after the vehicle they were riding in was pulled over for failure to signal intent at a stop sign. The vehicle was pulled over at about 7:20 pm in the area of 6th St. and John. Upon making contact with the occupants of the vehicle, Officer Marcus Bernard, with the OPD, could smell the odor of marijuana.

The driver of the vehicle, Robert Wise, 19, and his passenger, Christopher Wright, 25, both of Orange gave consent for police to search the vehicle . During the search, officers found a “blunt”, or hand rolled cigarette on the seat where Wright had been sitting, with a green leafy substance on the seat around it.

Since neither of the men would claim ownership of the substance as theirs, they were both placed under arrest, and transported to the Orange County Jail. Once at the jail, Wise advised that he had more marijuana in his shoe. A bag containing .06 oz was removed from his left shoe.