O.A. “Bum” Phillips was born Sept. 29, 1923 on John Street in Orange, Texas. “Bum.” the most popular and most well known native to ever come out of Orange County turns 89 years old on Saturday. All of Bums children were born in Orange, including son Wade, who started his coaching career at Stark High. He has been a longtime successful NFL coach and is presently defensive coordinator of the Houston Texans. The Phillips family roots run deep in Orange County. Bum’s uncles were Sammy and Monroe Parrish, his mother’s brothers. Regardless of where Bum traveled in the country when asked he always proudly said he is from Orange, Texas. His folks are buried here and at one time I heard him say, “That’s where I’m from and that’s where I will be buried.” Bum still has relatives in Orange County. It continues to amaze me that with all the recognition Bum and Wade brings to Orange County, that nothing has ever been done to recognize them here. Other places, including Houston, recognize the Phillips contributions but at home no service organization, municipality or community leaders have made any effort to pay Bum the tribute he deserves. Even Mid-County has a street named for Bum. One thing I’ve noticed for a long time is that Orange County is about absent when it comes to recognizing their own and there are several who deserve it. For all these years where have our cities and chambers been? Check Lubbock and other places and see what the chambers have done to bring recognition to those who bring recognition and pride to their communities.*****Speaking of heritage and roots, this weekend the Heritage Festival at Bridge City will be held from Thursday, Sept. 27 through Saturday, Sept 29. The second annual festival features a new and improved carnival, bigger and better. Bands, plenty of food booths, artist, crafts, bingo, beer and wine gardens and Pappy’s Petting Zoo. Carnival rides start at 6 p.m., Thursday. Several bands will play throughout the festival. Marjorie Hatton, from a pioneer family, is the honoree. A lot of fun for everyone. Make plans to come, the kids will love it.*****I’ve got to get going. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


For the first time in over 70 years, a Washington major league baseball team is headed to the playoffs. The Washington Nationals play in the National East division. They were formally the Montreal Expos. The Nationals have used five different opening day starting pitchers in their eight seasons. The Nationals played their home games at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium from 2005 to 2007. Their first home opener in that stadium was in 2007. The starting pitcher for the first opener was a young man with deep roots in Orange County, John Patterson, of Orange. A West Orange-Stark grad who signed a major league contract for $6.075 million as an 18 year old right out of high school. Patterson made stops in Arizona, the Expos and the Nationals. His rookie season, 2002, he had a 3.22 ERA. In 2004, he had a 3.57 ERA. Then he got hurt. In 2005, John posted a 9-7 record with a 3.13 ERA. In that same year, he pitched his first complete game shutout, beating the Dodgers 7-0. In 2009, Patterson’s four hit shutout was called the greatest pitching performance in Nationals history by the Washington Post baseball writer, Dave Sheinin. It had been quite a ride for a youngster from Orange Texas. On Nov. 10, 2007, he married Shannon Schambeau, a 2005 Miss District of Columbia and 2006 Miss America finalist. John is in the record books as the Nationals very first opening day starting pitcher. There have been only five. John is now retired due to a reoccurring injury to his pitching arm. A special baseball cap was designed and worn for that fist opening day game in Washington. John sent Roy Dunn one of those special caps from that special day when a local boy made baseball history. Roy proudly displays that treasure in his den. John Patterson is one of many youngsters who went off and made Orange County proud. We should never fail to recognize them.


Las Sabinas, the official publication of the Orange County Historical Society is out with a new issue. This volume features the life and times of the Claude Louis Wingate family. Anyone who raised in Orange County is familiar with the Wingate family and the mark they made on the areas history. Their story, one of a pioneering family, is well written by Maureen Lawrence Shupp, a Wingate granddaughter. I found their story very interesting. I’m one of the fortunate people who has known all of Claude and Lumera Bonin Wingates children and was friends with most of them. An interesting bunch indeed. You can purchase a copy of Las Sabinas for $6 or you can join the Historical Society and receive the quarterly magazine. Membership is only $20 a year for age 65 and over or $25 for a family membership.


10 Years Ago-2002

Jim Stelly, president of Ducks Unlimited, announced that Doug Harrington has been named the chapter’s “Sportsman of the Year.” Harrington, owner of Harrington’s Pharmacy, has been a Ducks Unlimited member 25 years. John Thomas nominated Harrington.(Editor’s note: Doug now lived in Spring, Texas. He has been battling cancer the past year, however we heard from him last week and the doctors at M.D. Anderson told him he was fine to go and they didn’t want to see him for six months. That is great news to his family and friends.)*****Four Orangefield beauties vie for homecoming queen. They are Gina Garza, Rachel Giarratano, Terrina Johnson and Nikki Staggs. (Editor’s note: Ten years have gone by. Those ladies are now in their late twenties. We hope life for them has gone like they planned it.)*****Orange County is keeping an eye on Hurricane Isidore. It’s a category four and the best guess is that it will hit between Cameron, and Vermillion Bay. However, if it hits Lake Sabine directly it could put eight to ten feet of water on top of Bridge City.*****A.J. Lemoine Sr., 77, a native of Plaucheville, La. and longtime resident of Bridge City, died Sept. 21. An Army veteran he served in both World War II and the Korean War. He was a longtime telephone repair man and knew most folks in the community. (Editor’s note: A.J. was one of the great guys we had the good fortune to have known.)*****Bridge City’s Matt Bryant scored all the points in the New York Giants 9 to 6 win over the New Orleans Saints.*****Joe and Barbara LaGrappe celebrate their 25th anniversary on Sept. 29. (Editor’s note: Joe, a great guy, has since passed away.)*****A roast of Rep. Ron Lewis nets $14,000 for CASA. Judge Buddie Hahn, David Montagne, Beth Rach and Gov. Rick Perry were among the roasters. Perry, during his remarks, mentioned Ron’s name on the Lamar Library but Perry went on to say, “That shouldn’t go to Ron’s head because it seems to me if you are an East Texas politician you really haven’t made it until they name a prison for you.” Lewis, 50, is not running for re-election and says he probably will not run for public office again.*****Trey Rhodes turns 18 on Sept. 24. (Editor’s note: Ten years later that happy-go-lucky teenager is 28, only two years away from 30. I told you guys time would fly by.)*****Newton beat Matt Peebles and the Bridge City Cardinals 21-0, holding Peebles to 56 yards rushing in 16 totes.

 35 Years Ago-1977

Dignitaries from throughout the state attend activities honoring State Rep Wayne Peveto, Price Daniel Jr., candidate for attorney general, House Speaker Bill Clayton, State Sen. Carl Parker and many other office holders. and over 650 citizens were in attendance as Orange County Commissioners proclaim Sunday, Sept. 24 Wayne Peveto Day. Roy Dunn and Harold Beeson served as co-chairmen of the event. Committee members were Sharon Bearden, Dudley Baker, Bobby Cormier, Tim Lieby, Flo Edgerly, Bertie Ferguson and Dr. Jo Ben Welch. Food was prepared by W.T. Oliver and his crew. Entertainment was furnished by Don Jacobs, Brad Love and recording artist Betty Jo Spears. The large event was held at the DERA Club.*****John Hill, state attorney general, makes a stop to Orange County. Hill, a candidate for governor, was critical of incumbent Gov. Dolph Briscoe.*****Happenings around the courthouse: Vivian Dorman, in charge of the credit union, has about decided that daughter Donna is experiencing a false pregnancy since she and husband Jack have waited so long for their first grandchild. If Donna continues to hold out, the Dorman’s will become grandparents in February when son Johnny and wife Connie are expecting their first child.***Wauldine Laughlin has a new grandson, 8 pounds, 4 ounces, presented by daughter Kathy.***Bobbie Burgess, wife of Don and daughter of Joe and Wilma Grossman, gave birth Monday to a 10 pound baby girl.*****Keble Free is going to give marriage another try when he weds Shawn Gwen Gallager Pierce. Not her first time either.*****Ed Lovelace now operates “Ed’s Worm Farm” near Call, Texas.*****Houston Oiler coach and Orange native, Bum Phillips, celebrates a birthday. His Oilers had an impressive 16-10 win over Green Bay.*****Muhammad Ali takes on Ernie Shaver in a title bout later this week.*****West Orange-Stark whipped up on Beaumont CP, 60-0. They take on undefeated 22-AAAA Forest Park next.


Lynn Gremillion, Kara Day, John Harrell, Mary Gremillion, Sandra Rose, Theresa Blanchard, Vicki Jeter, Byron Buchanan, Bob Blacksher, C.G. Birdwell, Dan Barclay, Deven Young, Gaynell Murrell, Hayley Dardeau, Justin Burchfield, Jack Short, Michael Coffey, Morgan Applebach, Starla Lee, Todd Shuford, Jeff Batchelor, Kevin Hall, Mike Hughes, Ray Dahl, Scott Harris, Brigitte Howard, Jakey Morgan, Lizzie Elms, Corey Sonnier, Scott Haggard, Sherry Mulhollan,Zack Sarver, Darryl Brinson, Mat Taylor, Peggy Derouen, Brigitte Howard, Terry Brown, Aaron Milligan, Cliff McCardle, Priscella Burns, Richard Estes, Ricky Benefield, Al Goodwin, Brandon Taylor, Debbie Tutt, Denna Elizondo, Tricia Longlois, Jacob Longlois, Martha Hankins, Robert Dale Vance, Justin Birchfield, Richard Albair, Howard Fisher, Rob Strause, Jamie Freeman, Eric Covington, Jimmy Glover, , Keely Guidry, Kimberly Cooper, Meg Clark, Skylar Rowley, Brandon Gerrald, Gerald Brignac, Grace Corkran, Kenton James, Tony Lummus, Glenn Ray, Jason Ray, Ann Wilkinson, Collin Stanley, Herb Spencer, J.V. Chauvin and Jo Bramhan.


Our prayers go out to Dorothy Harmon who has been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.*****Judge Buddie Hahn, one of our favorite folks, had surgery Tuesday to correct a bulging disk in his neck. Speedy recovery.*****I wonder what‘s up with attorney Steve Parkhurst? He has been spotted wearing a neck collar. Did he have surgery also?*****District Attorney John Kimbrough has hired a new legal secretary, Joeydale Dronett. He also hired Kathleen Morgan as one of his assistant district attorneys. Two lovely ladies. Not bad to look at either.*****Sharon Bearden, when he was DA back in 1982, hired Ruthie Hannegan. Last Friday, Bearden walked over to the DA’s office to extend Ruthie a special happy birthday wish.*****Judge Pat says,” I bet he didn‘t bring a gift.” Now that‘s the pot calling the kettle black. Speaking of Pat, he and Rosalie’s granddaughter Whitney turned 15 years old last week, Sept. 23. Boy, that‘s hard to believe.*****Also, I understand that Capt. Chuck Uzzle has a birthday soon. Over the years Chuck has been good to us. Best wishes.*****Fact check: An analysis  in political fact finders have found that viewers of FOX News are the least informed on political matters. FOX starts with kernels of truth and then twists the subject often beyond recognition. Fact Finders also found FOX News regular viewers are not only less knowledgeable but also less educated. My view is that Hannity and that bunch at FOX feed those who are gullible enough to watch a daily dose of Castrol Oil.*****Commissioners Court has finalized the budget for another year. No easy job during trying times. It‘s hard to make everyone happy during good times but it‘s impossible during difficult times. However, year in and year out, they face their task as good fiscal conservatives and get the job done.*****A week away, on Oct. 3, will be the first of three presidential debates. According to swing state polls the burden in on Mitt Romney. A good showing, a triple won‘t be good enough, he has to hit a walk off grand slam for it to be a game changer. I believe Paul Ryan is a drag. He should have picked Sen. Rob Portman.*****We purchased three dozen blue claw crabs and 10 pounds of large, fresh shrimp from Ike, at Muddy Water Marina. Believe me Margie Stephens can eat her weight in boiled crabs. We also picked up lunch last Thursday. They have a large menu, including homemade stuffed blue claw crabs.*****Speaking of restaurants, Peggy’s on the Bayou will soon start on a large expansion. They finally got by all the regulations.*****We hear Bruce and his crew at Burger Town is getting good response to their new resturant. The food is good and it‘s a trip back into the 1950‘s.*****Cathy, at Sure Catch Restaurant, in Bridge City says folks are taking advantage of their lunch specials.*****There are many great places to eat right here at home. Pay them a visit.*****The Orange County boys in the NFL all had wins. The wildest finish was Earl Thomas and the Seahawks getting away with a win over Green Bay because of officiating. Matt Bryant and Atlanta are 3-0 and maybe the best defense in the NFL. Wade Phillips and the Houston Texans, after a win are also 3-0. Maybe second best defense in the NFL.*****A few folks we know who celebrate their special day this week. On Sept. 26, Rev. John Harrell marks another year. Thank the Lord.***Also celebrating on the 26 is Joey Hargrave.***Lesley Bradley celebrates on Sept. 27.***Also on Sept. 27,  Tim’s boy Mike Hughes, is a year older and Justin Burchfield will be 8***Angelique Cook reaches that big 30 year old milestone on Friday Sept. 28.***Our buddy, former Record editor, Darryl Brinson, is also a Sept. 28 baby, as is Greg Bostwick.***Along with “Bum” Phillips other folks celebrating Saturday Sept. 29 are Joy Young Parish, who turns 90. Joy was married to Bum’s uncle the late Monroe Parish.***Celebrating on the 29th is longtime friend, Debbie’s dad, Cliff McCadle.***Happy birthday also to Irene Pachuca on Sept. 29.***Celebrating on Sept. 30th are a bunch of good folks: Dean Granger, Martha Hankins, Robert’s widow and Rob Strause all mark their big day Sept. 30.***Our buddy Howard Fisher, who married well many years ago is a year older.***Another guy who married well and gets to sleep with Karen Jo, is Robert Dale Vance. He celebrates his birthday Sept. 30.***Richard Albair, the chief cook and bottle washer at Peggy’s on the Bayou will be a year older. Maybe Peggy will give him a day off. *****Happy 66th anniversary Oct. 2 to special friends Virginia and Millard “Neighbor Cox”. Poor Ms. Ginny, she’s paid her dues to heaven. One thing is for sure though, Cox loves that woman.


Olivia Newton-John will be 64 on Sept. 26; Linda Hamilton, 56 and Serena Williams, 31.***Meat Loaf will be 65 on Sept. 27; Lil Wayne, 30; and Avril Lavigne, 28.***Janeane Garofalo will be 48 on Sept. 28; Gwyneth Paltrow, 40 and Hilary Duff, 25.***Ian McShane will be 70 on Sept. 29; Tom Sizemore, 51.***On Sept. 30, Fran Drescher will be 55; Eric Stoltz, 51 and Jenna Elfman, 41.***Randy Quaid will be 62 on Oct. 1; Mark McGwire, 49 and Blu Catrell, 36.***Kelly Ripa will be 42 on Oct. 2; Sting, 61 and Camilla Belle, 26.


Agnes Comeaux attended a reception and dinner at a local hotel in Lafayette. When the event ended she rushed to da bashroom. After finishing her business she started patting herself down looking for her car keys. She looked at da table where she sat. No key. She realized she must of left dem keys in da ignition. Agnes then came to a terrifying conclusion. She bust thru da door and sure nuff da lot was empty. 

She called da police her, told dem were she was and confessed she had left da keys in da car and it had been stolen. 

While waiting for da police she made da call she dreaded da most. She call her husband Clovis and say, “Honey, me I left da keys in da car and it’s been stolen.” 

After a long pause Clovis say, “Damnit Agnes, I dropped you off me.” 

Embarrassed Agnes say, “Well Clovis, please come get me.” 

“I will Agnes as soon as I convince dis policeman I haven’t stole you car.”


The worst congress since Harry Truman coined the 1948 congress “Do Nothing” is off again. After five weeks vacation, they showed up at the Capital to eat their lunch, collect their pay and vote against a jobs bill for returning veterans and after only eight days took off for another seven weeks. They left many issues undone including the urgent farm bill, postal service overhaul, immigration reform and also the budget bill. Just a few  things but that’s not unusual, they have sat on their hands for four years doing absolutely nothing to help the American people or help advance the country. It’s no doubt the congress has a 12 percent approval rating. It’s amazing that despite all the road blocks, the country has made slow but steady gains. Next week, if I have the time and space, I will explain why the country will do better, much better, in President Obama’s second term. Texas voters are left in the cold. We will have absolutely nothing to do with who is elected president but a $300 million battle is being waged in seven swing states. Romney must win six of them to have a chance. A loss in Florida and Ohio and he’s done. Ryan’s not helping in Wisconsin. Both candidates appear very amateurish on the campaign trail while Obama appears very presidential and knowledgeable. I still wonder why Sen. McCain, given the choice between Romney and Palin, picked Sarah for his VP running mate. If only we knew that. I bet it goes back to manipulating taxes in foreign countries. Mitt will never release multiple tax returns, it would be deadly. Meanwhile, consumer confidence is up and the U.S. is on the upswing. Oh well, I don’t know why we even bother, the choice for president is not one we will make. One thing I’d bet on is if Obama is re-elected, Assad, in Syria, might as well pack his bags. He’s history and the “Little Rat” in Iran is in deep do-do. I believe the President when he says Iran will never have a nuclear weapon. He doesn’t play games when it comes to foreign policy and national security.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine with Uncle Jim at Novozsky’s this week and back at Robert’s next week. Everyone is always welcome. *****Gotta go. Thanks for your time. We got a lot of response from Mike Trahan’s column on “Sadie” last week. Read the last chapter this week. Take care and God bless.