As the days grow shorter and the temperatures become more tolerable it is plain to see that fall and hunting season are just around the corner. For local hunters, the first taste of hunting season came in the form of the opening of teal season which was followed shortly by the south zone opener for dove hunters. Wing shooters and waterfowlers aside, the most anticipated event here at home as well as all over the state will be the opening of deer season. On Sept. 29 the archery only season gets under way and another deer season in Texas will have officially begun.

Light cool fronts and pleasant temperatures have sparked some serious activity among local archers, especially those who are lucky enough to call Precision Archery in Bridge City their home base for hunting. Each year during the summer and all through the months of hunting season, the good folks at Precision Archery are busily helping hunters prepare for a successful season. The shop almost resembles a human ant hill, archers from all over the area and surrounding states come here to get the best service and most professional help around. Owner Donnie Pickard runs a first class outfit that serves hunters of all ability and skill levels with equal courtesy and knowledge. At this time of the year it is rare that he gets out from behind the work area where the bow press and assorted tools are kept, the rush of last minute hunters trying to take care of their archery needs usually means long hours and not much free time. “It happens each year around this time, every body starts getting excited and the shop stays full from open to close” said Pickard.

With the official start of the season only days away the traffic at Precision Archery has been predictably high to say the least. The worst enemy of any hunter is procrastination and many archers are feeling that pressure. The well prepared hunter has already taken care of all the little details and is ready for legal shooting light on Saturday. For those that still have work to do before the opener a trip to Precision Archery can help cure those problems.

Now as far as conditions go for local bowhunters the weatherman is not a friend right now but help could be on the way. Temperatures that reach upper 80’s during the day and a full moon right around the corner are not the best way to open the season. Projected cooler temperatures for later next week will hopefully bring some relief from the current conditions because they are borderline miserable for any hunter right now. East Texas has been the beneficiary of timely rains at perfect times during the antler growth period and that will certainly show up in the caliber of bucks that will be taken this season. Several bowhunters I know have shared some impressive trail camera photos with me recently and it’s easy to see why they are so excited about the upcoming season.

Good luck to all the bowhunters and remember if you climb a tree to hunt be sure to wear your safety harness, no deer is worth a fall or injury.

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