An Orange man was arrested for public intoxication Wednesday when Officer Marcus Bernard responded to a report of a man laying in the middle of the roadway. Officer Bernard arrived in the area of Curtis and 6th St. at about 2:12 am. Upon arrival, Officer Bernard observed, and made contact with a black male lying on his back in the middle of the roadway. Officer Bernard recognized the man on sight as 35 year old Wesley Frank, of Orange.

Officer Bernard attempted to awaken Frank verbally, but he did not respond. Officers then moved Frank’s foot and Frank became somewhat alert. However, he seemed to be disoriented and very unsteady on his feet.

When asked why Frank was in the roadway, he responded that he wasn’t in the road. His speech was very slurred and his eyes were extremely red and glassy. He also refused to follow simple commands, such as sitting back down or providing information as to why he was asleep in the roadway.

Frank advised police that he lived around the corner from there he was in the road, but he said there was nobody there to take custody of, or care for him. At this time, police believed Frank to be a danger to himself or others present, and he was taken into custody for public intoxication.