Students from Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City attended the Tiger Rock Houston Nationals competition Sept. 22. The event was held at the Legends Complex in The Woodlands. Thirty-five competitors attended the prestigious event.

The following members competed: Elyse Thibodeaux, 4th Degree Black Belt, and Aaron Thibodeaux, 3rd Degree Black Belt.

Other competitors included: 1st degree black belts; Christian Skidmore and Daisy Bergene; red belts, Kearsten Temple, Matthew Rainey, Logan Owens and Preston Peterson; brown belts, David Landry, Devyn Van Slyke, and Kathryn Wooley; blue belts, Brandy Powers, Samuel VanSlyke, Jessica Tingler, Conner Duke, Dallas Powers and Jasmin Vega.

Also participating in the competition were green belts, Teri Rainey, Tamona VanSlyke, Araceli Vega, Richard Temple, William Abshire, Cameron Guyote, Adam Cain and Lance Cammack; yellow belts, Jacob Rougeau, Sr., Lisa Rougeau, Oceana Rougeau, Joseph Rougeau, Gavin Guyote, Alex Nieto, Gary Thibodeaux, and Jaime Vega; tiger cubs, Breanna Powers and J.J. Rougeau.

The Instructors and staff and Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City are very proud of all the medals brought home by their students.

Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City wishes to thank the following businesses for providing tournament scholarships: Bridge City Bank, David Self Ford and COS Printing.