The talk now for the next few days will be Wednesday night’s first presidential debate between President Barrack Obama and Willard Mitt Romney. Historically the challenger makes more points and often is seen as winning the first debate. The reason for that is the incumbent is mostly on defense, having to defend his policies. Unless one of them really stumbles, the American people who are already for one candidate or the other won’t be swayed. Now it’s different with the talking heads. Romney supporters will hit the airways and say he won, while Obama supporters will say Obama held his own and came off looking presidential while Romney fumbled. Rush Limbaugh and the folks at FOX News will claim how big Mitt won. They will spin how his game changer performance makes it a whole new game. Romney would have to do great and Obama do real bad for any major change. Right now Romney is way behind in every swing state including (10 points) in Ohio. No Republican has ever won that didn’t carry Ohio. If Obama wins Ohio he just needs to win only one other swing state. If Romney loses Ohio, he has to win all the swing states. No debate alone will do that. Two more debates are scheduled. The incumbent usually wins the following debates. Both debaters are intelligent, both have distinct policies and both are good speakers. My guess is that the debate will change very little. Romney could get a little bounce from just being on the same stage with the president but his problem is that he needs a big bounce. I will probably enjoy the vice-presidential debate scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 11 more. A lot of ‘Right Wing’ pundits like to make VP Joe Biden out to be a clown. Anyone who writes off the old man’s intelligence is making a big mistake. Con. Paul Ryan can’t carry Joe’s water when it comes to experience and qualifications. Biden has forgotten more than that young Wisconsin congressman will ever know. VP Biden has served under six presidents and is an expert on foreign policy. He’ll have Ryan stuttering, he’s really a weak candidate. Well, I’ve got a long way to go. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.


Our buddy Clarence Dale Newton, the boy from Post, Texas, died Sept. 26. For years Dale waited on customers at Granny’s Seafood. He always enjoyed relating with people He lived one heck of a life starting in that small, dusty West Texas town. His story would make for good reading. Dale had fought COPD for years. He died of double-pneumonia when both of his lungs collapsed Wednesday night after being rushed to ICU at Baptist Hospital. He didn’t want a service, just to be cremated and ashes spread over the tombs of his loved ones. His wife Linda Ann, “Granny” to most of us, has had a bad life and now she’s left behind with her memories. Some good, some bad. Sometime dates seem to bring some kind of adversity. In Linda’s life, it’s Sept. 26. On that day in 1990,she lost her daughter, Ruby, in an auto accident. On the same day, Sept. 26, 2008, she lost her son, Edward, also in an auto accident. Now on Sept. 26, 2012 she has lost her husband. That is strange. I wonder what the odds are. Maybe I should ask what forces are in play to make Sept. 26 so prominent in her life. Our condolences to Linda and her family.  May Dale rest in peace. He’s now with his loved ones who have gone before him.


Fifty-five years ago this week, Oct. 2, 1957, a youngster born in Orange, TX would grow up to be a Major League baseball player. With the Major League season ending and the playoffs on the way, my thoughts turned to an Orange native who made it to the big show. Andre Levett Robertson, attended West Orange-Stark where he was a star in baseball, football and other sports. He went on to play baseball at the University of Texas and in the 1979 amateur draft, at age 21, he was signed in the fourth round. by the Toronto Blue Jays. During his rookie season he made it to the Blue Jays Syracuse triple A farm club. Andre made it to the New York Yankees on Sept. 3, 1981. He played with the Yankees over five years. His batting average was .312 in 1981, .247 in ‘82, .293 in .83, .250 in ‘84 and .386 in 1985. He played at three different positions for the Yankees, second base, short stop and third base. He did pitch a little in the minor leagues. Over all Andre was with the Yankees five years. He was highly regarded in the Yankee organization but in an unfortunate auto accident he suffered a broken neck. He never regained the skills that had served him well since he was a youngster in Little League. For several years now he has been an employee of DuPont in Orange. Andre is just another of the boys raised in Orange County who made their mark and brought pride to this little part of Texas that we call home. This week we extend a very happy birthday to Andre Robertson, a special guy from a special place.


Our old friend of many years, Quincy Procell, stopped by. We’ve known each other so long it’s hard to remember before. He needs knee surgery but it will never happen because they won’t do the surgery until he loses 55 pounds. It used to be 45 pounds. He’s going backward. Quincy said he stays in touch with R.C. Slocum, the Orange boy who is the winnest coach at Texas A&M history.  Right behind Quincy, former Orange city manager Jack Huffman came by. It was old Stark High Day. Jack was by to run an announcement on his 100 year old aunt, Irene “Dina” Seelbach, who was born in Orange in 1912. She lead a very interesting life and still lives with her daughter in Henderson and is sharp as a tack. Jack was born and raised here in Brunner Addition along with Red Garrett, Skipper Free and a host of others. Brunner Addition is around Bradford St, Crabtree St., etc. Actually it’s between the railroad tracks in West Orange.

40 Years Ago-1972

It was 1:05 p.m. Sunday afternoon, Sept. 15, when Phyllis and Roy Dunn received word that their daughter, Karen, had been involved in a bad auto accident while a passenger in a car that hit a pine tree. It was an accident that could have easily taken her life. After extensive surgery, the Dunn’s are thankful that their little girl’s life was spared. She’s in for a long recovery, however, and years of surgery ahead. (Editor’s note: It’s hard to believe that it’s been 40 years. That young child grew up to be a beautiful woman.)*****Judge Sid Caillavet has spent 13 days in the hospital after suffering a slight stroke. When the judge was confronted he said, “I just had a couple of gas pains and everyone got excited.” The judge’s eyesight is still good. He can pick out the pretty nurses from the not-so-pretty.*****Jo and D.J. “Ace” Amodeo have moved into their new home at 380 Quincy in Bridge City.*****Joe Martin sells Gulf oil dealership to Don Campbell, the boy from Shelby County.*****Lee Brown, your hearing aid man, says he saw a tombstone in an old cemetery near Palacios that read, “I expected this but not just yet.”*****“Hop-A-Long Cassidy” Billy Boyd, 74, the best cowboy anyone ever saw at the picture show for eight cents, died this week.*****Bernice Granger passed away last week. She owned Granger’s Seafood on Roundbunch in Bridge City.*****Entertainer Johnny Carson and former wife, Joanne, are free to marry again, but if she does, it will cost her $100,000 a year in alimony. She also got $200,000 cash and art work valued at $200,000.*****Reginald K. Drake, son of Betty and Earl Drake, is selected to attend leadership school at Allen Academy in Bryan. Only cadets demonstrating great leadership receive an invitation to attend.*****The first entry from the Sabine area is the second annual Baytown Kiwanis Club Pilot Air Race is Richard Turkel of Orange. His co-pilot in the Sept. 30 race is Doyle Fleming of Bridge City. The 300-mile course is an exercise in fuel management and ability to get the most miles per gasoline consumed. (Editor’s note: I bet Richard could squeeze the last drop of fuel. He’s not known for being wasteful.)*****Three Orange teenagers attend the GOP convention in Dallas as special delegates. They are Tab Finchum, Frank McCollum and Corbin Rinehart.*****The Bridge City Cardinals hold Stake Jesuit scoreless in a 34-0 win. In the last two games, Cardinal linebacker Mark Dunn continued to dominate the tackling charts while David Riddling has been superb on both offense and defense. Reserve quarterback Terry Bridgers had a big night passing. Coach Chief Wilson has found depth in two young players, Chipper Nance and Charlie Hildebrand.*****The West Orange Chiefs, led by tailbacks Roy Williams and Barney Duhon, quarterback Ray Pousson, and Phillip January on offense, with Jerry Callier, Spears and company on defense, pulled off a 27-0 win over cross town rival Stark High Tigers.


Regina Pounders, Logan Bonds, Sherry  Baker, Alexandra Bates, Betty Roden, Bobby Romero, Eddie Free, Judy Craig, Bonnie Swanson, Ruth Scales, Gertrude Dotson, Carol Kennedy, Beverly Gill, Ryan Dubose, Kyle Ezell, Lori Ess, Sarah Armand, Tricia Prosperie, Candy Hughes, Dakota Rowley, Jami Anderson, Jessica Evans, John Cardner, Kevin Staudenmier, Tyler Miller, Brad Lanthier, Darlene Stephens, Elicia Dillon, Glenn Heil, Jared Dillon, Kay Bilbo, Jerald Ziller, Jimmy Smith, Mildred Gammage, Samual Woodall, Lori Harmon, Barbara Angelle, Cathye Liepy, Charlie Dorman, Inell Lingan, Connie Elkins, Mary Moore, Joby Brown, Elizabeth VanMetre, Nancy Amsden, Ronnie Halliburton, Sandy Frye, Shelly Rose, Blaine Huff, Connie Bland, May Campbell, Darrell Fisher, Larry Welch, Lisa Havens, Betty Stimac, Robert Love, Susan Ayre, Will Stout, Kirsten Perricone, Linda Myers, Logan Conner, Mark Prevost, Megan Benoit, Steve Kidwell and Imogene Bailey.


Our Orange County boys in the NFL: Bridge City’s Matt Bryant had another game winning day for his Atlanta Falcons. With time running out Matt kicked his third field goal of the day. The final 40-yard kick gave the Falcons a 30-28 win over the Panthers. Atlanta is undefeated 4-0. Matt had a lot to do with that. He’s 9 for 9 in field goals.***Orange native Coach Wade Phillips and his Houston Texan defense continues to dominate. The Houston offense is ticking and Wade’s defense is holding the score down. Sunday they beat Titans 38 to 14.***Meanwhile, the youngster from West Orange-Stark, Earl Thomas, and his Seattle Seahawks came up short, losing 19-13 to the Rams. Earl had his usual good outing.*****Paris, Texas named a boulevard for hometown country singer Gene Watson. That guy has a rich, smooth voice.***Did you know that Gene Autry Drive runs through Tiega, Texas, honoring the  singing, cowboy actor. The Autry Museum is also there in Gene’s hometown.***Austin turned Second St. into Willie Nelson Boulevard and of course the big street in Lubbock carries Buddy Holly’s name.*****Carthage promotes itself as the hometown of country crooner Jim Reeves.*****Dallas has a street honoring native son Stevie Ray Vaughn.***A portion of Texas 288 is named for Nolan Ryan. ***A boulevard is named for Coach Jimmy Johnson and a street is named for Coach Bum Phillips, both in Mid-County, in Jefferson County. Bum is an Orange native, Johnson is a Port Arthur native. As of yet no Orange County locations are named for any of our super stars. ***** When Gertrude Dotson was born, William Howard Taft was President. A gallon of gas cost $.07.  A loaf of bread was $.03 and a quart of milk could be bought for the same price. The average salary for a college graduate was $750 a year. Yes, Gertrude Dotson was born Oct. 4, 1910. Vinton, La. was incorporated six days later. Most folks remember her when she owned a gas station on 16th. She has been a resident of The Meadows since January. Gertrude turns 102 on Thursday and we wish her a very happy birthday.*** A few more folks we know celebrating their special day this week. Tony Fuslier’s 66 birthday is Wednesday, Oct. 3. A party starting at 5 p.m. at the Cow Bayou Marina will be held to celebrate his big day. Y’All come.***On Oct. 4, a birthday will be shared by Eddie Free and Jason Montagne. Eddie is one of Skipper’s boys and Jason is Johnny and Darlene’s youngest child.***Oct. 4, is a special day for Bobbie Burgess, former Bridge City mayor, Lamar dean, Don’s bride and daughter of the late Joe Grossman. Notching another year is the tree of life, also on Oct. 4, is Jason Menard, who has spent 12 years in Uncle Sam’s Army, plus three tours to Iraq. Jason will turn 32. Coach Les Johnson will tell you today that Jason is the toughest little guy he has ever known. Jason is still in the Army.***Oct. 5 is a special day for longtime friend Percy Bordelon, who will turn 92. He has slowed down a lot but is still kicking. Also celebrating Oct. 5 is Jared Dillon, a baseball pitcher by trade and a fine young man from a great family.***Celebrating Oct. 6 is Port Commissioner Jimmy Smith, also Lori Harmon, Barbara Angelle and Charlie Dorman.*****Marking another birthday on Oct. 8, is Darrin Boudoin, Sandy Frye, Claude Huff and Larry Welch.*****Celebrating Oct. 9th is Betty Stimac, Linda Myers, Steve Kidwell and Imogene Bailey. Happy birthday to all. Please see complete list in this issue.*****Some Republicans are hitting the airways attempting to ‘Swift Boat’ President Obama on the embassy attack in Libya. Also Sen. McCain is making all the televisions shows talking about us doing more in three wars. Paul Ryan is talking about us doubling down in Afghanistan, sending more troops. Sen. Graham is complaining about President Obama giving a date for withdrawal. Why all this spin? My belief is that the defense contractors don’t want war to end anywhere, It’s bad for business. In a few days Mitt Romney will give a foreign policy speech. He knows absolutely nothing about the subject but worse, his foreign policy advisors are John Bolton, Donald Rumsfeld and 17 of George W’s experts.*****BREAKING NEWS: Our friend and poet Ms. Pearl Burgess was practicing for a part as the flying nun when she skid across a coffee table and fractured two ribs. Just kidding about the nun but Ms. Pearl is tough and a couple of ribs won’t hold her down long. I bet she’s dancing at her 92nd birthday party come Oct. 27. We wish a speedy recovery.*****Our friend Dorothy Hamon is still in the hospital battling pneumonia. Our prayers are with her.*****Our compliments to the Orange County Commissioner’s Court for recognizing Coach O.A. ’Bum’ Phillips’ birthday with a resolution. Bum was born on John Street in Orange. Our apologizes also for the headline in last week’s County Record. We mistakenly listed Bum’s initials as B.A. instead of O.A.*****The University of Texas, with the arm of quartback David Ash and the receiving skill of Jaxon Shipey, edged out Oklahoma State 41-36. The big test will come for Texas at home Saturday against West Virginia. That’s when Geno Smith comes to Austin. I watched the WV-Baylor game that the Bears lost 70 to 63. Geno completed 45-51-0 for 656 yards and eight touchdowns. He won’t do that well against Texas but he’s moving toward the Heisman.


The Rev. Al Sharpton will be 58 on Oct. 3; Gwen Stafani, 43; Ashlee Simpson, 28; Clive Owen, 48 and Kevin Richardson, 41.***On Oct. 4, Susan Sarandon will be 66; Jon Secada, 51 and Alicia Silverstone, 33.***Nicky Hilton will be 29 on Oct. 5; Daniel Baldwin, 52; Kate Winslet, 37 and Jesse Eisenberg, 29.***Taylor Hicks will be 36 on Oct. 6; YoYo Ma, 57 and Elisabeth Shue, 49.***Michael W. Smith will be 55 on Oct. 7; Simon Cowell, 53 and Toni Braxton, 45.***Jesse Jackson will be 71 on Oct. 8; Matt Damon, 42; Chevy Chase, 69; Sigourney Weaver, 63 and Paul Hogan, 72.***On Oct. 9, Sharon Osbourne will be 59; Sean Lennon, 37 and Zachery Ty Bryan, 31.


During World War Twice, a bunch of dem Loisiana boys went to Camp Beauregard, in Alexandria. Dat’s where dey induct dem. Sostan Gilbeaux was telling da story about dat time, “I remember when dey put one man in charge dat was mean, mean him. Dat man work us from before daylight till we was plum wore out.

A fellow soldier Geaux Sleaux Comeaux came up; to me an he axe, “Sostan, how come dey put dat mean so-an-so in charge of us, hanh?”

I say, “Well, Geaux Sleaux, it’s like dis, you see dat man him had ROTC before he brought himself to da Army.”

Geaux Sleaux say, “Whoo! He must got it damn bad him, dat’s for sure.”


Tuesday morning at 3:34 a.m.,  the moon is full and bright, hanging straight overhead. The temperature says 59 degrees, it’s coming on a great day. Three momma coons show up with their young, two have twins and one has triplets. They were late babies. Looks like a couple of months old. They don’t eat yet. The older babies do. I never have figured out why raccoons put both front feet in the water bucket to drink. They muddy the water. I give thanks for my many blessings and am very thankful to be an American.*****I’ve come to the end of another column. I didn’t get to some of the things I wanted to write about. I wanted to write about why I believe President Obama’s second term would be much better but that takes explaining, time and space. I’ve run out f both. Maybe next week.*****Commissioners Court completed the county budget for one more year. Even though some cuts were deep there was no blood letting. If anybody tells you that commissioners don’t work full time, don’t believe it.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and Novrozsky’s next.*****Marlene, Keith and the Lion’s Club bunch have been preparing for the grand opening of the Lion’s Club Carnival on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.. Here’s hoping the good weather holds out. It’s a great place to bring the kids. Prices are very low for all the activities compared to the high prices at other festivals. The money stays right here at home and is spent on worthy, local projects.*****Read us cover to cover. Even Roy has written a Down Life’s Highway column about the events after his dad Clay’s death. The last few weeks our website has gone wild and is up 40 percent. Mike Trahan’s column on Miss Sadie alone got thousands of hits. Check us out regularly for the latest news at*****I stayed up and watched the Dallas-Chicago game. A mistake. Coach Lovie Smith, an East Texas boy from Big Sandy, brought his Bears to Dallas and totally destroyed the Cowboys, 34-18. Quarterback Tony Romo tied his own record throwing five picks in the same game. Two returned for touchdowns. I’m not sure Dallas will ever again be America’s team. In fact, right now they are not even Texas’ team. If the Cowboys don’t find a running game and that starts with the offensive line, they will win very few games. I liked being a cowboy fan when they had all the great players and were America’s team. To pour salt in the wounds of this Cajun boy, the New Orleans Saints are sinking like a rock.*****So ends my day and week. Thanks for your time, mine is up. Take care and God bless.