An Orange woman was arrested on Monday after she reportedly stabbed a woman following an alleged altercation.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Trisha Blanchard, reported to a West Orange police officer, she had gotten into a verbal altercation with Rhonda Haley, 52, at a residence located at 4425 Holland Ave.  Blanchard stated the altercation escalated and became physical. Blanchard added she was holding her two-year-old son when Haley began stabbing her with a large knife. Blanchard stated another woman at the residence, Patricia Moore, restrained Haley which allowed her to escape.

Moore reported to police she has been in the bedroom when she heard the commotion in the living room. Moore stated she entered the living room and saw Haley standing over Blanchard holding a knife. Haley appeared to be ready to stab Blanchard. Moore grabbed Haley by the arm and pushed her onto the couch. Moore stated she took the knife from Haley.

Haley left the scene and started walking on Holland Street toward Foreman Road.

Blanchard reported she ran with her son to a nearby residence located at 4326 Western Ave. #23, where she notified police.

When the officer who arrived at the scene, noted Blanchard has several stab wounds to her to head, one her on her left arm and one in the left center of her chest. He also observed a moderate amount of blood in her hair and the sink.

Blanchard reported to police she was having trouble breathing. She was transferred by ambulance to a local hospital.

Moore stated Haley was wearing a white T-shirt at the time of the incident which became stained with several blood stains..

The officer noted he was at 4326 Western Ave. speaking with Moore when he could hear a female voice calling for her. He walked through the wooded area to 4425 Holland where he located Haley at the residence. She was still wearing the white T-shirt which was previously described. She was read her Miranda rights. Haley told the officer she and Blanchard had gotten into an argument which had turned physical. Haley admitted she did stab Blanchard several times because she had “put her hands on her.”

Haley was taken into custody on charges of aggravated assault, using a deadly weapon causing serious bodily injury. According to reports, Haley appeared to be very intoxicated and stated she would give a statement to an investigator.

She was transferred to the Orange County Jail and released to jail staff. Bond was later set at $100,000.

In June, officers were called out to the scene where Haley had stabbed a person. She faced the same offense of aggravated assault, however, the victim dropped the charges.

If convicted of the recent charges, she faces up to 20 years in prison for the second degree felony.