Orangefield High School Spanish teacher, Sra. Morgan recently invited several Hispanic leaders to come visit her class and share the value of knowing a second language. Ricardo Rosario, a student from Lamar University, visited Sra. Morgan’s fifth period Spanish class on Thursday, Oct. 4, to talk with students about the advantages of knowing a second language.

Rosario is working towards his accounting degree and spoke to the students of his recent trip to Spain, which is how he met Sra. Morgan. They both studied at the University of Salamanca. He also spoke about his interview with a law firm the week before in Houston. The employees in this firm were diverse and 16 languages were spoken, including Spanish, French, German, and Asian languages.

Rosario encouraged the students in Sra. Morgan’s class to learn Spanish, among other languages, because it will make them marketable in today’s competitive work force.

Sept. 15 – Oct. 15 is recognition month for Hispanos (Hispanics) in America.