Matt Bryant kicked his second game winning field goal in three weeks. He beat Carolina 30-28 with five seconds left on the clock two weeks ago. Sunday, against the Raiders, he saw his streak of 23 consecutive field goals come to an end when he missed a 43-yarder that went wide left. He came back to make two field goals in the third quarter. With the score tied 20-20 and just one second left in the game Bryant was called on to win the game or go into overtime. Matt punched a long 55-yard kick right through the uprights for a 23-20 Falcon win. They remain the only undefeated team in the NFL at 6-0. Matt is 14-1 for the season in field goals. He makes Orange County proud. He went from a pawn shop job to being an NFL star.*****Our guy Earl Thomas, with the Seahawks, had a pick in a winning effort. Meanwhile, Orange native, Coach Wade Phillips’ Texan defense took a licking in a first season loss to Green Bay.*****Local Longhorn fans were crying the blues after a 63-21 whipping by Oklahoma. Meanwhile, local Aggie fans felt lucky to beat Louisiana Tech 59-57. They are shouting quarterback Johnny Manziel’s praises and boosting him for the Heisman.*****For historical record, fearless Felix Baumgartner set a freefall record of breaking the sound barrier. He plunged to earth from 24 miles in space. While falling he reached speeds of 833.9 mph which is faster than the speed of sound.*****Next Monday will be the third and final presidential debate on foreign policy. That should be a good one for President Obama. His strong suit. It will be exactly two weeks before the election. Here at home, early voting starts Monday. Local races are important. You should vote.*****a great American, Sen. Arlen Specter, who spent 30 years in the U.S. Senate, died Sunday at age 82, from Hodgkins Lymphoma. A life long Republican, he had switched to the Democratic Party saying the Bush/Cheney Republican Party had swung too far to the right.*****I still intend to give my views on why I believe things would be much better in an Obama second term but more pressing current events came up taking space.*****I’d better get this one man and his bird show on the road. I’ve got a long way to go. I hope we can be informative and entertaining. It’s just me and this other old bird’s view. Take ‘um or leave ‘um. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.




President Obama had Gov. Mitt Romney on the ropes before the first debate but instead of knocking  him out he let him survive for another round. In between rounds, V.P. Joe Biden took on Con. Paul Ryan in a debate and won by doing just what he needed to do. He woke up the democratic base and reached the women that were starting to get away. He definitely reached the independents. Biden kept Ryan on the defense while driving the central points home. He showed time and again that Romney/Ryan would be taking care of only the wealthy. The split screen made Joe look like he was too adjectival but that gave the extreme right reason to spend three days criticizing him. Taking the heat off of President Obama’s first debate was the goal and Joe accomplished that. The next round, the second debate, took place Tuesday night in a town hall debate setting. Obama showed up with a fresh new approach, not to let Mitt Romney keep adjusting his views at will without being checkmated. In the first debate Romney amended what he stands for at will. Romney has many positions on abortion. He has changed his tax policy to placate everyone from Grover Norquist, the Wall Street Journal and Paul Ryan’s extreme budget tax plan that has yet to be explained. Also unexplained is the actual impact that will have on the poor and middle class. President Obama, in Tuesday’s debate, took time to explain to questioners what the future will look like if he keeps moving forward. He showed how far the country has come despite the obstructions of congress. He left the choices of going back to the Bush policies or the Clinton policies. He laid out a clear choice. The first debate caused President Bill Clinton to pen Romney, ‘Old Moderate Mitt.’ That was also my impression. In fact, I said it was hard to tell which candidate was the most moderate. Romney had done a complete flip-flop from what he had been saying on the campaign trail. In the second debate it was Romney’s interest to put the president away. That didn’t happen. Instead, President Obama turned the tables on him and was clear and to the point on their differences. In Tuesday’s debate Gov. Romney ropey-doped, etch a sketched and danced around in the ring. President Obama cornered him and counter punched and beat him on eight of the ten questions. Romney swung wildly throughout the round trying to find a balance. Romney was wrong on Libya and drilling on public lands. He could not explain the loop holes he would stop or how he would pay for eight trillion dollars in tax cuts. The president pointed out Romney’s secret video where Romney called 47 percent of the people dependent on the government. You saw Romney back peddle all night long like I did. President Obama won this second debate by a good margin. It wasn’t a knock out but the president far out pointed him. Had the president performed as good in the first debate this race would be over. There’s one more round to go next Monday.



For centuries America’s top religious brand has been “Protestant,” that’s no more. In the 1960’s two in three Americans called themselves protestant. Today, both evangelical and main line protestants have slid down to 48 percent from 50 percent just five years ago, in 2007. They didn’t switch to other religions, they just let go of any faith affiliation. The Pew Forum report says one in five Americans now claim no religious identity. This group, called “Nones,” is now the second largest category after Catholics. Thirty-two percent are under age 30 and unlikely to claim a religion with age. “Nones” are not atheists, agnostics and non-believers, some believe nothing in particular. Pew Forum says 45 million are gone and not coming back to a religious belief. Many ‘Nones” are baby boomers, 68 percent believe in God or a higher power, 41 percent say they pray, 23 percent consider religion some what important. Fifty-eight percent say they feel a deep connection with nature and the earth. Today, “Nones” are tied with white evangelicals. Pew makes the point that the study comes amid an election category where the Republican Party, which placed protestants on it’s presidential ticket for a century, has nominated a Mormon, Mitt Romney and a Catholic, Paul Ryan, as his running mate. For the first time, if Romney is elected, a Mormon will hold the most powerful position in the world. Also today the United States Supreme Court includes six Catholics and three Jews and no Protestants. Point of interest: President Barack Obama is the only Protestant on both political tickets. Joe Biden is Catholic.




10 Years Ago-2002

Jillian Denise Boswell celebrates her first birthday Oct. 16th with her cousin Blaze, family and friends. Jillian is the daughter of Carolyn and Cory Boswell and the granddaughter of Darlene and Johnny Montagne, Billy Boswell and Carla Farley. The little beauty is also the great granddaughter of Cedrick and Cherry Stout. (Editor‘s note: Happy birthday to Jillian, who turns 11-years-old this week.)*****Others celebrating are Joy Dubose, Wayne Mulhollan, Brad Childs, Mattie Lou Huckaby, Darrell Segura, David Rascoe, Luke Ivy, Ronnie Shuggart, Kaleb Faulk, Sue Collins and Johnny Dubose.*****K-Dan’s prepared the food for David Bernson’s Bayou Bash, Over 1,500 attended. Everyone enjoyed the gumbo and trimmings. A few of the natives spotted were Tony DalSasso, Gerald Eddlemon, Judge Claude Wimberly and his fire chief, brother, Jerry, Roy Dunn, Cal Broussard, Constable P.T. Thompson, Donna Scales, Sue Bearden, Cindy Claybar, Ambrose Claybar, Judge Don and Mayor Bobbie Burgess. (Editor’s note: That’s when politics brought out large crowds and Democrats had a lot of fun and participated.*****Roy Derry Dunn is a candidate for Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1. He is opposing J.P. Cimron Campbell. Dunn is running to be a full time judge. Campbell is a practicing attorney and also works for the City of Orange.*****Bridge City Cards, undefeated in 21-3A, (5-1) 3-0, will take on Hardin-Jefferson for homecoming Friday.*****Orangefield Bobcat, Alex Sauceda, dashed for 310 yards against Anahuac to bring his rushing yardage up to 1,251 yards. Bobcats win 20-10.*****West Orange -Stark Mustangs defeat Lumberton 19-7. Kerry Franks rushed for 179 yards. The chain gang defense was led by Donavan Richard and Dominique Dugas.




40 Years Ago-1973

One of Orange Counties finest men, Bill Harland, of Vidor, has been selected to grand jury foreman.*****Barbara Gillis is married to Coach Buddy. Her mother-in-law is visiting from Kilgore.*****Judge David Dunn is hobbling around after having a big toe nail removed.*****Carol Runnels and Ronney Beeson have returned to college so if the time comes, they can strike out on their own with their degrees. They are the spouses of Pete and Randy. (Editor’s note: They since have done just that. They went off on their own many years ago.)*****A lady argues with butcher Speck Farris at Texas Avenue Grocery about the high price of liver. She was overheard saying, “I only want it for dinner, not a transplant.”*****John Curylo, an Orangeite, is a sports writer for the Port Arthur News. He graduated last May from Texas A&M where he was editor of “The Battalion,” the Aggie paper. He will have to serve a three-month hitch for Uncle Sam starting in November. (Editor’s note: What became of John anyway?)*****Leader sports editor Gary Snyder leaves for information director job at McNeese. Gary and Joe Kazmar are both outstanding baseball players. Their team was only beaten last year in the summer league by the national champs.*****Terri Stakes and Ricky Romero have announced that they will tie the knot Nov. 11. (Editor’s note: Terrie lost her life in an auto accident.)*****Phil Womack is named president of Orange Savings and Loan.*****John Mazzara, who is Ace Amodeo’s nephew, opens a day TV service at 1405 Green Ave. in Orange. (Editor’s note: Ace is now a resident of an Orange nursing home; John now fixes air conditioners not TV‘s.)*****Speedy Bridge City Cardinal David Guidry blocks punt on Cards march to 36-0 victory over Bishop Byrne. Lanston Fall scored a 5-yard TD on the next play. Roger Easterling, Bo Worrell, David Mire, Mark Truncale and Fall all scored for Chief Wilson’s Cards.*****The Orangefield Bobcats were blanked by the Anahuac Panthers.



Linda Heard, Glinda Gomez, Pam Bowman, David Sargent, James Brown, Jeff Braus, Johnny Dubose, Linda Nicks, Rachel Tisdale, Sue Collins, Wesley Palmer, Bebe Ricks, Bob Puntes, Cheryl Royal, Evelyn Nobles, Lynn Bates, Mary Everett, Mary Kendrick, Penny Becker, Tom Taliaferro, Bill Andes, Dina Defrates, Emily Hughes, Frank Fraccastoro, Griffin Lemley, Julie Prosperie, Phillip Todora, Kristin Bertles, Madeline Kirby, Blake Hunt, Joy Dubose-Simonton, Kyle Johnston, Leona Simmons, Mozelle Francois, Mary Nixon, Beth Baas, Rodney Cartwright, Ashley Sanchez, Jason Yeaman, Jeanne Mullins, Jenne Mullins, Kim Ezell, Jennie Hutchison, Earnest Barnes, Mary Tallant, George Fleming, Tammy Ballard, Marilyn Ponthieu, Vicki Brown, Treva Hodge, Anita Green, Brad Childs, Cory Moreau, John-Cecil Beeson, Marguerite Mahfouz, Kyle Murrell, Roy Farias, Becky Carter, Bob Frank, Bill Butler, Brian Prevost, Bryan Chauvin, Eldon Pendergast, Mittie Ledoux, Eric Brinson, Jewel Merchant, Jimmy Byrd, Laqueta McLellan, Lisa Stewart, Pat New, Sara Ethredge, Sarah Halliburton, Shery Martz, Thomas Fleming, Brandy Cardner, Danny Jennings, Lainey Zenos, Beth Wilson, John Clark and Larry Myers.



The Giving Hope Gala and Auction will be held Saturday, at LSC-O, at 6 p.m. Money collected will benefit Indy Parkhurst, 5, son of Steve and Jennifer Parkhurst, charities associated with Corbin Burnett, who died at the age of 10 and the Cure Starts Now Foundation. Corbin lost his life to an inoperable brain tumor while Indy suffers from the same type of brain cancer and is still fighting for his life. To make donations or for ticket information email Christy of cristyburnett@aol.com.*****Our friend Nelda Burton, who spends many of her days substitute teaching at LC-M, tells us about a big garage sale next Saturday, Oct. 20, in the gym at the school. Rain or shine, it’s indoors. A lot of great items will be sold from appliances to toys and everything in between. No doubt Ms. Nelda loves little chilluns, dats why she teaches so much when she could be home waiting on Commissioner Burton.*****Local artist Carolyn Mello will launch her new book “Murder Once Removed” at the Orange Chamber office Thursday, Oct. 18, with a ribbon cutting at 4 p.m. A book signing will take place Friday, Oct. 28 at 9 a.m. at Orange Stationer, 701 Division, across from Farmers Mercantile.*****Creaux and I have been eating pretty good. I stopped by Muddy Water Marina and Ike fixed the best chip beef on a big sour dough bun I ever ate. I also picked up a couple dozen live crabs to boil for our out of state guest. He picked the crabs swimming in the live well. They were plum full and cooked out great.*****We also shout out special thanks to our friend James Hamilton for the fresh okra. They went great with the meal.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day this week. Oct. 17 is a popular day for birthdays. Our longtime Bridge City friend, Sue Collins, celebrates on Wednesday, Oct. 17. Also, a great guy that we’ve known since he was a puppy, Johnny Dubose, Joyce and Commissioner John’s handsome son, John Heard’s better half, Ms Linda, the good doctor Wesley Palmer and Coach Bob Puntas, all are October 17 babies.***Celebrating on Oct. 18 is Evelyn Nobles, Lynn Bates and Penny Becker.***John and Joyce Dubose’s pretty daughter, attorney Joy Simonton, celebrates on Oct. 19. This is a special day also for Phillip Todora, Julie Prosperie and Kyle Johnston.***Jason Yeaman, just a nice guy, celebrates on Oct. 20.***Longtime friend, the beautiful Vickie Drake Brown, celebrates another year Oct. 21. We’ve known her through many birthdays. Condolences on the death of you mom, Betty Drake. Also celebrating Oct. 21 is Brad Childs and John Cecil Beeson. I remember the day he was born. Also having a birthday is one of Darrell and Gretta’s sons, Eric Brinson, who attended college at age 15 and finished in three years. I’d say he takes after mom. Celebrating on Oct. 21 also is Thomas Fleming and Larry Myers.***Two good friends who turn 78 on Oct. 23 are Judge Claude Wimberly and VFW Czar, John Clark. Those old guys will do to ride the range with. Happy birthday to all.*****Congrats to Nathan Hayes, freshman at West Orange-Stark High, who has been auditioning for the All Region Choir. Nathan placed 11th chair in the tenor section of the male choir and 12th chair of the mixed choir.*****Miss Mattie Delinger, longtime historical columnist for the Shelby County Light and Champion Newspaper, recently turned 101 and is still knocking out her weekly column. There is still hope for me. Mattie heard from Willie Nelson on her birthday, Oct. 1. He and wife Annie called from their home in Hawaii to sing the birthday song to her. They talked for 30 minutes. Willie is sending her a copy of his new book coming out in November.*****Speaking of Shelby County, our friend Sheriff Newton Johnson is in a tight race with Willis Blackwell. Newton served the unexpired term of Orange County Sheriff James Wade when he was sent away.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and back to Uncle Jim’s at Novrozsky’s next. Everyone is welcome. Come fellowship with a great bunch of folks.*****Jerry Priddy stopped by this week. That’s always good for a few good stories, especially his days while working at Claybar Funeral Home and when he had the service station on the Circle.*****We also visited by phone with Rebecca Segura, the late Ann and Jimmy’s daughter-in-law, married to son Tommy, who is retired from the Air Force and working in banking in Nebraska. They have two sons. One a writer in New York, the other lives in San Antonio. Tommy and Becky are planning to move to Texas in about a year or two.



Otto Boudreaux was getting into da shower jus as wife Mable was getting out. Jus den da door bell rang, Mable her, quickly wrapped herself up in a towel and ran downstairs. Wen she open da door, dere stands Rasco Comeaux, dere neighbor. 

Before Mable say a word, Rasco say, Mabel, I’ll give you $400 to drop dat towel.” 

Mabel tink about dat for a moment den she drop dat towel and stands plum naked in front of dat smiling Rasoc. After several seconds, he hand her da $400 and leaves. 

Mabel wraps up and goes back upstairs. 

Otto he axe, “Who was dat babe?”

“Oh it was jus Rasco,” she answer.

“Dats great,” says Otto, “Did he say anyting about dat $400 he owes me?”



Here is something that is really important to local citizens. Next Monday early voting begins here in Orange County. It’s a fact that we will not play a part in the presidential election, the Electoral College, in a few swing states, will determine who is elected president, but we do have a voice in state and local races. Over the years, it’s been proven that voters are independents in local elections. You know the old saying that all politics are local, national party affiliation doesn’t have much or anything to do with local government. Example: We elect our mayors, city councilmen, school boards, port commissioners, drainage directors etc., without a thought to what national party they belong to or who they vote for in state elections. Candidates in county elections are strictly independent and not beholden to any national party policies. On a local level, citizens vote for someone they are familiar with or know are qualified. Example: the good job they are doing or what kind of job or public servant a candidate will be. It’s true that local representation is picked by crossover voters. That means that the intelligent voter can cast their vote for who they feel will do the best job, knowing it’s not a party but the candidate that is best for Orange County. Now hear this because there is a lot of misinformation. If a voter chooses to vote a straight party ticket, which is not the best way to vote, votes should be cast on each candidates qualifications, you can still vote straight party and also vote for a candidate in the other party, this is called “Crossover.” Example: If you vote straight Democrat but want to vote for, let’s say,  Republican Ted Cruz, you can. Your straight party vote will count in all other races and visa versa. If you vote Republican and want to vote for someone in the Democratic column, it’s perfectly legal and that’s how it will be recorded. You have that option. I hope I explained that well enough because there are a lot of rumors that mislead. You can party vote and still candidate vote for who you think is best qualified in the other party. Also, you can vote at any of the four early voting boxes. It’s important to vote in local elections. Early voting is easy. Things have been really quite politically in Orange County compared to other election years.*****My time is up, thanks for yours and thanks for your loyalty. Read us cover to cover and please shop our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.