A man was arrested on outstanding warrants Thursday evening when he and a female were reported to be soliciting money in the 1800 block of Dupont Dr. Officer Christopher Cowart responded to the Stop n Drive store to do a security walk through. Upon arrival, the store manager, Saleem “Sammy” Meghani met him at the door to advise that the man and a female were on the property soliciting money from customers.

The pair left the store and were walking in the area of Massachusetts St. and Louisiana St., when they were seen getting into a vehicle. The man, Nathan Warnell, and the female, Ashley Calhoun were both recognized by Officer Cowart on sight from previous soliciting incidents.

While police were issuing the trespass warning, dispatch advised that Warnell had an outstanding warrant for Orange County Court at Law 2 for criminal trespassing. Warnell was placed into custody at this time and transported to the Orange County Jail.