The students at St. Mary Catholic School had and exciting day Wednesday, when they were visited by the Bridge City Volunteer Fire Department. The department, which is only volunteers, is one of the few fire departments in the area to have a fire safety house.

Mr. J. P. Ivy, his wife Tiffany, Mr. Josh Taylor and his sister Joy brought a fire truck and the fire house. Students watched a video and were spoken to about fire safety and shown how to “stop, drop and roll”.

Afterwards, the students were instructed about how to be prepared in the event of a real fire emergency using the fire house. It is filled with fake smoke with the children have to crawl on the floor until they reach a door or window to exit. It was very informative for the students and they enjoyed it so much.

St. Mary staff and students want to thank the Bridge City Volunteer Fire Department.

Pictured are the first grade students, their teacher Ms. Regan Slovak and the firefighters.

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