Out of nowhere came Hurricane Sandy, who spread her winds 1000 miles wide. She blew winds, from 80 to 110 miles an hour, from Virginia to Boston, from the Atlantic Ocean through Ohio. Twenty-four states in all were affected. This storm will set new records with millions of people without power. History will record Sandy as the storm that erupted the 2012 presidential election. Books will be written about Sandy, the storm that slammed the northeast a week before the Nov. 6 election. How she impacted the election is too early to tell. It would be a guess. Many people that would have voted won’t. Especially the early voters, a group President Obama had targeted in his ‘Get out the Vote’ campaign. In that way I believe he will be hurt the most, plus election day voters are usually more Republican. Because he is Commander in Chief, he already has lost three days on the campaign trail, large events with President Bill Clinton in Florida and Ohio, Wisconsin, etc. The President, on Monday and Tuesday, was being presidential seeing that all states effected had the long arm of the federal government at their backs. President Obama is closely monitoring FEMA, Federal Emergency Management, created under President Jimmy Carter. FEMA is one of the agencies Mitt Romney said he would get rid of. He said it should be privatized and left up to volunteers. Earth quake, tornado, hurricane and fire victims would be left to bail themselves out. That’s just one of the many safety nets Romney would end. He would also privatize Social Security and issue vouchers for Medicare and end Medicaid, adding another burden on the backs of the poor and middle class. He proposes to cut $715 million from Medicare and put it into tax brakes that would reduce the tax burden of the wealthy to below 10 percent.

I found it strange Monday that the Romney campaign was running a phone bank in Texas when he leads the state 55 percent to 39 percent. Several Orange County people have told me they received calls from Romney folks. That must be a move to at least win the popular vote, even if he loses the Electoral College and the election. No one knows how Sandy will effect the outcome of the election. Chances are she will make a difference, to who’s advantage no one knows, before Sandy I had Obama winning with 294 votes.  Damage will be in the billions but the loss of life is minimal. It’s a national disaster and folks here on the Gulf Coast know about that don’t we? You rebuild and move on. Thanks to the Federal Governments help.***** I’ve got to go to work. Hop on and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


It was over four years ago, in the summer of 2008, when several candidates from both the Republican and Democratic parties were vying for their parties nomination. I wrote in this column at the time that I didn’t know why they wanted it because the new president would walk into the worse situation since the great depression. Jobs were falling off the cliff at between 400,000 to  500,000 a month and would  climb to 800,000. We were fighting two wars, gas prices in Sept. reached $4.11 a gallon. The auto industry was on the verge of going bankrupt, the financial market was in shambles, home mortgages were upside down by the millions, Wall Street was unregulated and the corporate thieves like Ken Lay, Jack Abramoff and Bernard Madoff were reaping billions from innocent citizens. Sen. John McCain, republican and Sen. Barack Obama, democrat, won their parties nominations. McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate and Obama picked longtime Senator Joe Biden. History was made when the first mixed race candidate Obama won by a large margin. He faced a tremendous task, one that would take full co-operation from both parties. I had written that the country had been left in the ditch, that no one elected could get the country completely recovered in one term. It would take two terms to get the country back close to where President Clinton had left it. From day one, the day President Obama was inaugurated, 15 Republicans met. The group included Sen. McConnell, Rep. Paul Ryan and Eric Canter. A few days later Sen. McConnell came out and said that their first priority was to make Obama a one termer. They would not cooperate on anything to help the country if it helped Obama. They signed a pledge to Grover Norquist and the congress became the worse in our history, with an 11 percent approval rating today. They made the chances of recovery almost impossible. Then at mid-term, 87 Tea Party congressmen joined the assault on progress and sat on their hands, not raising a finger to help advance the country. President Obama plowed on, saved the auto industry, which affects at least two plants here on Chemical Row. He gave 18 tax cuts to small businesses and $3,600 in cuts to the middle class to help the country get some traction. He saved the financial industry and helped bail out citizens in the drink on house mortgages. He did it alone while the congress attempted to obstruct his efforts. Today, despite their pledges, the country is on the upswing. Unemployment is down. Five of the eight  million private sector jobs lost under Bush have been recaptured. Reports this week show the country is on the upswing. Consumer confidence is up, Wall Street, with regulations has been booming. Domestic oil production is at an all time high. There are more employees in the oil industry than ever before. I had written, back in 2008, that the American people would want a quick fix and whoever was president would get blamed if the recovery of the greatest recession since the great depression took some time to turn around. President Obama ended the war in Iraq, killed Bin Laden and will end the war in Afghanistan. History will serve him well. Next Tuesday we will find out if the obstructionist were able to accomplish their goal of driving Obama out of office through obstruction. I’m convinced that if Obama is reelected, the congress, to protect their own futures in mid-term elections will have to cooperate or get beaten at home by even members of their own party. The President will remind the country regularly that they’re a “Do Nothing” congress and to send him some caring people to work with the last two years. Last year I wrote that I believed with Democrats having 23 senate seats to protect that the Republicans would probably win the senate. Now, because so many have shot themselves in the foot, I believe Demos will hold the senate by one or two seats and will notch some gains in the congress, six to eight seats.

What concerns me the most under a Romney administration is moderate Mitt returning to the Mitt of the Republican primaries, endorsing the Paul Ryan budget that cripples the middle class. Karl Rove, John Sununu, Dick Cheney, who picked Ryan as VP candidate and the 17 war mongers from the Bush administration calling the shots. Sen. McCain as defense secretary and putting $2 trilion in the military war fund is scary. I’m tired of war but they represent the defense contractors. Without war they are idle. Romney is not one of us. That’s not his fault it’s his good fortune. He was born into great wealth and has never had to struggle for one day. He owns six mansions, one with an automobile elevator, one on the California coast overlooking the Pacific and a $25 million place in New Hampshire on the Atlantic that they call “The Camp.” The family owns three jet planes and dozens of cars. It’s not his fault that he can’t relate with the middle class. Romney’s main interest is to be president not govern. It’s a dream his father couldn’t fulfill. History would be made, the name Romney would go in the history books as the first Mormon elected president. That’s his prize. He will let the extreme and Neo-cons call the shots. He just wants one term for the record books. I don’t know who will be elected. I believe whoever wins Ohio. Many folks will vote against their own interest, primarily because Obama is black but even so, you must give him credit. He went it alone. My favorite Obama commercial is the one narrated by Morgan Freeman where his tag line is “The last thing we should do is turn back now.” I guess we’ll know next Wednesday morning. That’s the way I see it, but it really doesn’t matter how any of us see it, the choice will be made by others in swing states.


We send our condolences to the family of Ruby Pickard, age 84, who passed away Tuesday, Oct. 30, 1:30 p.m. Ruby was a woman with a long history of helping people. She was the founder of My Wish, Inc., a nonprofit organization that filled the dreams of terminally ill children. The organization began right before Christmas in 1983. She provided kids with anything from airplane rides, to a horse, to tickets to a Houston Astros game, etc. She was calm in the face of the anguish only a family of a dying child can know. She was a dear friend for over 60 years. Services are pending. To husband John, daughter and many friends we extend our deepest sympathy. Today our friend Ruby is comfortable in heaven. May she rest in peace.


18 Years Ago-1994

Just for kicks I thought I would take a look at what was going on in 1994, six years before the turn of the century. The West Orange-Stark Mustangs danced past Nederland in a 32-22 homecoming victory. Bridge City High School Strutter officials are Misty Reyenga, Chelsie and twin sister Cortnie Moerbe, Emily Yoakum and Tiffany Osborn.*****Bridge City Junior High cheerleaders are: Melissa Boudreaux, Melissa Hollier, Tara Finch, Jessica Aarons and Ashley Beck.*****Little Cypress-Mauriceville Junior High cheerleaders are Tera Wilson, Mitzi Harris, Amanda Peveto, Tonya Young, Amy Permenter, Haley Sims, Jessica Saucier, Sarah Hude and Brandi Hinds. All those cute 13-year-old junior high girls are 32 years old today. No telling where they ended up at.***Trisha Yearwood performs at Lutcher Theater.***The Bridge City Lady volleyball team wins 20-4A District title. They advance to the playoffs. (Editor’s note: Best I recall two of those girls were Becca Mathews, who wore # 00 and Rachel Gunn, #25.***Nov. 8, is election day. Garry Mauro, Texas Land Commissioner, ask re-election.*****A strange race is a guy named M. Walles, who is running as a write in for county judge.*****Huel Fontenot is the sheriff.*****Gov. Ann Richards visits Orange in re-election bid. Just a few of her two hundred supporters in the Record Newspaper full page ad are, Judge John McDonald, Sheriff Fontenot, County Attorney John Kimbrough, Tax Assessor, Rosemary Slanton, Treasurer Vergie Mooreland, County Clerk Molly Theriot, District Clerk Billye Minter, County Commissioners Marcel Adams and Donald Cole. Nolan Brown is steering committee chairman for Richards. Also supports shown in ad were Constable Pct.1 Jack Thompson, County Judge Elect Carl Thibodaux, County Clerk Elect Karen Jo Vance and the list goes on. (Editor’s note: That was back in the good old days. Lynwood Sanders was Democratic chairman, Earl Williams and David Montagne were “Yellow Dog Democrats.” Roy Dunn was a Sabine Pilot commissioner, appointed by Gov. Richards. Guys like Dewey “Teddy Bear” Cox, Scott Faircloth, George Crawford, Gene Edgerly, Bufford Herford, John Baker and Kenny Pigg worked with Ann Richards, state Senator Carl Parker and Congressman Charlie Wilson to bring good things to our area.)*****Claude Abney celebrates a birthday Nov. 4.*** Charlotte Chiasson celebrates a birthday Nov. 5.***Marsha Walker celebrates Nov. 6.***Don and Jewel Clement celebrate their anniversary.*****Johnny Cash, along with June, came to orange to perform at the VFW in support of Congressman Charlie Wilson. He entertained the overflow crowd for an hour then June joined in for a few sets. H.D. Pate and Roy Dunn visited with Cash on the bus. Dunn was doing a private photo shoot but he couldn’t get his camera to work. Johnny tried it and it worked but not for Roy. He ended up borrowing a stage picture from Glenda Dyer, Leader editor. (Editor’s note: I have to check with Glenda to see if she recalls that night in Oct. 1994.

53 Years Ago-1959

Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson speaks in Orange. Gayle Shaddock was one Orangeite to get his autograph. (Editor’s note: I wonder what happened to that autograph?)*****Dr. Ernest E. Lewis was appointed superintendent of the DuPont Sabine River film plant.*****Signs about town indicate that Arthur Simpson will oppose Commissioner Casey J. Peveto.*****Port Arthur out mans Tigers in 26-14 duel. Clark Wood was named outstanding defensive player for the Tigers.*****Wayne Brint, Bridge City’s 192-pound quarterback, scored three touchdowns and passed for a fourth one to guide the Cardinals to a 28-0 victory over East Chambers. He gained 120 yards rushing and passed for 169. He is Orange County’s top passer.*****Baylor defeats Aggies 13-0. The passing of Bobby Ply and the running of Ronnie Bull was too much for the Aggies. Gordon LeBoeuf, the smashing Aggie fullback, fumbled on the five to stop an Aggie drive. Ply completed 13 passes in 13 attempts. A&M out-gained Baylor in first downs and total yardage.*****Wallace High Dragons defeat LaMarque 20-8. Quarterback Earl Sonnier, half backs Earl Melebeck and Charles Ware were too much offense punch for LaMarque. Linebacker Eddie Cartwright, tackle Antonio Bourgois, guard Whitney Mouton and center, James Guillory, gave stalwart performances in the line.


Virgie Scales, Mark Dunn, Stacy Doiron, Taylor Thurman, Alana Ball, Chester Abshire, Janel Menard, Don Harmon, Joey Campbell, Joseph Johnson, Alice McCray, Chris Moore, Kyle Prosperie, Lauren Bland, Lib Davenport, Lorna Wade, Marla Carter, Whitney Gonzales, Nancy Blacksher, Rebecca Phelps, Carissa Saenz, Caroline Young, David Moreau, Ed Miller, Isaac Melvin, Amy Skidmore, Kimberly Hall, Olin Mahfouz, Laura Clark, Ruby Elizabeth Steppe, Dale Dardeau, Joyce Grant, Julia Letcher, Keith McCurry, Marge Everitt, Ruby Hickey, Skeet Boehme, Anne Garrison, Rosemary Spell, David Caples, Tommy Green, Vicki Lowe, Courtney Courville, Dale Carlton, David Hebert, Donna Bell, Denise Stanton, Jim Simon, Loretta Meadows, Marilyn Prewitt, Pam Guyote, Gail Hass, Kathy Arceneaux, Kim Moore, Louise Fuselier, Myrtice Moore, Ruth Walker, Camden Walton, Sharon Dunn, Chris Rogers, Gina Beaulieu, John Dubose, Kember Ess, Margaret Thibodeaux, Robert Rubel, Viola Thibodeaux, Carrie Larson, Derek Grooms, Faye Harrington, Kathy Johnson, Kay Wingate, Johnny Mantagne, Robin Schaffer, Jackie Litton and Greg Broussard.


Bridge City‘s Matt Bryant connected for three field goals and three extra points to give Atlanta the NFL‘S only undefeated team in a 30-17 win over the Eagles. The Falcons, a 4.5 point favorite will meet Dallas on NBC Sunday night.*****The San Francisco Giants swept Detroit in four games to win the World Series.*****Our friends, Glen and Martha Oliver, have just returned from 14 days in Paris., Normandy and the surrounding area.*****Lynn Arceneaux has been hampered from politicking the last few weeks due to being at the bedside of his gravely sick mother. Also, Ms. Dorothy Harmon is still battling through her illness. Our prayers go out to both of these fine ladies.*****I‘m ready for some of John Heards grapefruit and oranges. I‘ve been eating sorry citrus for too many months. By the way, he will be selling them at Farmer‘s market Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning.*****The Bayou Bowl Scholarship Banquet is next Monday, Nov. 5, at 7:30 p.m. at Bridge City Elementary cafeteria. Former Bridge City and Tulane star, Cody Sparks, is the guest speaker. Jerry McInnis has done a lot of work to assure this will be a great banquet. Please support it.*****Suzie and Frank Wallace have just returned from their Food Network Italian culinary tour. They visited Rome, the Tuscan region and Venice.*****The county clerk’s office is in full swing with full Halloween dress. Is Karen Jo the witch or the queen? Just wondering. By the way, Karen Jo and husband Robert came across Constable Chris Humble serving the citizens last week. He was helping a stranded motorist.*****Ivy Blanda was one of three chosen from the junior class for Little Cypress-Mauriceville homecoming court last week. A publication ran his last name as Bland. They took the Italian out. Congrats Mr. Blanda. *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the coming days. Halloween, Oct. 31, is celebrated around the country so those born on this day have a big national holiday every year on their birthdays. It’s trick-or-treat day, some came into the world as a trick nine months earlier but most arrived as a treat. So some of those are: First longtime area reporter and a great lady, Ms. Virgie Scales, who turns 101 on Halloween.***Our friend Don Harmon turns 80 on this Oct. 31.*** Joining him is Mark Keith Dunn, who is familiar in many circles for his historical and civic work. Mostly however, over the past 20 years, he’s known by many high school football players in our area. Mark probably has more photos and action shots than any other. He’s fast becoming the dean of sports photography.***Also a Halloween  baby is longtime friend, Coach Joey Campbell, a Lamar Orange fixture for many years. A dedicated member of the Lions Club and proud grandfather.*** Joining this bunch of Oct. 31 Trick or Treaters is Chester Abshire, Janel Menard, Taylor Thurman, Alana Ball and Stacy Doiron.*** Sharon Rodgers, a loyal Lynwood Sanders employee at Sabine Title, is also a trick or treat baby headed for Social Security.***Celebrating Nov. 1 is Coach Chris Moore, old lefty, Kyle Prosperie, Nancy Blackshier, Davis Moreau, Caroline Young and Marla Carter.***Nov. 2, Amy Skidmore, Olin Mahfouz, Laura Clark and longtime educator Dale Dardeaux celebrate.***Nov. 3rd is a special day for a special lady. If I remember correctly Denise Stanton turns 43 but regardless, I want Denise to know we all wish her a very special day. By the way, her parents Don and Mary Stanton celebrate their 45th anniversary on Nov. 5.***Kim Moore turns another year on Nov. 4, and joining her is Pam Guyote.***Dreyden Clark will celebrate four years on Sun. Nov. 4.***Celebrating on Nov. 5 is Sharon Ann Primeaux, someone we have known since she was a child in Bridge City. Lots of water has run under the bridge since then. Best wishes.***Born Nov. 6 is Johnny Montagne Jr. and also a big day for County Commissioner John Dubose. Nov. 6 is election day. You know what he wants for his birthday.***We also wish a belated happy birthday to our special friend Donna Peterson who celebrated Oct. 30. Happy birthday to all.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week. The food and fellowship is always good. Everyone is always welcome. Break bread with great folks, no speeches allowed. Hopefully Chief Jerry Wimberly will be back this week.*****Thursday night’s best bet is the Country Music Awards. It’s always the best award show.*****Congratulations to the Battlin’ Bears homecoming queen and king, Demi Sheppard and Dustin DuCharme.


Dan Rather turns 81 on Oct. 31; Willow Smith, 12; Vanilla Ice, 44.***Lyle Lovett will be 55 on Nov. 1; Jenny McCarthy, 40; Bo Bice, 37 and Toni Collette, 40.***KD Lang will be 51 on Nov. 2 and Nelly will be 38.***Roseanne Barr will be 60 on Nov. 3; Dennis Miller, 59 and Dolph Lundgren, 53.***Matthew McConaughey turns 43 on Nov. 4; Puff Daddy, 43;  and Kathy Griffin, 46.***Tatum O’Neal will be 49 on Nov. 5, Bryan Adams, 53 and Paul Kevin Jonas 25.*** On Nov. 6, Sally Field will be 66; Ethan Hawke, 42 and Maria Shriver, 57.


Tee-Neg Desameaux and Pee-Wee Leleaux sat at Tee-boy’s bar and Grill and got plum drunk, dem. Dey stagger out of da bar and walk down da alley wit a row of houses on one side an on da utta side too. 

All of a sudden Pee-Wee stop him and he point to a strange looking pile of something on da ground. He say, “Tee-Neg, it smell bad yea. “Pee-Wee he look at da pile and say, “It’s brown and sho look nasty.”

Tee-Neg him say, “Why don’t you taste it Pee-Wee?”

So Pee-Wee him he stick his finger in it, taste it and make an uguky face.

Den he say, “Angh, I tink it’s dog ca-ca me.”

Tee-Neg say, “Boy, tank God, at least we didn’t step in it.”


For over 40 years I’ve written about a dozen or so presidential elections. We have finally come to the last column before the big political Super Bowl next Tuesday. Most important to us are the local elections. Don’t let national politics determine your choice for the best qualified local candidates. National politics have nothing to do with local governing.*****I found it quite interesting that the Houston Chronicle, who usually endorses Republican candidates, selected Democratic Max Martin as the best candidate to represent Dist. 36 in congress. That’s us folks. The Chronicle says an electoral nightmare for the GOP is Steve Stockman. You might recall, as an unknown living under a bridge, he upset Jack Brooks, longtime congressman. He was involved in the Branch Davidian Waco controversy. Stockman doesn’t live in this district. I’m not sure where he lives. I understand he gets his mail General Delivery. That’s what gerrymandering congressional districts have done to us. Pitting us against the Houston area. We can thank Rick Perry for that. Getting a bad choice is also one danger of voting a straight ticket. You don’t know what you’re getting down ballot. The Chronicle says about Max Martin, “His pro-business views should have appeal to many Republicans in the district, which includes refineries, Gulf fisheries, ranches and timber.” They go on to say Stockman’s views would not serve this district well. Even though Republicans have run away from Stockman, he will probably ride Romney’s coat tails, win and we will be stuck with a clown in this proud district.*****I’m all done. Be back after the election. Thanks for your time. I’ve over extended mine. Look out for the trick-or-treaters. Take care and God bless.