The voters in Orange County are to be complimented for a record turnout. Even though our votes didn’t play in the national election outcome, the voters exercised their right. In local races, there were five contested races. Republican Mandy White Rogers beat Democratic Mike Abbott for the unexpired term for County-Court-at-Law. In Pct. 1, commissioners court race, incumbent Republican David Dubose was re-elected over former commissioner James Stringer. For commissioner of Pct. 3, incumbent commissioner, Democrat John Dubose was defeated by Republican John Bankin, in what apparently was straight party voters voting for Mitt Romney. Dubose will complete 12 years as county commissioner on Dec. 31. Also it’s believed that the county, borrowing $6 million in the last weeks of the campaign might have been a problem for Dubose. In the constable race, incumbent Republican Chris Humble was re-elected. In the open seat for constable Pct. 2, Republican David Cagle won. All four Orange County constables come January will be Republicans. Commissioners Court will now have three Republicans. Orange County voted strongly for Republican Mitt Romney in the national election. Down ballot races benefited by his coat tails. Well, that’s an early report based only on early votes. In the Dist. 36 congressional district, it appears that Republican Steve Stockman will win big. He is from the Houston area and will replace Con. Kevin Brady as our congressman. Brady was elected in another district.*****That’s about all I have and I’m past deadline so I’d best move on. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.



After 17 months and more than $2 billion spent in the presidential race, and another billion spent in senatorial and congressional races, the long haul came to an end. What have we gained after all those bucks thrown around like play money? Something must be done to change the political finance laws. Nearly a billion dollars was contributed by 122 individuals to Super Pacs. It’s become a rich man’s game. Under the present law, two people, say wealthy people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, could put up $3 billion and own the presidency and legislature. The Koch Brothers spent nearly $400 million to elect their candidates. Others spent millions more. Under our present law, control of our government is for sale to a handful of individuals. Bill Clinton spent a million dollars. It just can’t keep escalating like that and the country remain healthy. For the wealthy it’s a power game but to average Americans it’s their lives that are at stake.

After all those months and billions spent what did we really change. The Congress remains in the hands of the Republicans, with slight gains by the Democrats. The Senate remains in the control of the Democrats. When all the votes are counted, President Barack Obama will still be president. Money buys elections but in this case, small contributors, millions of them, were able to match the wealthy donors, but as it escalates that won’t always be the case. This election for president shouldn’t have even been close. President Obama was leading throughout the country by at least 12 percentage points until the first debate. Some day I hope we find out what really happened to cause President Obama to be so passive. Mitt Romney made a complete U-turn from being a far right winger to a moderate. Obama had prepared to defend against Romney’s conservative stances, his flip-flop apparently caught Obama by surprise. He let Romney just change one position after another without challenging him. That changed the course of the election. One debate, the first one, will live in the history book as the day Obama let the “White Cat” out of the bag.

During the Republican Primary, President Obama ordered the killing of Bin Laden and that served him well in the polls, especially since Romney said he wouldn’t enter Pakistan to do so. I believe Romney made a big mistake when he picked Paul Ryan over Sen. Rob Portman as his vice-presidential choice. I understand that choice was made in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Ryan was a Dick Cheney choice. Over the weekend, AP came out with a Ryan interview where he said as VP he would govern like Cheney, and not just be used to attend funerals. Ryan in government is very scary. He and Eric Canter have used the congress to hold the country hostage. Now he wil be the standard barer for the Republican Party. Sen. Portman would have delivered Ohio. Ryan couldn’t guarantee Wisconsin.

Before Sandy, I predicted Obama would win with 294 Electoral College votes. I didn’t know if Hurricane Sandy would hurt or help. We will have to wait until the total results are in. What has been disturbing is how much effort was put into suppressing the vote in Republican controlled states. Some people having to stand in line for as long as 10 hours to vote. Voters are being hassled in every way possible. This is not what our Founding Fathers intended.

I believe, of all the spokesmen for the two candidates, Sen. John McCain hurt his creditability worse than any other. His war mongering and using the tragedy in Libya to spin political discourse all over the country was really disgraceful. John Sununu, Donald Trump and Mayor Rudy playing the race card showed them up as who they really are. McCain’s motivation, still sore from getting beaten, but for the others it’s their true hate for Obama. I’m writing this long before the polls close. We will just have to wait on the official count but I’ll stick with my 294 votes for Obama.


We were saddened to learn of the death of Donald Ray Hogg, 48. He was much too young to leave us. He died on Nov. 1. We just do not have any choice when God calls us home. Apparently, Donald’s heart just gave out. He was preceded in death by his parents and two brothers, Howard and Michael. Donald, over the years, had helped get The Record Newspapers delivered to the citizens. He was a nice guy who walked through life at his own pace. Our condolences goes out to wife Frances, daughter Brittanie, sisters Brenda and Ronda, brothers Carl and Harry and their families. It just won’t be the same not to have Donald around when its newspaper time on Wednesday mornings. Services were held Tuesday, Nov. 6. May he rest in peace.



It won’t be long now. For many years, Judge Pat Clark has sat on the bench. It has served as a perfect excuse to dodge honey-do’s but the gig is about to be up. Ms. Rosalie has checked off the chores long over due doing. Judge Pat will miss the bench for more ways than one. The longtime judge has enjoyed the work. Judge Pat is a fine judge who loves the law and is dedicated to administrating it in a fair and impartial manner. Since stepping down as district judge and assuming the unexpired term in county-court-at- law, he knew the judgeship was just temporary but he will be leaving sooner than most expected. Mandy White Rogers, winner of the special county court at law election, has confirmed that she will assume the post as soon as possible. Her target date is Nov. 16 or shortly after. In regular elections, the winning candidate would take office on Jan. 1. I understand the move for Mandy to take over sooner than later didn’t come as a surprise to Judge Clark. We wish Lesli Amanda White Rogers the best and congratulate “Mandy.” Judge Pat, we thank you for your many years of service. The courthouse, after your years there, first in the DA’s office, county court, 128th district court and county judge, just won’t be the same without you. Junior Clark’s boy will leave quite a legacy. Let’s have a party.



9 Years Ago-2003

Orange County Commissioner Owen Burton opens new office in Mauriceville. An open house will be held Nov. 12. Miss Nelda, the Commissioner’s wife, will answer the phones at the new office. *****County Commissioner John Dubose is honored with the esteemed “Texas Court House Community Award.”*****Female boxing pro Valerie Mahfood trains in Bridge City for upcoming fight with Laila Ali, daughter of Mohammed Ali.*****Bridge City Chamber selects longtime insurance agent Bill Nickum as Christmas parade marshal. The parade to be held on Nov. 22. *****Bridge City water tower gets a new make over. *****Funeral services were held Nov. 5 for Doris Ellen Sanders, age 70, who died Nov. 2. A resident of Orange since 1957, she was a teacher for West Orange-Cove School District for 33 years. She is survived by husband Lynwood, daughter Ann Gray, sons Alan, Jim, Steven and their families. *****The Record’s players of the week are Ryan Crouch, WO-S, Luke Lyons, BC, John Modica, OF, Donald Tardy, LC-M.*****West Orange-Stark surprised Port Neches-Groves with a 21-20 win.*****Sims Elementary first graders Katelyn Potter and Skylar Kahia capitalized on the warm, early November weather with a lemonade stand. The girls used lemons the size of grapefruit grown at Skylar’s home on Norbert St. in Bridge City. *****Mary Bryant underwent triple bypass surgery at Park Place Hospital. Son Matt Bryant, kicker for the New York Giants, flew home to be with his mom. Matt attended the Bridge City-Buna football game Friday, flew back to New York Saturday for Sunday’s game.*****The Montagne family ventured to College Station to celebrate Johnny Montagne Jr.’s birthday. He will graduate from Texas A&M in December. *****Robert Hankins is editor of The Record Newspapers. (Editor’s note: Robert died a couple of years ago.)*****Orangefield Elementary School students with perfect attendance will spend a day at Moody Gardens and receive awards.


53 Years Ago-1959

Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson speaks in Orange. Gayle Shaddock was one Orangeite to get his autograph. (Editor’s note: I wonder what happened to that autograph.)*****Dr. Ernest E. Lewis was appointed superintendent of the DuPont Sabine River film plant. *****Signs about town indicate that Arthur Simpson will oppose Commissioner Casey J. Peveto. *****Port Arthur outmans Tigers in 26-14 duel. Clark Wood was named outstanding defensive player for the Tigers.*****Wayne Brint, Bridge City’s 192-pound quarterback, scored three touchdowns and passed for a fourth one to guide the Cardinals to a 28-0 victory over East Chambers. He gained 120 yards rushing and passed for 169. He is Orange County’s top passer. *****Baylor defeats Aggies 13-0. The passing of Bobby Ply and the running of Ronnie Bull was too much for the Aggies. Gordon LeBoeuf, the smashing Aggie fullback, fumbled on the five to stop an Aggie drive. Ply completed 13 passes in 13 attempts. A&M out-gained Baylor in first downs and total yardage. *****Wallace High Dragons defeat LaMarque 20-8. Quarterback Earl Sonnier, halfbacks Earl Melebeck and Charles Ware were too much offense punch for LaMarque. Linebacker Eddie Cartwright, tackle Antonio Bourgois, guard Whitney Mouton and center, James Guillory, gave stalwart performances in the line.



Claris Collins, James Bergeron, Barbara Lopez, Kayla Helm, Bob Johnston, Cheryl Swenson, Chuckie Ganze, Dee Moran, Bryana Hernandez, Debra Burch, Keith Longlois, Aaron Hommel, Dixie Brint, Jim Reid, Madalyn Carpenter, Sue Barnes, Eric Meadows, Linda Faulk, Pauline Chatelain, Keith Royal, Susan Veillon, Cecil Welborn, Charlotte Wooten, Donna Bradley, L.C. Boudreaux, Rana Miller, Steve Carlton, Troy Crochet, Della Buxton, Jean Levingston, Jeff Bland, Judy Hunt, Joann Alford, Patricia Kemp, Karen Clopp, Trey Todora, George Roberts, Lora Hanks, Lois Davis, Greg LeBlanc, Michael Fisette, Cynthia Dupuis, Michelle Brown, Ryan Pickering, Allison Ball, Bree Hanks, Edee Risher, Gerald DeLeon, Jeanelle Cochran, Jeanne Blacksher, Tina Duncan, Kathy Reeves, Larry Gunter, Liz Briggs, Matthew Ethredge, Norma Rampmaier, Phillip Kimbrow, Sharon Sims, Shelby Newton, Cyndi Longlois, Steve Fisher, Carol Ware, Charmaine Faircloth, Clara Edwards, Crystal Jones, Pat Stanton, Don Stanton, Danielle Graffagnino, Karla Holden, Kimberly Ray, Mary Cassidy, Michele Fontenot, Karen Schrieber, Carol Lopez, Sidney LeBlanc, Tim Johnson, Cecilia Broussard, Daniel Chesson, Darla Murphy, Donald Miller, Cody Edgerton, Paul Smith and Katie Hoffpauir.



Big news should break in early January about a large truck terminal being built in Orange County. One of the nation‘s largest freight lines, Southeastern, out of Columbia, North Carolina, has purchased a track of land on IH-10 at Hwy. 1442 that they plan to build facilities on. Other satellite companies could spring up in the area. Local landowners making the sale have several hundred acres available for development. *****Our thoughts today go out to Charlotte Hamilton and her family. Everyone who knows pretty Charlotte is aware of how upbeat she always has been. She always dressed as if she just came off the modeling stage, never a hair out of place, never meeting a stranger. Some of you may not be aware of her organ and piano playing and singing at local churches. Her gospel music was beautiful. Well, our friend, Ms. Charlotte needs all our prayers. She‘s in a tough battle with cancer. She would appreciate your prayers and concerns but at this time is not up to seeing visitors. A bake sale will be held Saturday, Nov. 11, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Bridge City Market Basket parking lot. A raffle will also be held to raise funds to off set expenses. Let‘s all pray for the best. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will meet at Novrozsky‘s this week. Last week at Robert‘s we met a very nice young lady, Misty Songe, who is area manager for Verizon. The company has recently opened a new store in Bridge City at the former Nick’s Pharmacy location. Verizon has three other area locations. She looks forward to meeting many of the citizens. Also making a rare appearance at the Lunch Bunch gathering was Van Choate, who is a motorcycle riding legend in these here parts. Also the group welcomed back Chief Jerry Wimberly who spent 10 days in a Houston hospital and went through three surgeries, lasting over eight hours. We wish our friend continued improvement. Everyone is always welcome.  Next week the group will be at Robert’s.   *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day: Celebrating Nov. 7 is our friend and Pearl Harbor survivor Cedric Stout, of Bridge City, who marks 91 years. He and wife Cherry still run the roads together enjoy life and stay active. We extend a happy birthday to this World War II hero. *****Other celebrating Nov. 7 birthdays are Bob Johnston, James Bergeron , Claris Collins and Wilson Roberts will celebrate 75 years Today. *****Nov. 8, Debra Burch and Dixie Brent. ***Also on this date Shirley and Butch Choate celebrate their wedding anniversary. ***On Nov. 9, Linda Faulk and L.C. Boudreaux celebrate their special day. ***On Nov. 10, longtime friend attorney Steve Carlton celebrates. He was just a youngster when he came to town. Hasn’t gained an ounce since. ***Also celebrating are Judy Hart, JoAnn Alford and Trey Todora. ***On Nov. 11, Greg ‘The Ice Man’ Leblanc is a year older. Brother Nolan doesn’t age. ***Bree Hanks, one of the sexist gals around and one of Pattie’s pretty daughters, marks another on Nov. 11. ***A lovely lady, Jeanne Blacksher, who was a popular teenager, celebrates Nov. 12.***A great young man, Sean Cade Gros, marks another birthday on Nov. 12. Just yesterday, it seems he was starting school. ***Happy birthday also to Charmaine Faircloth who celebrates Nov. 12.***On the same day school teacher Pat Stanton, Donnie’s better half celebrates. *****Nov. 10 is a big day for Shirley and Kirk Roccaforte. On that day, they will have put up with each other 34 years. It’s a sure bet there has been very few dull moments. Their true story would make for interesting reading. A great couple, a good mayor. Congrats and best wishes. *****Longtime CBS news anchor, Dan Rather, turned 81 on Halloween. We remember Dan at age 26 breaking in to the national scene while covering Hurricane Carla for a Houston television station. He is still around and does TV shows and guest appearances on different networks. He is a Texas native and has a ranch in the Hill Country.*****Wade Phillips’ Texan defense shut down the Buffalo Bills in a 21-9 win, allowing only three field goals.*****Matt Bryant and the Atlanta Falcons put it on the Dallas Cowboys in a 19-13 win. Matt made four field goals; however, he did miss two wide right, a 37 yarder and a 43 yarder. Atlanta is the NFL’s only undefeated team at 8-0. Both Phillips and Bryant are Orange County natives.



On Nov. 7, John Mellencamp will be 61; Christopher Knight, 55.***Bonnie Raitt will be 63 on Nov. 8; Leif Garrett, 51; Parker Posey, 44; Gretchen Mol, 40; Tara Reid, 37 and Jack Osbourne, 27.***On Nov. 9, Lou Ferrigno will be 60; Brendan Gleeson, 57; Nick Lachey, 39; Sisgo, 34 and Venessa Minnillo, 32.***Mackenzie Phillips will be 53 on Nov. 10; Tracy Morgan, 44; Ellen Pompeo, 43; Eve, 34 and Maranda Lambert, 29.***Demi Moore will be 50 on Nov. 11; Calista Flockhart, 48; Allison Doody, 46; Leslie Mann, 40 and Leonardo Di Caprio, 38.***Neil Young will be 67 on Nov. 12; Megan Mullally, 54; David Schwimmer, 46; Sammy Sosa, 44; Craig Parker, 42; Tonya Harding, 42; Ryan Gosling, 32 and Anne Hathaway, 30.***On Nov. 13, Garry Marshall will be 78; Joe Mantegna, 65; Chris Noth, 58; Whoopi Goldberg, 58; Jimmy Kimmel, 45; Steve Zahn, 44; Gerard Butler, 43 and Rachel Bilson, 31.



Sostan Breaux and Clovis Comeaux bought demselves a couple of horses dat dey use dem, to make some money wit in da summertime. Wen winter time came, dey learn it cost too much to feed and board dem two horses. Sostan suggest dey turn dem out to pasture until spring.

“How we gonna tell you horse from my horse when we pick dem up, hanh?” Clovis axe.

“Dat’s easy,” say Sostan, “We can cut da mane on my horse and da tail on yours.”

Wen spring came da horses dem had grown back their tail and mane. Clovis axe, “Wat we gonna do now smart ass?”

“No problem,” said Sostan “Why don’t you just take da black one and me, I’ll take da white one.”



I said in the past that whoever carried Ohio would win the presidency. At this time I don’t know who won so all my reporting is projection. I didn’t get the results of the Orangefield School District elections but our main news will have the results if they are in by deadline time.*****If you’re like me, you are ready to leave politics behind us. Thanks to all the candidates who used The Record advertising to reach the voters. It’s your best bet to reach every house. Two big football games this weekend in Orange County. The annual “Bayou Bowl” between Bridge City and Orangefield should be a barn burner. The winner gets to go to playoffs, plus they get the Buzzie Gunn trophy. Also West Orange has Silsbee to meet for the district championship.*****I’m going to take a little time off, hopefully this week, if not at least in the next couple of weeks. For now, I’m going to get some food, relax and watch the national returns. Thanks for your time. Please shop our family of advertisers. Remember the veterans this Veterans Day. Take care and God bless.