Monday, Oct. 5, Orange police were dispatched to the Waffle House in the 4200 block of 27th St., in reference to a theft. Upon arrival, Officer Joshua Dempsey spoke with an employee, Cade Rose, who advised that a white female who walked out of the restaurant without paying after she ate her food.

Rose advised that after the woman, who was later identified as 22 year old Whitney Bennett, was seen walking toward the Execute Inn. Officer Dempsey located the woman at the entrance of the hotel, and questioned her about what happened.

Bennett told police that she was homeless and she entered the Waffle House and ordered food knowing she didn’t have the money to pay for the meal. Bennett told police she didn’t have the money to pay for the food, or to make restitution.

She was issued a field release citation for Class C, theft in the amount of $22.78. After signing the citation, Bennett was released.