Officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s office responded to the following calls between Oct. 31 and Nov. 6:

Oct. 31:

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 5948 Mesquite Rd., Orange

Burglary of habitation, 4580 Linda Ln., Orange

Suspicious vehicle, 6754 W. FM 1130, Orange

Sexual assault of a child, 7327 Hwy. 87LC-M HS, Orange

Information, 205 Border St., Orange

Driving while license suspended/possession of methamphetamine, Hwy. 105 and FM 1442, Orange

Welfare concern, 4695 Curtis Rd., Vidor

Assault/family violence, 8697 Westbend, Orange

Assault, 1515 Ogden St., Vidor

Nov. 1:

Information, 205 Border St., Orange

Disturbance, 1665 Terry Rd., Vidor

Welfare concern, 2342 Wagner Dr., Orange

Nov. 2:

Assault, 1105 Henry St., Bridge City

Burglary of a motor vehicle, 5050 King’s Ct., Orange

Credit card abuse, 6769 S. Bilbo Rd., Orange

Nov. 3:

Death investigation, 9475 Skeeter Dr., Orange

Theft, 3149 Lawn Oak Dr., Orange

Theft, 4194 Hwy. 408, Orange

Theft, 345 Cornell Rd., Vidor

Harassment, 494 W. Woodfern, Orange

Disturbance/Public intoxication, Aery Rd., Vidor

Nov. 4:

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 6290 Rebel Rd., Vidor

Assault, 14326 IH-10 W. Orange

Suspicious person, 9695 FM 1442, Bridge City

Assault, 9477 Tulane Rd., Orange

Music disturbance, 1765 Carpenter St., Vidor

Nov. 5:

Death investigation, Claire Rd. , Vidor

Public service, 3249 Little Cypress Dr., Orange

Trespassing, 1565 Texla Rd., Vidor

Pursuit, Boliver/Claiborne, Vidor

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 5555 Dixie Dr., Vidor

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 185 Bunns Bluff, Vidor

Nov. 6:

Assault, 6020 Queen’s Ct., Orange

Vicious animal, 5820 Hinch Rd., Vidor

Disturbance, IH-10 W./Rest Area