Those who attend the Bridge City football and baseball games may not know his name, but everyone knows for sure he is definitely their biggest fan.

At the football games, Jacob Monceaux, 35, comes prepared in his red and white game shirt and matching hat. When the team is down he paces across the stands as he cheers them on. When they score he smiles big and throws his hands up into the air. A big, loud yell can be heard as he happily exclaims “Alright!”

Monceaux was born in Port Arthur, but was raised in Bridge City. He began his love of the Bridge City Cardinals at an early age. It was his Uncle Ronnie who took him to the Bridge City games. Following his graduation from Bridge City High School in 1997, with school spirit still in his blood, he has continued to go to the games and support his favorite team.

“I love the community and I love the kids,” he said. “I have always been a Cardinal fan.”

There is not particular element that he likes about the games, he says he just likes all of it.

Not only does he attend the games, but also the pep rallies. He is ready to cheer them on and show his support.

The annual Bayou Bowl scholarship dinner is a favorite event for Monceaux where he can mingle with coaches and players. Last year he was recognized as a fan, but this year he received a trophy. The trophy is a sculpture of a football player. The engraved inscription on the base reads “Super Fan.”

When presented with the trophy, Monceaux accepted the treasured momento and held it close as he returned to his seat. When asked about it he smiled broadly with deep appreciation.

“I was really shocked,” he said about receiving the award.

Jerry McInnis, friend to Monceaux, said Monceaux is “truly a big fan” and “remains positive” no matter what they scoreboard reads.

“He only see the good in the Cardinals and is not just a fan when they are winning,” McInnis said. “He always believes in the coaches and the players.”

During last year’s baseball season, Monceaux demonstrated a pure act of kindness and support to the team.  He made wooden cut-outs of a baseball for each member of the team. He proudly presented the gifts in hopes they will remember their biggest fan.

“That’s my team,” he said.

Monceaux said he is excited the Cardinals will be in a play-off game Friday night. The game will be played at 7:30 p.m. in Channelview against the Coldspring Trojans.

“I think they will do pretty good,” Monceaux said referring to the Cardinals winning the game.

He wants to invite everyone to come to the pep rally and the game to support and cheer the Cardinals onto victory.

He also wishes his favorite team “good luck.”

Monceaux also attends Bridge City basketball and volleyball games. But, baseball and football games is where his heart is.

When not watching high school sports, he enjoys watching the Dallas Cowboys play football and Texas Rangers baseball. At his home, he has Cowboy memorabilia in an enclosed case. But, a very treasured item is a cardinal painted on a feather.

No matter where he is, one thing is for sure, he will always be, “the best fan ever for the Cardinals.”

Jabob Monceaux, 35, of Bridge City, was recently recognized and presented a trophy for being the Cardinals “Super Fan” at the Bayou Bowl Scholarship Banquet. RECORD PHOTO: Debby Schamber