Tuesday, Nov. 13, police were dispatched to the intersection of Bluebonnet and Bridal Wreath in reference to a single vehicle accident. When police arrived on the scene police observed a 2007 Chevrolet pickup to be the vehicle involved in the accident.

During the investigation of the accident, officers were advised that two occupants of the vehicle had fled prior to police arrival. Dispatch had received a call in reference to a stolen vehicle on Circle C. The vehicle involved in the accident matched the stolen vehicle.

A woman had reported the truck stolen after she arrived at her brother’s residence on Circle C, at about midnight. The woman told Officer Jonathon Baggett that she parked her vehicle in the driveway and entered the residence. She then exited the residence to take garbage to the garbage can.

As the victim was returning to the residence, an unknown male approached her from behind stating “give me the keys to your truck.” The woman told police she dropped the keys on the ground and ran into the residence.

She was able to look outside briefly, and could only describe the suspect as a black male wearing a dark or black hoodie.