Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between Nov. 16, 17, 18, and the morning of Nov. 19:

Miscellaneous incidents, Allie Payne and Meeks

Stolen vehicle, IH-1- W., from Stateline

Miscellaneous incidents, 2600 Bob Hall

Warrant service, 201 8th St.

Illegal use of credit cards

Department activity, 201 8th St.

Possession of marijuana, 2400 block 16th St.

Warrant service, 1100 block Green

Traffic accident, 3110 16th St.

Miscellaneous incidents, 16th and Church

Sexual assault, 201 8th St.

Robbery, 3024 16th St./Dollar General

Traffic accident, MacArthur and Strickland

Warrant service, 433 Lutcher

Assault, 2214 8th St.

Assist public, 2900 16th St./Jack in the Box

Miscellaneous incidents, 2nd and Orange

Public service, 1301 W. Park

Public service, 3024 16th St.

Disorderly conduct, 1101 Green

Miscellaneous incidents, Burton and 14th St.

Warrant service, 111 Pine

Harassment, 1005 W. Main

Traffic accident, 8881 FM 1130

Assist public, 3700 block Meeks

Assist public, 807 2nd St.

Warrant service, 16th and Cordrey

Warrant service, 3422 Bowling Ln.

Public intoxication, 1300 5th St.

Warrant service, 1100 Hwy. 12

Traffic accident, FM 3247 and Sagebrush

Public intoxication, 2630 IH-10/Days Inn

Miscellaneous incidents, 39 Bruce Ln.

Missing person, 1451 Pier Rd./American Mineral

Traffic problem, 3900 block 16th St.

Traffic problem, 1700 block MacArthur

Traffic accident, 3201 16th St./Modica Brothers

Traffic problem, 1555 16th St.

Public service, 3422 Edgemont