A Victoria man was arrested Sunday morning after police were dispatched to the Days Inn Hotel in the 2600 block of IH-10. Upon arrival, officers found 21 year old George R. Davila, Jr., of Victoria, lying on the cement by the pool. It took Officer Patrick McDonald several minutes to wake the subject.

After waking Davila, police observed his eyes to be extremely bloodshot and glassy, as well as having a strong odor of alcohol emitting from his person. He had slurred speech and was barely able to finish a sentence.

Next to the suspect was a bottle of Tequila and an empty drinking flask. While the suspect was being helped up from the ground, he became agitated and aggressive. He would not follow directions from officers, and wouldn’t answer any questions. Due to Davila’s demeanor and prior actions, he was determined to be a danger to himself or others and was arrested for public intoxication.