An Orange Police officer was recently assaulted when the suspect bit him during an arrest.

According to reports, at about 9 a.m., Officer M. Roush was dispatched to 1411 5th Street in reference to a disturbance. When he arrived he found the suspect, Vonquisha Julian, 33, of Orange, standing at the gates of the apartment complex “screaming” at people.

Roush was flagged down by 24-year-old Ericca Burks,  of Orange. She reported to the officer she was struck on the head with a pipe by Julian as she attempted to walk out of the area. An altercation ensued and Julian reportedly bit Burks on her left arm near her elbow.

Before Roush was able to gather information to complete the paperwork, Julian continued her rant to other people in the complex and the officer. With children in the area, Julian exposed herself. The officer advised Burks he would return after he detained Julian.

The officer advised Julian he was going to arrest her for disorderly conduct. Julian continued to yell and scream but said she was deaf. She also said the police department and sheriff’s office personnel were raping and trying to kill her along with other people in the complex. Julian became increasingly aggressive and uncooperative so the officer called for backup. Julian also urinated on herself.

The officers wore rubber gloves as they told her to place her hands behind her back to be arrested. However, she would not comply and attempted to walk away. Instead she clasped her hands together and placed then over her chest and under her chin. Officer Roush was able to reach her right hand and  place it behind her. However, during this time, Julian attempted to bite his hand. As he was attempting to put her left hand behind her, she lunged forward and bit the top of his hand just over the middle knuckle. Roush wrote in his report, “I felt instant pain to my hand.”

The officer pulled his hand away and saw it was bleeding. Julian then began spitting towards the faces of the other officers.

With the assistance of other officers, Julian was placed on the ground. Once on the ground, officers were able to place handcuffs and leg shackles on her without further incident. But, Julian continued spitting, so an officer found a shirt inside her purse and used it to cover her head like a hood. She was placed into the back of a patrol vehicle and taken to the Orange County Jail for assault on a public servant.

After having his wound checked out by hospital staff, the Roush returned to service.

In other police business, at about 8 a.m. Friday, officers were dispatched to Interstate 10 in reference to a possible stolen vehicle from Beaumont. According to reports, they spotted the vehicle, a 2002 Gray GMC Yukon, traveling south on Bob Hall Road and initiated a traffic stop in the 2300 block of Bolton Road. Once the vehicle had stopped, the two men took off running on Bob Hall Road. One of the men was caught and arrested while the other has been identified. The officers also found two plastic bags containing what is believed to be marijuana. Taken into custody was Jordan McShawn Ardoin, 23, of Orange. The vehicle was returned to the owners.

Also in reports, was a man who went to the police department to report his credit card had been used without his consent. He reported he was informed by Bank Of America that someone had used his credit card to make purchases from July 21 through August 1. The card was used in the Golden Triangle area to make about 25 purchases. Seven purchases were made in Orange.

The 77-year-old man provided a copy of this Bank Of America statement which showed the area and the amount used on the credit card.

The man said he did wish to file criminal charges if a suspect is located.