Officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s office responded to the following calls between Nov. 28, and Dec. 4:

Nov. 28:

Disturbance, 7945 Wooten, Orange

Possession of controlled substance, FM 1136 and Turtle Rd.

Theft, 205 Border St., Orange

Narcotics incident, 695 Lynn St., Vidor

Disturbance, 2862 Garrison Ln., Orange

Disturbance/Aggravated assault, 9255 Stonewood Dr., Orange

Shooting, 1425 Terry Rd., Vidor

Nov. 29:

Burglary of habitation, 7828 Garrison Rd., Orange

Disturbance/Assault, 2714 FM 3247, Orange

Nov. 30:

Burglary of motor vehicle, IH-10 Service Rd., Vidor

Dec. 1:

Disturbance, 8136 N. Linscomb, Vidor

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 5834 Ashland Dr., Orange

Assault, 355 Simmons Rd., Vidor

Assault, 2470 Eva St., Orange

Dec. 2:

Vehicle in ditch, Veterans Memorial Bridge, Bridge City

Welfare concern, 2940 Call St., Vidor

Theft, 122481 Hwy. 62, Orange

Dec. 3:

Cruelty to animal, 195 Mary Ann St., Vidor

Assault, 645 Coolidge St., Vidor

Burglary of building, 3530 Lakeview Cutoff St., Vidor

Harassment, 1205 W. Circle Dr., Vidor

Disturbance, 1610 Stagg St., Vidor

Theft, Cohenour Rd./Smith Ranch, Orange

Assault, 355 Hickory Ln., Vidor

Dec. 4:

Assault/Stabbing, Pecan St., Orange

Suspicious person, 515 Grand St., Vidor

Abandoned vehicle, Houseman, Vidor

Disturbance, 5835 Jefferson St., Vidor

Theft, 5402 Fairview Dr., Orange

Welfare concern, 1480 Freeway Blvd., Vidor

Assault/Family violence, 4510 Stallion Rd., Orange