The sounds of Swamp Pop are now available just in time for Christmas to help spread a little cheer with “Swamp Gold.” With the release of the Christmas album, listeners can enjoy the songs of the season. The songs are a collection of  songs crafted by some of the greatest songwriters and recorded by some of the biggest names in the Swamp Pop business.

“Jivin Gene” Bourgeois starts off the list of Christmas songs with “Will You Be There (On Christmas Night)? “ which is about a couple who meets on Christmas.

Bourgeois wrote the song in February to get it ready for the July recording.

Another song on the album sung by Bourgeois is “A letter to Santa (Bring my Baby Back).”

Jivin Gene Bourgeois has two songs on the Chistmas album “Swamp Gold.”

“It’s about a man who got into trouble with his girlfriend and he wants her back,” he said about the song.

Other artists on the album include; Don Rich, Lynn August, Johnnie Allan, Warren Stone, Tommy McLain, Willie Tee, Ken Marvel, V.J. Boulet and Charles Mann. They sing songs such as “This Christmas”, ‘Winter Wonderland” and “Merry Christmas Wishes.”

“It’s been a real treat to be on it with all the legends,” Bourgeois said.

Jiven Gene started recording music in 1958. His first hit was “Going Out With the Tide.” He continued to sing from  1958 to 1966 and came out with thirteen 45-records. With the sluggish market he was forced to give up on making records.

During his years as a singer, Bourgeois and others created their own style known as  “Gulf Coast Sound” and other things. But, in recent years, the name Swamp Pop has stuck and what a lot of people have come to love.

For the past five years Bourgeois has been a part of a band with Ken Marvel. The band plays at various locations such as Larry’s French Market and other local clubs. On December 8, from 8 p.m. to midnight, the band will be at the American Legion on Green Avenue in Orange.

People wanting to get a copy of the CD can order one online at or call 1-800-738-8668. Copies are also available at Walmart.

Jin records, which is where the album was recorded, was established in 1957.

The first hit from the recording studio hit the National Billboard charts in 1959. Since then, Jin Records has released more of the sounds what made them famous, of Swamp Pop. They have produced more than any other label of the sounds so many have come to love.