A Bridge City couple does what they can at their house to make Christmas a bit merrier and a lot brighter.

People passing by their residence at 160 Charles Avenue often stop to look at the many Christmas decorations. Along with the many twinkling lights, there are glittering geese, partying penguins and a spirit-filled snow family. The Peanuts character Snoopy sits prominently on a motorcycle and Santa Claus is truly everywhere. His likeness is seen riding in a train,  hunting in a deer blind, sitting in a chair, climbing a ladder and coming out of a chimney.

Edgar Overmyer adjusts Santa's beard in his Christmas display.

have been working on their collection of Christmas decorations for more than seven years and have lived at their current residence for the past two years. Originally they began their collection inside with smaller items throughout the house. As the collection grew inside, the Overmyers decided to take it outside with the snow family being the first of the collection to greet people passing by their house. Edgar said his favorite is the inflated animals decorating a tree.

“But, I really like all of them,” he added.

In the future he hopes to add a Santa in recreational vehicle. Plus, they want to make the lights all LED.

“They are brighter, last longer and are cheaper to run,” Edgar said.

But, for now, the costs incurred are worth it, he says.

The Santa Claus in a deer blind is a rare display and is said to be somewhat controversial. The couple were at a local hardware store when they saw it on display, but none on the shelves. So, they asked the manager where they could purchase the item. They were allowed to purchase the inflated decoration, but were told it had been pulled from the shelves when some people had complained because they were offended by Santa hunting reindeer.

On another trip to the hardware store, Edgar was headed to the paint department while his wife, Paula, went straight to the Christmas isle.

“Before I knew it, the buggy was full,” he said.

She had put a large box into the cart and was ready to add to their collection with a Santa sitting in a chair.

Edgar admits, he does it all for his wife.

“She just loves Christmas,” he added.

It takes about two weeks for Edgar to complete the display. He works lovingly on the display in between shifts at his job and on his days off from work. But, it is his wife who decides where each item is placed.

‘She’s the straw boss,” he said with a chuckle.

The display complete with Christmas music is generally on 24 hours per day. It will continue to be on through New Year’s Day.

“If people get enjoyment out if it, we’re happy,” Edgar said. “It’s our way of giving Christmas to the community.”