A  rumor posted on Facebook about a student threatening to bring a gun to school has the Little Cypress-Mauriceville school district on alert although they insist, “there is no truth to that rumor.”

However, according to Sherry Combs, community relations coordinator for LCMCISD, the district already has an emergency plan in place if something should occur. Each member of the district has a specific job to do and the district goes over it frequently to ensure things would go smoothly. They practice evacuations, lock-down drills, shelter in place plans and any thing related to an emergency situation. One example of a scenario is if a train should derail with dangerous effects.

“All of the schools in the district are close to train tracks,” Combs said.

During the drills, school officials have practiced loading students and teachers on buses for an evacuation.

“We prepare for the worst and pray for the best,” Combs said.

As a result of the rumored threat, the Orange County Sheriff’s office is patrolling around the schools throughout the day. In addition, they are walking through the hallways in the schools as precaution to safeguard the children and staff, according to Chad Hogan of the OCSO.