Orange County Commissioners’ Court convened for the last time in 2012, Dec. 31, with several items on the agenda. It was Commissioner Precinct 3 John Dubose’s last court date.

They recognized the Vidor Pirate Intermediate Football Academy 10 and under team as the 2012 Texas Youth Football State Champs.

“I just wanted to make everybody aware in Orange County, that group of coaches, this group of moms and young players and all the supporters that were involved, took the time, the effort, the bruises, the cuts, the smashed fingers and the travel time and everything else it took; whatever it took, they did. Through the course of going through that like they did, these young men are now the 2012 Texas State Champions,” said Commissioner Precinct 4 Jody Crump.

“I wanted to acknowledge that, because when you get to be 65 years old, you guys can still say, ‘You know, we were the 2012 Texas State Champions.’ I don’t care how old you get, it doesn’t matter, you’re still the champion. Most people in this state don’t get to say that. There’s over 26 million people in this state alone and you guys went all the way to the top. You beat everyone there was out there to beat and you guys, you coaches and you moms, you’re the best of the best, so I wanted to acknowledge that.”

In other business the county received a direct deposit from the State Comptroller of Public Accounts in the amount of $339,745.42 which covers the one half cent sales and use tax allocation for October. County Treasurer Christy Khoury stated the funds increased $109,000 over last year for the first quarter of the fiscal year.

A wire transfer of $3 million was authorized to pay on the $6 million loan that was needed to cover a short fall create before yearly taxes were received. Thibodeaux said funds were starting to come in, so they were paying half the loan back in only 30 days.

David Dubose was appointed county judge pro-tem, to take the place of John Dubose who is no longer on the court. The judge pro-tem is authorized to act in Judge Thibodeaux’s place when he is absent or unavailable for something that requires action or to convene the court.

Commissioners reappointed Caroll LeBlanc, Ricky Bodin and Jimmie Franklin to the ESD #2 board of commissioners. Appointments will be for a two year term beginning Jan.1, 2013.

Clark Slacum, the county engineer was authorized to fill the position of a truck driver which will become vacant with the retirement of Roger Monroe. Commissioners approved the measure, with a hire date of March 1, because Slacum previously eliminated three driver positions and can’t cut back any more. No roads are built in the winter. The March hire date will coordinate with the resumption of road work in the spring. Slacum did inform the court that the new hire will actually save the county $21,000 due to the entry level of the new hire in the pay matrix over Monroe’s seniority level pay.

Slacum also approached the court about the possibility of using herbicides instead of mowing in some areas of the county, which could reduce the amount of temporary help needed during the mowing season. He is suggesting the court authorize a “test strip” to study the feasibility of the project. Action on the measure was tabled until it could be further studied, but just a short time, as the first application is recommended in February.

Lester Saucier was approved as the registered professional engineer for the FY-2008 Coastal Impact Assistance Grant Program (CIAP)being used for Orange County sewer system upgrade projects.

Doug Manning introduced Michelle Brister as the new lawyer in the District Attorney’s office, replacing Mandy White-Rogers, who was elected to the Orange County Court at Law.

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